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Interview with Lotte Friis

Lotte Friis. The smile of a Danish mermaid


Lotte Friis was inducted into Playitas Resort Hall of Fame

We interviewed the Danish Olympic swimmer Lotte Friis, who proves that dreams really can come true! Here’s more of what she shared with Playitas Resort Blog about her life, plus her tips on training and nutrition.

  • You started swimming at the age of… ?

I started swimming when I was five years old because my parents have a pool in the backyard. So, they wanted me to know how to swim. So we drowned it! And then it just like involved from there. I think on this level, like a lead level, since I was fifteen. So, twelve years now :-)

  • Who did you admire when you were a teenager? Any idol?

I didn’t really have idols, I am more had stuff I admired from different people, because I always feel like I am me and I can’t compare myself to anybody else. But there was a lot of people that had qualities and results that I admired and I really wanted to match or beat. So, that’s more like what I tried to do when I was a teenager.

  • We can realize that freestyle is your favorite style but, what about the rest?

Freestyle… I mean no, I am always like I swim freestyle and I love freestyle. I am not really pick anything else, which sometimes can be a problem, like my coach wants me to do some other stuff once in a while, so my shoulders don’t get to tired from doing freestyle all the time. And I am always like, No… I don’t want to. So, freestyle is my fun, my favorite.

  • You always, of course, are involved in swimming. When you finish your career, your professional career in swimming, would you like to plan/organize some swimming events or training camps?

Yeah for sure, I would love to give some of my knowledge that I’ve like built up over the years and give it on to somebody else. I mean when I retire from swimming, I am probably still gonna be pretty active. I think it is hard, not to do stuff yourself. So, I probably wanna do triathlons and stuff like that, just to keep my body moving. But for sure, I would love to teach kids or adults for that matter. All about swimming and do that and try to spread the world of swimming to the world.


Lotte swims at Playitas Olympic pool

If we say “Ledecky”, how do you feel?

:-) Katie and I are pretty close. She is a really nice girl. She swims actually only or trains actually only 45 minutes away from me, in the States, where I live now. But she is a sweet girl; she is the best long distance swimmer ever in the world. By far, I think the best swimmer at the moment. She is so amazing; she swims so fast and she is just opening our eyes for what is possible, not only for swimmers, but for female swimmers and females, all over the world.

  • We heard that you have a good relationship with her brother?

:-) :-) :-) Yes! I met him a couple of times. I met her mom too. Her mom is or her entire family is great and I am gonna go down, especially because they live so close, they invited me to come for dinner and a night out, because she lives just north of Baltimore, where I live. …They invited me down, to spend some time with them and I am looking forward to it.

  • What do you usually eat when you are close to a competition?

In the morning I probably eat some yoghurt, some muesli and maybe a piece of bread or two, with some jam or Nutella. Depending on what’s on the hotel, when we are there. For lunch I probably eat some pasta, a little bit of meat, not too much. I probably eat the same I can in the evening, maybe rice or potato, depending again on what the hotel will serve but definitely I will eat carbohydrates at lunch and at dinner.

  • Let us know your thoughts two minutes before a competition starts

I think I am just trying to concentrate on my race plan, especially because I swim the longer events, that’s what I am gonna have to focus on, like how am I gonna swim my race, how am I gonna get the best out of my race. And I think just trying not to doubt myself because I know I’ve done the work and I cannot really do anything more than do my best and hope that’s enough.

  • Can you give us some training tips?

My biggest tip is like no matter what, it’s always gonna be some days were you don’t wanna work out, were you don’t wanna train. And I think my biggest tip is, thinking of what you wanna achieve with the training. It doesn’t matter if you just wanna get in shape, you wanna loose those extra kilos, just trying to think of that. Like why you are doing it, because that always helps me get through the hard workouts, all the workouts that I don’t wanna do.

andres-andy-lotte-stephan copia

From left to right Andrés Morente -Marketing Manager-, Andreas Raelert -triathlete-, Lotte Friis, and Stephan Meyvisch – General Manager-

  • Tell us something about your stay at Playitas?

I would recommend Playitas because it’s a perfect mix of relaxation and holiday and sun and the warm but you also have the opportunity to do some active stuff, like you have the opportunity to run, you have the opportunity to swim, you have the opportunity to play tennis, football, volleyball, there are classes you can take, there is everything, basically. You can play golf. So, I think that’s a perfect mix, to have that relaxation you want to when you are going on holiday but still stay active.

  • What about your free time?

I think it depends on how hard I’ve been training what I’d like to do when I have time off. I either like just to relax back home, reading a good book, watching television or a movie. I like also spending time with friends and family because when you are on the road as much as I am with my swimming, you’d like to go home and see people and have fun with them and just hear what’s up with their life because sometimes you get caught up in this little bubble you are in and you are just focused on yourself. I’d just like that, like either just being home alone or being out socializing with people.

  • How is your life in the U.S.? 

The States is different, especially big seen it’s a different continent. And every country I’ve visit, I feel like has a different way of doing stuff, a way of handling stuff and a way of like approaching stuff. And I feel like if you told me two years, three years ago that I will live in the States and I will love it, I would’ve been like you’re joking, no way, but I do love it. I feel like it’s exactly the place I need to be, at the moment of my career. Like, I am not young anymore in swimming, like I am one of the oldest ones and I don’t mind that because it shows that I am still here and I am still ready to fight when I go to meets. But it is definitely the freedom I need, living over there and the approach, like I train with younger girls, I train with teenagers and I am fine with that because they push me, because they have all the energy and they are so excited to go to practice every day, for as I’ve been in this for over ten years, a little bit more old and I have to practice again. So, they keep me young, they keep me motivated. That’s for sure.


Lotte showing her best smile

  • Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

In five years I probably be definitely done swimming but I would love to be still involved in swimming in somehow, that’s for sure. If it’s gonna be just as a team leader or team manager, if is gonna be as a coach. I don’t know. But I will definitely also be… I’ve never have gone to school, I’ve only gone high school, as I really would like to going to college, trying to get an education, like doing something. No question about that yet. Hopefully! I mean hopefully I’ll be in the stages of beginning a family if I haven’t already started.

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