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Masters of Tri

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Masters of Tri

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Name:Masters of Tri
Location:Spain, Sweden
Phone:Landline + 34 9656 11918 or mobile + 34 646 54 8331
Sports:Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, SwimRun

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Masters of Tri is led by 2 highly qualified coaches, Martin and Matt Hill. 

Martin has been coaching since the early 1990s and designed the Palm Paddle to help triathletes and swimmers develop their stroke. He is a Trisutto Certified Coach and a BTF L3 Coach. 

Matt has been coaching since the early 2000s and is an ASA Swim Coach, an IRONMAN qualified Coach and a Trisutto Certified Coach 

Masters of Tri offer training & coaching plans which are suitable for all levels, from novice up to and including elite standard, and covering Triathlon or single support disciplines, such as swimming. 

Plans and coaching support are built around your aims and lifestyle commitments which means individual, adaptable programs and 24/7 support. In addition to this on-line coaching, both Martin and Matt will lead your training camps. 



Sessions are geared towards your sport, helping you to develop with ease and with fun. For Triathlon, emphasis will be put on the combination of all the disciplines and not just the separate components. 

Your program will include Strength elements which will compliment your triathlon or single sport plans. These elements have been carefully designed so that they can be completed with minimum space and equipment. 

Martin & Matt will help improve your swimming technique with the use of Video. Swimming improvements will be for pool swimmers, Open Water and SwimRun. 



In addition to the On-Line coaching programs, Matt also offers 1:1 and group sessions in and around Stockholm. These sessions include Pool based, Open Water, SwimRun and Running. Your regular discussions and feedback with Matt about your training and any changes in life style will help adapt your ongoing program. 

Pool Based Swimming: Assessment and improvement of swimming technique. Video analysis, coaching debrief and joint action plan to continue your swimming development. 

Open Water Sessions: Aim is to improve technique and strength away from the pool. 

SwimRun Sessions: Build SwimRun fitness, improve your transition phases, Open Water Swimming, strengthen your running over all terrains. 

Run Sessions: Weekly track sessions to build speed and strength, technical analysis to improve efficiency.


  • Martin has been coaching for over 25 years and is a Trisutto Certified Coach, a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach and designed the Palm Paddle to help triathletes and swimmers develop their stroke.
  • Matt has been coaching for over 10 years; he is an ASA Swim Coach, an IRONMAN Certified Coach and has recently graduated as a Trisutto Certified Coach, working under and learning from Brett Sutton.

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    Reviewed by isabel bleyen
    On 15-Feb-2019 08:0:11

    Comments:  Enjoyed this amazing swim camp of Masters of Tri! A lot of fun, a lot of new things learned and a very nice stay at hotel Bonalpa in Alicante.
    Reviewed by Mary Anderson
    On 07-Dec-2018 20:0:45

    Comments:  My first swim camp and i was nervous, but it went great and Matt and Martin were very knowledgeable and encouraging - great experience and i hope to do another camp in 2019
    Reviewed by Colin ritchie
    On 06-Dec-2018 17:0:47

    Comments:  Had a great weekend with the guys from masters of tri They took away all the drills i was struggling with and taughght me to swim in a new way
    Reviewed by Oliver Carter
    On 02-Dec-2018 13:0:57

    Comments:  If you only go to one triathlon training camp in your life, I would highly recommend Martin and Matt. I am a level 3 triathlon coach and head coach of a triathlon club and Masters of Tri ran a swim camp for my club. To say it was revolutionary would be an understatement. Even after one session, every athlete that I was observing had massively improved their stroke and was going faster. The technique taught is very simple and very effective and is one that we are now using at my club. If you want to get faster see the Masters.
    Reviewed by Ian Baines
    On 11-Nov-2018 20:0:44

    Comments:  I have now been on two swim camps (September 2017 and October 2018) as well as a triathlon camp at Easter 2018. I cannot praise Matt and Martin highly enough. They have found an excellent balance of theoretical training and practical coaching, which has provided me with material improvements after each camp. The facilities they use, as well as the local geography combined with the small groups make for excellent training sessions. I am already looking forward to visiting again next year.
    Reviewed by Craig Chapman
    On 04-Nov-2018 20:0:14

    Comments:  I have recently returned after attending the Tri escape camp 26th Oct - 29th Oct. It was my first training camp so not able to compare to anything else although I can say that I really enjoyed the experience. There was a lot of information to think about although I enjoyed the coaches swim sessions which were videoed. This helped to see the errors I have been making and also the bike sessions which showed me different ways to train and different ways to build my strength. The coaches were really positive and extremely friendly. The accommodation was great and the food was fantastic. Many thanks
    Reviewed by David and Sandra Abrams
    On 03-Jul-2018 18:1:23

    Comments:  Just returned from our second triathlon camp, again with bespoke, personal coaching. Martin and Matt gave us plenty to think about! They assessed us, and then fitted the training and coaching to our needs. They also educated us into being able to programme our training more effectively over the year ahead. A very positive experience...we will be back.
    Reviewed by Sara Sheppard
    On 29-May-2018 12:1:49

    Comments:  Just returned from a long weekend swim camp which I would highly recommend. Learnt so much, Matt & Martin are extremely knowledgeable. The hotel and food was great and the training facilities available were excellent. The Camp has breathed new life into my swimming and given me a well needed motivational boost. Already thinking about returning for a Tri Camp, early next year.
    Reviewed by Andrea
    On 26-May-2018 07:1:07

    Comments:  I attended a Tri-training camp in May 2018 with the goal to improve my swimming technique mainly. I enjoyed all the sessions which are run mostly at low intensity, but what really makes the difference are all the tips and advices given by Matt and Martin. Thanks guys, highly recommended!
    Reviewed by Björn Nordén
    On 22-May-2018 20:1:47

    Comments:  Martin and Matt, you exceeded our high expectations
    Reviewed by Rachel Edwards
    On 21-May-2018 18:1:30

    Comments:  I had an Amazing time at the training camp. It exceeded my expectations and I am loving the swim strokes that I have been taught to enable me to progress in that discipline. Thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to get great quality training and assessment!
    Reviewed by Sam Ghezelbash
    On 19-May-2018 15:1:50

    Comments:  I found the Masters of Tri triathlon camp in Alicante, Spain, excellent. It surpassed my expectations! The training volume is perhaps on the low side but learning is incredibly relevant and helpful. Simple yet innovative way to learn how to have more fun training and meet ones objectives at the same time! On top of that great way to socialize and meet fellow athletes from the UK, Switzerland and Sweden to name a few.
    Reviewed by ADAM HARRISON
    On 10-May-2018 13:1:35

    Comments:  The 'Tri-Escape Weekend' surpassed my expectations. Martin's actionable changes to all 3 disciplines have given me much to improve on and have inspired me to reach for more out of the sport generally. The assessments are thorough, the atmosphere enjoyable and the location perfect. Highly recommended!
    Reviewed by John Fox
    On 07-May-2018 15:1:27

    Comments:  Martin and the Masters of Tri team surpassed all expectations. Everything from the organisation and booking to the training was top class. Martin’s knowledge and techniques transformed the way I think about triathlon and the way I swim, bike and run. Each discipline was broken down and retaught, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum energy loss. I can not recommend Masters of Tri enough.
    Reviewed by Hans
    On 11-Apr-2018 18:1:24

    Comments:  I was new to the sport of triathlon however with a solid background in athletics and I really enjoyed / highly recommend this bootcamp. The 3 main reasons: - The tailor made coaching - The well planned scheduling of the training load - The simplified / efficient approach to teaching new techniques On the personal side Martin and Matt are really nice people easy to get along with.