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WTC's interview Iain Gillam, GB Triathlete

Which Training Camp have recently been able to catch up with Iain Gillam, GB Age Group Triathlete to talk about why he took a life changing decision to relocate and train full time in Spain.


Which Training Camp - You relocated to Spain late in 2014. What was the thinking behind this move? 

Iain GillamI wanted to work with Martin Hill of Triathlon Training Spain. I first met Martin in 2012 for a video analysis session when he was based in the UK. After Martin had moved to Spain so I went to see him and ended up staying for a few weeks and really enjoyed the camp. The coaching made a massive improvement to my swim which was just what I needed. 

I came out in 2014 for one of Martin’s regular training camps and again my swim improved massively, which was exciting. During that camp, probably when I was moaning about not having enough time to train, Martin suggested perhaps coming out a bit more permanently and here we are.


What technical improvements are your main focus? 

IG - Swim is still a big focus for me technically; I struggle a lot with open water swimming and my technique in the pool still leaves a lot to be desired as well. Cycling is a bit more of a focus this year, I’ve been in the fortunate position in the past where it has been quite a strength.  



Martin’s looking after all of my swimming and does some sessions with me to see how I’m progressing. He also gives me a bit of guidance when I’ve had an off in the planning department to help mitigate that. Martin’s son Matt also kindly sorted me out with a strength and conditioning program to help ward off injuries, which have been an issue in the past.

WTC - Where are you based?

IG - I live in a small apartment, which keeps the cost down, in Bonalba, a golf course and spa Hotel with a small residential area, slightly north east of Alicante and about 10km from the coast.


WTC - What are your training facilities like? 

IG - I think with the weather and the terrain it’s almost perfect for training outside all year round. 

The surrounding area is littered with great roads for cycling and trails for mountain biking and running. From my apartment I can climb for one hour thirty or more cycling choosing one of several different grades so I can almost tailor the route to the intensity I want.

For running there are flat options near the coast or the soft grass of a local sports field for speed or miles and miles of trails for everything else. I tend to run 70% or more off road and every run has some off road, normally as the majority with road bits to link the trails.

Lots of the villages have open air pools which are available in the summer. The pool I mostly train at is a 25m indoor which is handily always fully laned and always half empty. The facility that houses the pool also has a rather unique running track and a gym.


WTC - How is training progressing? 

IG - Training is progressing well, I’ve passed through February without being injured which is a first since 2012! I’m just coming out of my base training and starting to add some intensity in.


WTC - What are your aims for 2015? 

IG - My main races for 2015 are: Deva Triathlon, ETU Championships Geneva (Standard Distance), Liverpool Triathlon (Standard Distance) and provided I qualify, ITU world championships in Chicago. 

My long term sporting focus is to win a World Championship.


WTC - What do family and friends think of your move? 

IG - Not too surprised, I’ve had in mind to do something similar for a few years.


WTC - How much do you miss everyone back home? 

IG - A bit, but it’s not a major leap away. Being near an airport means it is a short hop back and really with low cost flying the world isn’t that large a place. I do miss living with the bunch of people I lived with last year though!



WTC – Tell me a bit about your web site

IG - This year as a side project I’m looking to give an open view of my training and racing to the public. I’m doing this primarily through my website www.triopensource.com which is centred on how I’ve used this year training full time. It will give an idea of how I’ve planned my year and all my training along with details and analysis of the training as it happens. It will also incorporate some video features and I have some more exciting things in the pipeline for it! Whilst www.triopensource.com will deal in the detail or the training my facebook page gives a brief more general overview of what I’m doing.



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