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Neurofire Cycling

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Neurofire Cycling

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Name:Neurofire Cycling

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NeuroFire Cycling offers limited edition tours that combine pro athlete neurostimulation conditioning with the iconic cols of the Western Alps.    

NeuroFire is a subdivision of IRR Institute, the Official Sports Medicine Clinic of the Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team. Through their partnership with Tourissimo, president of IMBA Italia, they have a schedule of cycling camps and tours like no other.  

NeuroFire Cycling’s aim “is to offer to the general public the same quality of sports conditioning that professional cyclists have benefited from. The team of professionals who’ll accompany cyclists on our tours is made up physiotherapists and neuropsychologists—qualified sports medics, trained in the latest state of the art technologies and neuro conditioning protocols.”

Tourissimo have many years of experience in organising cycling weeks with professional guides, support vehicles, luggage transfers and sourcing accommodation with Hoteliers who understand the needs of cyclists.

Your experience will typically include;
•    Cycling iconic cols from the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia like the Colle delle Finestre, Col du Galibier, Col de l’Izoard, Colle dell’Agnello.
•    Advanced neurostim protocols used by the world’s top riders for enhanced flow-state performance and recovery
•    Riding over rolling hills of UNESCO World Heritage wine regions, home to Barolo, “Wine of Kings”
•    Riding like a Pro with UCI World Team Treatment from one the world’s Top Pro Cycling clinics
•    Turin, Bardonecchia and Sestriere, the Olympic mountains
•    Wildest side of the Alps up and down the Cuneo Province valleys
•    Sampling of Alpine specialties, some of the region’s best wines
•    Discovering the first capital of Italy and its royal past




By Air: Turin airport (TRN) 14km - Cuneo Levaldigi airport (CUF) 73km - Milan Malpensa airport (MXP) 96km

Transfers: to be included in your packages

Car Hire: To redeem your Special Discount via our partners, Rhino Car Hire, click here ….




The hotels have been specifically chosen by NeuroFire Cycling’s partner,  Tourissimo, to make your stay a memorable one. The hotels have experience of working with cyclists and will ensure that your needs are catered for. They offer spectacular views, excellent comfort, high cuisine standards and welcoming staff.

Each tour will be slightly different so accommodation may vary according to the routes and schedules.

Typically, accommodation proposed on the tours will include;
Grand Hotel Sitea Torino
Hotel des Genis
Parc Hôtel Résidence, Briançon
Hotel Monte Nebin

The Science

The Science


Neuro Stim “Flow State Performance”

In recent years a growing amount of scientific literature has demonstrated that Neuro Stimulation with tDCS (trans-cranial direct current stimulation) has a unique ability to augment athletic performance, particularly in cyclists. Among the benefits are increased endurance, propensity to enter “flow-states” (ie. “get into the zone”), improved mood, deepened and prolonged concentration, improved management of physical and mental fatigue, as well as more thorough and effective recovery from athletic exertion.

Neurofire Cycling's parent institute, IRR is one of the first sports science clinics in Europe that has taken this cutting edge technology out of the research lab and applied it directly to Olympic and professional athletes. At the beginning of the 2018 cycling season Team Bahrain Merida partnered with IRR to conduct research on the performance and mood enhancing effects of this technology on their Pro Cyclists.

What tDCS Protocols Does:

- Applies low frequency anodal or cathodal electric stimulation to targeted regions of the brain

- input required for neurons to fire in that region
- perceived exertion

- readiness of neuron firing
- the capacity of neurons to fire in unison
- strength and clarity of neuron signals sent to the body
- ability to reinforce and form new neural connections
- neuroplasticity, inducing states of concentrated plasticity
- Peak Power Output, surpassing standard maximum limits of exertion

What are the results?

- Deepens and prolongs concentration
- Allows athletes to surpass normal limits of maximal exertion
- Decreases the perception of effort corresponding to the quantity and intensity of physical exertion

- muscular strength training through the increased uniformity of neural firing
- endurance

- propensity to enter “flow-states” ie. “get into the zone”
- mood, and general well-being
- ability to learn new skills
- management of physical and mental fatigue
- efficacy and depth of recovery from athletic exertion (post-exertional recovery)

Training Camps


We are currently awaiting confirmation of next season's details and dates.

If you have any questions or would like to receive notification as soon as details are available, please get in touch using the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.


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