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Cyprus Sports Camps - Active Planet

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Cyprus Sports Camps - Active Planet

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Name:Cyprus Sports Camps - Active Planet
Phone:+357 96 785 922
Sports:Archery, Tennis, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Athletics, Triathlon, Football, Rugby, Canoeing, Handball, Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Judo, Taekwondo, Hockey, Fencing, Modern Pentathlon, Sailing

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Active Planet has gained a reputation as one of the best providers of sports training camps in Europe. The services provided are professional and specially designed to adapt to different kinds of individuals. Our primary line of business is to organize training camps for professional and junior athletes and National teams. 

ACTIVE PLANET organizes training sessions, friendly matches, tournaments, sparring, games and sports events for professional athletes, juniors, children and teams from around the world. The main office of the company is located in Cyprus. We cooperate with sports federations and jointly organize sports events and so on.

ACTIVE PLANET provides all the necessary information regarding sports infrastructure, cooperates with the best sports organizations, clubs, and facilities. Stay assured, we know how to organize training camps as efficiently and profitably as possible for our clients.



By Air: Destination airports will vary depending on your choosen training venue

Transfers: These are usually available within your camp packages. Please check with Palnet Active at the time of booking

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We know how important it is that the whole program is well planned and organized because every minute is important for the athlete. We have an individual approach to each client, and in the end, the team gets the necessary program of training to prepare for local and International competitions.

Our reservation managers select sports facilities, based on the conditions of the request, offer a choice of accommodation in hotels of different levels (3,4,5 *) in walking distance from sports facilities or with athletic infrastructure. We work only with our trusted partners and provide the highest services.


Olympic Sports


Cyprus is famous for its well-developed sports infrastructure for all types of summer Olympic sports. Athletic facilities, training grounds, stadiums, swimming pools, cycling routes, shooting ranges will satisfy high-class international requirements where all safety standards are accounted for and all necessary equipment is provided.

The frequent training camps organized in Cyprus create a great opportunity for friendly matches, sparrings, tournaments and games with professional athletes from Cyprus or with the teams from abroad.

The ACTIVE PLANET’s primary line of business is to organize training camps for professional and junior athletes and sports teams. 

We prepare custom sports programs for children and youth by competently combining training and entertainment. The children’s training grounds are located in the most ecologically clean parts of our locations in Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria. Swimming, gymnastics, football and various sports training camps for children, teams, and individual athletes are organized in Cyprus in all seasons. The sports training camps by the sea are the best for their health and future athletic achievements!

Competently fully designed and worked on logistics is one of the most important aspects of organizing sports training camp. We can arrange your accommodations, athletic facilities, locations for general physical training and leisure activities.


NON-Olympic Sports


Active Planet will be happy to organize training camps for many types of sports. Non-Olympic sports become more popular in Cyprus and Greece year by year and some even seek recognition as the Olympic types of sport in the future.

Our world is so diverse that in addition to officially recognized types of sport, there are many that do not fall under commonly accepted standards of sports or competitions but never the less these sports are growing in popularity.

Someone may ask, what is common in gymnastics, swimming, soccer, rhythmic, basketball, hockey, triathlon etc. Among many others, these are the officially recognized as the summer or winter Olympic sports. 

But not all sports are the Olympic sports. For instance, kickboxing, darts, muay-thai, jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, powerlifting, all of them are non-Olympic sports.

Training Camp Packages

Training Camps


Why ACTIVE PLANET Sports Training Camps Are Among the Best in Europe

The first advantage we have is our location. There is a reason why Cyprus is considered a great holiday destination - the weather here is amazing, making it a comfortable atmosphere for all activities. Moreover, with Active Cyprus, you not only benefit from a great environment to practice your sport, you are also guaranteed to have an amazing experience.

Because we know you may have interests other than competitive physical activities, there are even more programs available that are designed for you to enjoy during your active vacation or holidays. In addition, our training camps have been created so that everyone can enjoy every single moment. We have entertainment programs for groups and a variety of single-player events, as well. 

Each event is tailored to help you achieve any physical goals you might have. A coach is also provided for any of the programs to keep you motivated and on the right track for success. This service has helped many of our visitors and has contributed to the success of many international teams like those from Great Britain, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Belarus and beyond! 

Football Camp


Location: Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Training: 6 training days a week in a professional football pitch with a natural turf. Access to Specialised Gym

Friendly Matches: Can be arranged with the local club.

Cycling Camp


Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Training: 6 training days per week on routes of different levels of complexity

Open Water Swimming Camp


Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Training: Open Water in the Mediterranean Sea with life guards support & 200m from the Olympic pool

Swimming Camp


Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Training: 6 training sessions per week in the 50 meter Olympic swimming pool

Beach Volleyball Camp


Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Training: 6 training days a week on a professional Beach Volleyball courts adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea

Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp


Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Training:  6 training days a week in a fully equipped Rhythmic Gymnastics hall

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