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Running: How to find your Max HR

Wanting to train within Heart Rate zones? Here are 2 tests to help runners find their Maximum Heart Rate 



Before you can use the various training Heart Rate zones, you have to establish your Maximum Heart Rate. These 2 tests can  help you establish your MaxHR. 


Test 1

Using a running track to run 800m or sufficient flat piece of ground to give the same distance and with a half way marker. 

Run the first 400m at 90-95% speed; the second 400m at maximum effort. Immediately take your HR. We would also suggest you check your monitor, if possible, in the final 100m as you may reach MaxHR before the line. 

Fit athletes would need to repeat this test after a 5 minute rest because MaxHR may not be achieved on the first 800m.





Test 2

Find a hill that will take between 2 and 3 minutes to run up. The incline should be consistent; not too easy but one that will have you breathing very hard in that last part. 

Run for 5 minutes at a good pace before reaching the bottom of the hill. Once you begin your climb, keep the same speed by increasing your effort. Using your HR monitor check your HR which should hit its maximum around 2 minutes.



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