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Tour de Monte Rosa Running Camp

The Tour de Monte Rosa Running Camp is led by Ultra Runner Lizzy Hawker, 5x winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB).


Photographs by UTMR - Ultra Tour Monte Rosa

The 4 and 5-day tours provide a range of terrain, trail types, and weather conditions. Needless to say the views are stunning in this beautiful Alpine region. Overnights are spent in the excellent, comfortable mountain huts of the area.  

The first of 2 scheduled camps took place in early Jul 2016 with the second due to start August 8th.  “You can’t learn this stuff from a book, a podcast, or a video. I got more out of trying to copy Lizzy running those descents than from anything I’ve read, heard or seen” said running participant - Fergus Edwards


The Itinerary was set out as:
Day 1 – Arrivals;
-The group meet at the Grächen Hotel and following a review of the coming days and a kit check you’ll head off into the village to eat at a local.

Day 2 - Stage 1;
- Running tour from Grächen to Zermatt ca. 33km, +2200m, -2000m
- Overnight in Zermatt with a meal in a local restaurant
Day 3 - Stage 2;
- Running tour from Zermatt to Stafal (IT) ca. 38km, +2734m, -2500m
- Overnight in Stafal with a meal in a local restaurant

Day 4 - Stage 3;
- Running tour from Stafal to Macugnaga (IT) ca. 36.5km, +2700m, -3200m
- Overnight in Macugnaga with a meal in a local restaurant

Day 5 - Stage 4;
- Running tour from Macugnaga to Grächen ca. 40km, +2600m, -2250m
- Overnight in Grächen with evening meal in a local restaurant

Day 6 - Departure
- Breakfast followed by individual review and advice before departing.



This running camp is ideal training and preparation for the UTMR, both stage race and ultramarathon, as well as other multi-day or ultramarathon races.




The camps are of benefit to all moderately experienced trail runners, to improve their running technique, strength and endurance, and to have racing and training questions addressed from an experienced elite athlete. They are ideal training and preparation for multi-day or ultramarathon races, and the scenery could not be more inspiring.

To join Lizzy's next Tour de Monte Rosa Running Camp see ....


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