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Training in Paradise

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Training in Paradise

Venue Details

Name:Training in Paradise
Phone:+386 31 338 108
Sports:Rowing, Canoeing

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Training in Paradise organise performance TRAINING CAMPS for Paddlers and Rowers at 3 locations:
-          The Olympic Rowing Centre at Lake Bled,
-          Lake Bohinj and
-          Lake Most na Soci.

Located in North West Slovenia, the 3 lakes form a triangle with the Triglav National Park in the center and overlooked by the Italian, Austrian and Slovenian Alps. These lakes are ideal for Sprint Canoeing, Rowing and SUP.
National teams who have used these lakes for World Championships or Olympics preparation: Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, France, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Netherlands.
Clubs, colleges and individual athletes who have trained here: Belgium, Japan, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, USA, Singapore, Austria, Denmark.

In addition to these training locations, Training in Paradise offer all year round COACHING CLINICS  for both individuals and small groups, TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS for those who wish to take their sport to the next level, ONLINE COACHING for those who are looking for additional guidance based on the latest training methods.

Paddlers and Rowers of all levels, High Performance to Recreational will benefit from Training in Paradise’s services, experience and expertise in Coaching and Training Camp organization.

Kayaking is possible all year long, but the preferred time for Performance Training Camps would be between April and October.



By Air: Trieste, Venice, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt or Graz depending upon your training location

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The Coaching Team


Jernej Župancic Regent - Founder of Training in Paradise, Coach, Author and Lecturer
Jernej is an ex-professional Sprint Kayaker and Double Olympian. Today he works daily with his club squad and the Slovenian national team paddlers.

Dr Andrea Pace - Technique and Measurement Systems expert and Author
Andrea is an associate at the Italian Sports Medicine and Science Institute. He is an Italian Canoe Kayak Federation Level 3 coach, and champion in all 3 age groups.

In 2016 Andrea published the book “Complements to the Base Technique in Sprint Kayaking: Methods of Evaluation” which forms the training basis for Training in Paradise.  The book is used by Coaches and Athletes from countries such as Italy, Finland, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Israel, Romania and New Zealand.

Along with founder, Jernej, Andrea continues his research into quantifiable measurements of training methods and technical improvements.

Klemen Jakše - Strength & Conditioning coach
Klemen has an S&C degree at the University of Ljubljana and worked with High-Performance athletes and International Teams since 2008.

Andrej Potrata - Sports therapy       
Andrej graduated from the Faculty of Sport at University of Ljubljana and has worked as a sports therapist with top athletes and teams since 2007. His experience working with National teams extends across Kayak, Handball, Basketball, Water Polo, Tennis and Gymnastics. He has also worked with Olympic and World Champions.

Dejan Testen – Coach     
Dejan has worked with International medal winning paddlers from Sprint, Slalom and Downriver. He was the National Team Coach of Slovenia and now holds the same position in Japan as they build towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Barbara Zobavnik - Finance, Marketing and Development  
Barbara brings to the team her lifetime love for sport, the mountains and the adventures they represent on one side and her Master's Degree in communications along with a big experience from the banking world on the other side.

Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages



Having decided your training venue and your accommodation you and Training in Paradise will agree on a plan based on your current level and your aims.

They will provide a program, organize your sessions, arrange for boats leaving you to focus on your training.

Training in Paradise will break down your camp in the following areas:
- Assessment and identifying ares of needing improvement
- Technique analysis: Helping you become a more efficient paddler
- On water training: Looking at Technique, Efficiency, Endurance, Speed and Race Pacing
- Strength and conditioning: Bringing together strength training with Specific Mobility and Core Strength to create better paddling technique and higher work capacity
- Knowledge sharing: Ensuring that when you leave the camp, you are equipped with the information you need to continue your improvements.


Training in Paradise offers various Coaching Packages.

Your training plan will be tailor-made to suit you and to ensure you are on the correct pathway to achieve your aspirations. It will cover key areas such as Water training, S&C sessions and Recovery.

You will stay connected to your coach via regular Skype calls and training plans will be displayed using the Training Peaks software.

