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Jenny Meadow talks about her Potchefstroom training camp

Jenny has returned to The Potchefstroom training camp, 1,350 metres above sea level in the North West province of South Africa. Jenny has been coming here since 2007. "We believe this training is fundamental to my preparation for this season” she told Female First in the count down to London 2012.


"The fourth week, that's when you start to countdown to home time and begin to think about the people you miss," explains Jenny.  "I particularly miss my dog, Harvey, and always feel a bit guilty about leaving him for so long, although he does get spoiled by my mum." Regular contact with her mum via Skype helps fight off the feeling of being homesick. 

Having good surroundings and the support of the local community helps. She is welcomed in many of Potchefstroom’s restaurants and cafes and admits, "I really make a conscious effort to be healthier on camp. However, a few times a week I will have dessert." 

Training starts 9:15 am and Jenny completes her final session of the day about 6:00pm. Training includes not only track sets but gym work and the not so pleasantly described “killer” sessions. "Killer sessions make me quiver whenever I see it on my programme," she says. "It's about maximising the hours to not only train, but to do extras, such as stretching and exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist."


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