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Cycling House

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Cycling House

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Name:Cycling House
Location:Tucson, USA
Phone:+1 406-219-1318
Sports:Cycling, Triathlon

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Cycling House is an award winning supplier of Cycling and Triathlon training camps. They also offer cycling (Road & MTB) vacations and tours, not only in the USA but also in Spain, France and Italy.

Triathlon camps are held at their own location in in the Sonoran desert, staff by a team of qualified coaches and back up staff including their own chef who prepares sports specific meals.

Both the cycling and triathlon camps are geared towards you meeting with your goals, no matter your ability or event level.

Cycling House mission; "Our mission is to deliver the ultimate cycling and triathlon experience by providing superior services, extensive knowledge of endurance sports and an environment that fosters relationships through riding bikes."

Cycling Camps

Cycling Dates


Bike weeks include but will vary; 

USA: Tucson, Solvang, Colorado, Whitefish Mountain, Yellowstone

Italy: Tuscany, Dolomites

Spain: Mallorca 

Each trip offers you new experiences, ones that you can share with your fellow riders,  and with friends & family at home. The locations are carefully chosen so that you can pedal along the iconic routes travelled by the classic tours. 

The packages will include daily guided rides, all fully supported. Enjoy picnic lunches at beautiful locations or a cappuccino at a mountain side café.  Breakfast, lunch and dinners are produced to local menus so that you can sample the flavours of the region.

Your accommodation has also been carefully chosen, each destination offering a balance between rider comfort and needs, and authentic experiences of local culture and cuisine.  


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Reviewed by Celeste
On 19-Oct-2019 06:1:57

Comments:  I had an amazing experience and cycling adventure with Owen and his incredible crew at the cycling house. It was so FANTASTIC and everyday was AWESOME. This wasn't a vacation - it was a lifetime adventure with some incredible people. I give it a 10 out of 10 rating.
Reviewed by Barry
On 19-Oct-2019 06:1:08

Comments:  Just completed the Tuscany trip, I also did Spain last year. These guys are excellent, organized, efficient and caring. I brought my girlfriend along who is not an active cyclist. They made sure she had plenty of options. They accommodated her with a touring bike, she actually rode 3 days and 60 miles. I’m so appreciative they made this happen, giving her support and along her to ride with tail guide. She got to experience my passion and is now excited about cycling. Everyone of the staff both cycling and lodging was great ???? I’ll be going again next year.
Reviewed by Tristen
On 19-Oct-2019 06:1:37

Comments:  If riding your bike makes you happy, then a week at the Cycling House will be a dream come true! From the minute you get to camp, you are treated as if you are a pro. The staff attends to your every need (even the ones you didn't know you had!) and the accommodations are top notch! The crew has everything dialed in, from bike maintenance, to food, to sag support and FUN, these guys (and gals) know exactly how to bring out the best in you as a cyclist and as a person! The rides are epic, the food is a culinary masterpiece and the friendships and experience will be memories that last a lifetime. Come and check them out in one of their fabulous camp locations, you will NOT be disappointed!
Reviewed by Andy
On 19-Oct-2019 06:1:02

Comments:  TCH is top-notch. I’ve taken two trips with them (Mallorca and Montana Gravel) and plan to make a TCH trip an annual retreat. Their staff is fantastic. I’d go on a trip with TCH just to hang out with them for a week! Great folks. The routes, food, accommodations, vibe, and attention to detail are what I’d expect at a Five-Star hotel. I’d rank my trips with TCH among the best weeks of my life. I’m looking forward to many more. Stop searching and just register.
Reviewed by Michele
On 19-Oct-2019 06:1:22

Comments:  I was looking for a last minute vacation last year and came across the cycling house on Google. I was drawn to them because of the idea of staying in the same house with the other cyclists and everything was included for one price. The Tuscon women's camp was amazing! I could not have anticipated how much fun the riding and people would be! I made lifelong friends and the experience helped me improve my fitness and nutrition. I went back for two more weeks this year, one in Solvang and then a second week in Tuscon for the women's camp. Each week has been special and unique. The staff makes you feel so comfortable and are so supportive of all your needs. I leave there wanting to stay longer and so thankful for the experience and the friends I've made. I can't wait to sign up for my next week and can't wait till next year's women's camp in Tuscon!
Reviewed by Laurie
On 19-Oct-2019 06:1:37

Comments:  I cannot say enough about the Cycling House and their staff. I had an amazing time in Montana and the gravel riding was superb. The whole experience was phenomenal. The single track was definitely interesting and breathtaking in one. I am definitely coming back. They made my vacation a five star vacation. Many great memories.
Reviewed by norm
On 19-Oct-2019 06:1:53

Comments:  My wife and I just returned from their Whitefish, MT MTB camp Sept. 10-15. Incredible adventure! Top-notch guides, instruction, rides and food! Everything about the camp exceeded my expectations. Especially the staff, rides and incredible food.