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Kerber; pre Australian Tennis Open training camp

Angelique Kerber beat Serena Willaims to take the Australian Tennis Open Title having prepared for the tournament at her training camp base near Poznan, Poland



Kerber's career had, by some peoples standard. been a success. She had earned about £7million in prize money and had finished in the top-ten of women's tennis for four consecutive years. 

But in 2011 and 2012 she had fallen at the semi final stage of the US Open and Wimbledon respectively. In the 2015 WTA finals in Singapore, she failed again and began a blame culture that included everyone but herself.

"I was blaming everything except myself but then I was on the beach and realised nobody else was going to do things for me so I must do them myself," she recently said.

Her first step was to take herself and her coach, Torben Beltz, back to her training camp base near Poznan, Poland. She put in the hard hours and perpared for the new season, determined to show her improvements.

However, Tennis Coach, Alexander Waske, has also added that Kerber's first Grand Slam title was down to her time at his 2011 Tennis Training Camp.

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