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Beach Volleyball Inc

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Beach Volleyball Inc

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Name:Beach Volleyball Inc
Location:UK, Portugal, Tenerife
Phone:0777 33 82 305
Sports:Beach Volleyball

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Beach Volleyball Inc was established by Denise Austin in 2000 having been involved in the sport since 1984.

When Sony Playstation II wanted to develop their beach volleyball game they turned to Denise for advice.

Many GBR players learnt with BVI including Lucy Boulton, Zara Dampney, Gregg Weaver, Jody Gooding, Jake and Luke Sheaf. The next generation of young players Anaya Evans, Ellie Austin, Sam Dunbavin, Haydn Lawson and Will Hartnoll have all been ‘grown’ locally through Denise’s own club, Academy of Beach Sports.


Click the 3  Touch Image to open the nagazine and read about Denise Austin ....


Coaching Services


Beach Volleyball Inc offer 1:1 coaching, coach mentoring, run regular beach volleyball camps from their home base in Croyde, Devon and run overseas training camps in Tenerfire, Italy or somewhere of your own choice.

Training Facilities

Training Facilities


School groups are easily catered for during the summer as we use Croyde Beach and the Academy of Beach Sports area, which has six beach volleyball courts as well as a beach soccer pitch through May to September.

Warm weather, off-season Beach Volleyball training camps are based in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. These camps normally has 24 players with 3 courts allocated to Beach Volleyball Inc. Denise Austin will be present so there will be at least 1 coach per court. Camps here in Tenerife are fun, friendly and social whilst aimed at the already committed beach volleyball player who has the stamina to last five intensive days of coaching and playing.



  • Denise has coached players from absolute beginners to International level. She is Volleyball England National Junior Girls Beach Head Coach and coached the England team to a record breaking 9th Place finish in Acapulco at the World U17 Championships in July 2014.
  • Mo Glover

    Amanda ‘Mo’ Glover is one of only two British Olympians to have qualified for the Olympics. Her full playing history can be found at bvbinfo.com.

    Mo has worked alongside Denise to help coach national and international juniors and is one of the most respected people involved in the sport in the UK.

    Sam Dunbavin

    Sam is a level 1 coach and referee and has been coaching at the Academy of Beach Sports since 2007. He began working as a trainer for Beach Volleyball School in 2012, and has worked with a number of different ages of athletes. Sam specialises in strength and conditioning for volleyball, and loves to incorporate general conditioning into his coaching work.

    Matt Rhymer

    Matt is currently a Level 1 Volleyball coach and has been coaching with The Academy of Beach Sports club for 6 years. He is one of the lead coaches for the junior section of the club. He has also led after-school clubs in North Devon Secondary Schools.


    Camp Overview

    Camp Overview


    The Tenerife training camps typically run from December to February on the beach courts at Playa de Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

    The camps are intense, fun, friendly, social and aimed at the already committed beach volleyball player who has the passion to last five intensive days of coaching and playing and competitions with two days either side of the camp open game play.

    Each camp has typically 24 people run over 3 courts with 8 athletes on each court and a minimum of one coach per court, with trainers and assistant coaches.


    Croyde Camps, UK will run throughout the year with a lot of 1:1 coaching. The camp durations can be a long weekend or a full week. 

    Various parts of your training will be recorded and stored to your own online library. The Beach courts are available the two days either side of your camp for social pick up games.

    Camp Dates


    Training Camp Dates



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