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Make a List – A Key Component to Winning

Writing down your goals and focus points makes you commit to them much more strongly than if they are just floating around in your head, ready to be conveniently forgotten if you fail to carry them out.


This came to mind when Andy Murray, tennis player, was spotted with a piece of paper court side at the Rotterdam Open in 2015.


Andy Murray' list at the Rotterdam Open ....


Andy’s list contained the following;

  • Be good to yourself
  • Try your best
  • Be intense with your legs
  • Be proactive during points
  • Focus on each point and the process
  • Try to be the one dictating
  • Try to keep him at the baseline; make him move
  • Keep going for your serve
  • Stick to the baseline as much as possible
  • Stay low on passes and use your legs


Clearly some of the above were tactical to beat his opponent and some were Andy’s process goals to play to the best of his ability. Does it matter if you combine the two?  No, in fact it can be useful to remind yourself to focus on the processes and then to remind yourself what these processes are. This is a reminder list that can be frequently reviewed throughout the competition.


Key points help keep your eyes on the target .....


The length of your list may vary, depending on how easy it is for you to take it with you whilst you're competing, whether it's on the back of your hand, on your handlebars, in your boat....





Andy will have been able to look at his frequently so he could afford to be less selective; it is generally a good idea to keep it as short as possible, with only the most important points to help you compete at your best.

A list can also be used for training. When you have decided on the key elements you wish to improve upon, make your list.




Finally, when your training session and/or competition is over, your list will form part of your review process by simply scoring your performance against each entry.


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