The Online Coaching packages can also include Technique Analysis. You will provide video of your paddling at various paces and from this analysis Training in Paradise will provide you with feedback covering;
- Stroke efficiency
- The 9 parameters of your technique at various paces
- Details on how to make Technical Improvements
- Suggest Optimal Equipment and Settings
- Provide a detailed race analysis



Dr Andrea Pace had helped Training in Paradise team of coaches to develop “a unique and groundbreaking way of studying and quantifying paddling technique”.

This allows them to dissect your stroke, compare it to an ideal model, analyze your efficiency, your posture, the biomechanics of your boat and paddle movement, force transmission and much more. 

At the end of this process Training in Paradise will be able to offer you precise and simple instructions on how to improve your technical ability.


Lisa Carrington


Double Olympic champion and 7 times World champion, New Zealand

”I loved it! I didn’t know Bled is such a popular touristic place and didn’t know how pretty it was. Overall we had a nice accommodation, delicious food and perfect water conditions. Also the whole facility with changing rooms, boat shed and the gym – all in one place – is amazing. You did a good job!”

Mahe Drysdale


Double Olympic champion and 5 times World Champion in rowing

”I love Bohinj and the whole area. It is definitely one of the best places in the world I have ever trained at. Moreover, it is very affordable compared to a lot of places we have trained in the past. When we are here for 6 weeks that becomes a big factor. I guess when you get one of the best places to train and it is also affordable, that is the dream scenario!”

Shrya Bala


High school student, India

”It has definitely been a positive experience with TiP. I got to learn quite a few new things in the short stint we had. The commitment of TiP coaches and dedication to the task on hand (training me) is beyond belief. Once my school exams are over we shall start over again to train and learn more.”

Mikko Karppinen


Mechanical engineer working at CERN, Finland

”As an age grouper coming from other sports, advice from TiP coaches really changed my paddling and the way I train. The training is tailored to your level addressing your specific needs and goals on and off the water. Highly recommended for any ambitious sprint and marathon paddler.”



Read more for further Testimonials about Training in Paradise from International Coaches and Athletes like:

Ian Ferguson – Olympic Champion and former national team coach
Laurence Vincent-Lapointe –  Canoeist, 8 times World Champion
Hannah Davis –  Australian kayaker, Olympic and World Championship medalist

and many more ....

Training Camps

Training Camps


Training in Paradise suggest the perfect training camp time is between March until the end of October. These months will suit Pre-Season Camps (before or during the World Cup season) or Final Preparation Camps for National Teams (before World Championships and Olympic Games). The lakes offer also a very relaxed and cozy training atmosphere for clubs, colleges and individuals.
Training in Paradise team offers 24/7 coverage for all guests and their needs, training camp logistics (boat transports, airport transfers, car rental, coaching boat rental), accommodation booking, additional services (physiotherapy, sports medicine, technique analysis, leisure activities organization etc.). We are here to make your training camps stress-free so you can focus on your self and your sessions.
National teams who have used these lakes for World Championships or Olympics preparation: Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, France, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Netherlands.
Clubs, colleges and individual athletes who have trained here: Belgium, Japan, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, USA, Singapore, Austria, Denmark.

Lake Bled; Olympic Rowing Centre.
Full Board prices from 70€/day
Lake Bled offers;
Ideal facilities for high performance training before or during competition season
A renewed 2 km racing course, 5 km loop of the lake
Olympic centre facilities (gym, erg room, boat hangars, massage room)
Relaxed atmosphere and inspirational surroundings
Unlimited cross- training options

Lake Bohinj
Full Board prices from 50€/day
Lake Bohinj offers;
A bigger lake for large teams
A 3 km training course within a 10 km loop of the lake
Perfect facilities for teams looking for training peace
A glacial lake surrounded by Slovenia’s highest mountains
Lake Most na Soci
Full Board prices from 50€/day
Lake Most na Soci offers;
An ideal location for club teams
Suitability for high volume training
2 marked 1 km courses with 17 km lake loop
Perfectly sheltered from wind


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