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Fitter and Faster

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Fitter and Faster

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Name:Fitter and Faster

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Fitter and Faster was founded in 2009 with the aim of delivering structured swimming education that brings fun to swimmers of all abilities whether in person or via on-line platforms. 

Training Clinics: These swimming training camps have been held throughout the USA, Canada and the Bahamas, welcoming swimmers, parents and coaches. Swimmers from novice to World and Olympic medal winners have joined these swimming training camp clinics brining together life experiences in and out of the pool. 

Swim Videos: These swim videos allow swimmers from outside North America to access training information and much more. These videos can be used in pre- or post-session analysis or even at pool side. 

Host a Swimming Training Camp: Your training facility could host a Fitter and Faster swim clinic. There is no charge to host one of these camps and is a great way to supplement the ongoing development of your swimmers 

On-Line Swim Course: Led by professional swimming coaches these courses are aimed at swimmers of specific age and ability helping you will find a course that best suits you.

Swim Camps



Elite clinician and 5x Olympian Brett Hawke explains the impact of Fitter and Faster Swim Camps on participants.

Find a swim camp near you or learn about hosting one at: fitterandfaster.com

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Reviewed by Gillian
On 01-Jul-2020 16:1:30

Comments:  This was a positive experience for Kate. She returned to the car with a big smile on her face. She felt like she learned more than what was on the agenda for the clinic and enjoyed that facilitators were able to personalize the experience for her while she was there. I got an earful about the experience on the way home and to be honest I didn’t understand much of it and just nodded my head like I totally got it. But she was happy.
Reviewed by Gillian
On 01-Jul-2020 15:1:20

Comments:  It was a great way for my swimmer to engage with a coach. Our team has been pretty distant during this experience due to furloughs and it was great for her to engage with a coach.
Reviewed by Andrew
On 01-Jul-2020 15:1:35

Comments:  This clinic offers easily understandable techniques and fun drills to help you improve on your stroke. The instructors were all very helpful and understandable when teaching a drill or part of the stroke. The flip turn drills have probably helped me the most!
Reviewed by Mary
On 01-Jul-2020 15:1:41

Comments:  In-depth and individual instruction from championship swimmers! Your swimmer will gain confidence and experience while participating in a fun-filled curriculum. Do not wait…these clinics are worth twice the price!! During the butterfly instruction, the direction to more fully engage his core brought immediate results to his swimming. In the breaststroke instruction, the narrow kick drill was productive in improving his overall breaststroke performance. Keep up the great work. These kids really gain from interacting with competitive swimmers outside their normal routine.
Reviewed by Wilson
On 01-Jul-2020 15:1:54

Comments:  It was a great workout for my son while we were stuck inside for 3 months in Chicago. He loved it and I loved that it got him moving at a time when it wasn’t possible to exercise outdoors or anywhere else for that matter. Atiba was great with the kids, explained everything very well and my son really enjoyed the workouts.
Reviewed by Jamie
On 01-Jul-2020 15:1:18

Comments:  Really easy and great communication, especially considering this was rescheduled due to Covid. My son absolutely loved it and remembered two pieces of feedback he received. My son said it was tons of fun and is excited to come back for his next clinic this weekend! My son (Declan) loved Katrina.
Reviewed by Laura
On 01-Jul-2020 15:1:18

Comments:  Amy had such an incredible impact on Liv. She connected with her immediately on the intro Zoom. Liv can get very uncomfortable and shut down when she doesn’t feel “welcomed” (in her words) by an adult. Amy totally reached in and touched her soul. I know that Liv will remember this experience of working with Amy for the rest of her life. Thank you!