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Russell Cox's training camp at Sands Beach Resort

Endurance and triathlon coach and athlete Russell Cox talks about his Lanzarote training camp.

How was your first major training camp?

Russell Cox - The camp exceeded all my expectations.
Being on the other side, organising a camp, was a new experience and I wanted to ensure that every athlete, whatever their ability, got something from the week. It was hard work, both for myself and my fellow coach Mark Racher, but I’m proud of what we achieved. The athletes went home tired, motivated and really buzzing about the week. Their feedback has been really positive with lots of interest in the next camp. I don’t think it could have gone any better than that.

How do you like training in Lanzarote?

RC - Lanzarote is one of my favourite training destination and has been for a number of years. Easy to get to, warm weather, quiet roads and that wind and those hills to make sure you work, there’s everything you need. It’s so easy to train there, you can step away from everyday life and just focus on your sports. I always train much harder and achieve much more than I would back home.

How did you like Sands Beach?

RC - Everyone loved the resort. It was a great training base, the pool was perfect for our needs and there’s plenty of good biking near by. I also wanted the athletes to be able to relax and recover between sessions and again Sands Beach delivered. Everything we needed was on site, you’d find athletes relaxing at the Mai Tai bar between sessions and piling their plates in the restaurant at breakfast and dinner. Once training was done you could easily switch off and enjoy your free time, we even managed a couple of trips to the Soleil bar in the evening.

Do you already have plans for the next training camp?

RC - Yes, definitely! I’ve not fixed the dates yet, but next year I intend to run 2 camps on consecutive week during the early season. We will definitely be returning to Sands Beach.

Triathlon has been gaining momentum as of recent, any thoughts?

RC - Triathlon keeps on growing. More races are added to the calendar every year and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of athletes ready to sign up. It’s a good time to get involved there are so many events to choose between. It’s great to see a lot of new people coming into the sport, while I tend to be working with more experienced triathletes, I love working with beginners, you really get to see the impact of your coaching as they build fitness and confidence.

How do you manage to coach athletes and train yourself as well?

RC - In all honesty not so well these days! I still train, but I certainly don’t have the levels of fitness of my pre-coaching years. It’s one of the reasons I asked Mark to join me in managing the camp, I can’t keep up with many of the athletes I coach now! I see benefits in remaining an active participant in the sport, but my main focus is how my athletes train and perform.

What would you recommend starters to the Triathlon, Ironman scene?

RC - If you’re new to triathlon: start small. Find a local sprint race and have a go, gain some experience and work your way up to the longer races like Ironman if that’s your goal. At first just focus on practicing each sport, don’t stress about the details. Make sure you’re enjoying what you do, that’s important whatever level you are at.

Interview from Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote

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