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CTS Triathlon School

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CTS Triathlon School

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Name:CTS Triathlon School
Phone:+1 866-355-0645
Sports:Cycling, Triathlon

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Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. (CTS) is the premier destination for personal fitness, nutrition, and performance coaching and camps for athletes of all ability levels.

Athletes currently or previously coached by CTS include World and National Champins in many endurance sports.

Chris Carmichael, founder and CEO of CTS, has authored seven books, including “The Time-Crunched Cyclist” and “The Time-Crunched Triathlete, along with the New York Times Bestseller "Chris Carmichael’s Food for Fitness" (2004). He's a columnist for Road Bike Action Magazine.

Currently there are 4 CTS Training Facilities; Tucson, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO; Brevard, NC; and Santa Ynez, CA. These venues host most of the CTS triathlon & Ironman training camps, each being fully staff by qualified coaches and back up staff so every detail of your training is planned to improve your training opportunities.

All 4 venues have been specifically chosen because of their renowned cycling and running routes as well as being immersed in the United States’ endurance/multi sports communities.

Camp Overview


Training Camps


Each CTS training camp, no matter the duration, allows you the opportunity to train like a professional athlete.

These camps are fully coached by qualified coaches offering 1:1 coached sessions.

Every detail has been thought through and tested to maximise your experience and possibility to improve your performance. Sessions include support vehicles stocked with everything you’ll need. Your bike will be cleaned and tuned for the next day

Most of the CTS camps are held at or near to one of the CTS Training Centres.

Between training sessions you will find nutrition packed meals, rest and relax, exchange stories with new friends, and find presentations from the coaches on training, nutrition, and much more.


For specific Training Camps dates and details Read More →

Camps Dates


Training Camp Dates


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Reviewed by Michael
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:46

Comments:  Have been with them for 10+ years and it both keeps me focused but also identifies what I need to be doing to maintain and improve my cycling. If you have a chance to do one of their camps, do it. Had a great experience at a climbing camp in Colorado Springs a few years back.
Reviewed by Cheryl
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:09

Comments:  A review? I will have to come back this because I am off for a ride. The obvious is that CTS is one of the best things to ever come my way! Thank you!
Reviewed by Wayne
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:20

Comments:  As a athlete searching for an edge time spent training is critical. The CTS zeroes in on specific areas that maybe weak in my game. That may change each event or monthly. Regardless no matter your situation from a weekend warrior whom sneaks out before dinner or a 6 day a week Cyclist, riding smart not only makes sense its a must if you ride competitively anywhere in your now journey or time ahead. I am a believer. It works
Reviewed by Greg
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:51

Comments:  I have been involved for almost 15 years - done more camps then I can count - never was disappointed- top flight people, knowledge a new organization!
Reviewed by Tom
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:19

Comments:  Great coaches, good value. Have worked with several through the years and enjoyed coaching relationship with each of them.
Reviewed by Marc
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:50

Comments:  Great team of instructors and Santa Ynez facility is the perfect size for a cycling camp base
Reviewed by Robert
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:30

Comments:  Upper end of endurance training. Fact based information
Reviewed by Tony
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:01

Comments:  The best of the best!!! Great people make the difference
Reviewed by Karim
On 29-Aug-2017 15:1:33

Comments:  Attended the CTS L’Etape California Endurance Camp in Santa Ynez - the coaches, mechanics and support personnel were top notch. Great weekend.