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4th Discipline

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4th Discipline

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Name:4th Discipline
Location:UK, France
Phone:+44(0)7746 771999
Sports:Cycling, Running, Triathlon

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The 4th Discipline was founded by Claire Fudge, a GB Age Group triathlete, a competitive endurance triathlete and a Clinical Dietitian and Sports Performance Nutritionist. 

Claire and 4th Discipline run training camps and nutritional advice packages for those sports-people who wish to improve their understanding of developing food plans that will help them reach their full potential. 

Claire understands the commitments you make to achieve your best results. These include all the hard training you do and the expensive equipment you have bought. But few of us consider the 4th Discipline; what we eat and drink to fuel our bodies on a daily basis. Absorb the right fuel, and you will go further and faster. 

“Why waste your valuable time underperforming in training and racing or being injured? When you find the sweet spot for your nutrition you’ll see it is just as essential as your chamois cream and a well-fitting bike!” — CLAIRE FUDGE, FOUNDER 

Claire will help you find the diet best for you so that you can deliver throughout training and racing.




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  • Founder of 4th Discipline, Claire Fudge is an GB Age Group triathlete and qualified Sports Nutritionist. 
  • Nutrition Advice



    You begin working with Claire to improve your performance with the Discovery Phase which is in 2 stages; “Body Composition Profile” analysis followed by a “Performance Nutrition Assessment”.

    ISAK BODY COMPOSITION PROFILE (Including but not limited to):
    • 8 skinfold measures
    • 5 girth measures
    • 2 bone measures
    • Height and Weight
    • Complete analysis of your profile

    A FULL PERFORMANCE NUTRITION ASSESSMENT (Including but not limited to):
    • Comprehensive personalised DIETARY ANALYSIS (food and training diary)
    • Build a typical training day MEAL PLAN
    • Or working on SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT of GI distress

    Following the Discovery phase you can then discuss with Claire how best to equip yourself in your daily life to help you obtain your best results.

    Claire will help you build rest day, training and race day meal plans and can provide continual personalised nutrition advice via weekly call/video discussions along with a personalised Food and Training App. There are also options for continual body assessments including Body Composition tests and Blood Tests.

    Working with Claire will give you immediate access to all new products and services provided by 4th Discipline and their partners.


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