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What will define your next year

Looking beyond the win/loss column will help create a better you




This is usually the ideal time of year to sit down and write down your aims for the coming year. Plain and simple; goal setting. But wait!! This isn’t just the normal; I want to win my “A race”. 

I’ve had many years sitting down with athletes to discuss their coming year. And I know it isn’t just a simple; “win the World Championships”. Sure, we start with our review of the previous year before progressing to the next 4 to 5 year plan. Our goals for the coming year will fit into what we want to achieve in the longer picture. 

Less experienced athletes have started out looking at short-term goals; what results they can achieve this next season. They have identified some events that they wish to enter, building up to the main A race.   

Great. But what if I were to ask “Why are you doing what you do?”. The usual response is; “I like winning” to which I say “but you can win at pub darts or tiddly winks”. I like winning isn’t a good enough reason to embark on your sporting journey. 

Breaking down the ability needed to win into small metrics; get faster, get stronger, achieve a PB are all helpful. But the larger, more rewarding picture is the one I want my athletes to aspire towards. I want them to look beyond these metrics and to ways that they can build continual good health, grow in confidence (off and on the field of sport), and boost their happiness in all areas of their life. 

Aiming a win in the A race is a worthy target but by looking at the longer-term picture encompassing all aspects of your life, your sporting goals usually take care of themselves.   





We’ve discussed before in our articles that high achieving sports people don’t set goals of winning an A race, or even measure their success by counting wins and losses. For them, it is the understanding of how to make themselves into a better version. That is why they are successful. 

These highly combative athletes love racing, have a high desire to win, hate (yes hate) to lose. But they don’t review their year with a win/lose column. They look at what they can control and what is achievable as an athlete, but also as a person. 

Why not look beyond that win/loss column and follow how World Champions create themselves. Build your long-term plan, of which next year is just a stepping stone towards greater health and a happier life.


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