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Interview: Helena Hills founder of TrueStart Coffee

Which Training Camp caught up with TrueStart Coffee founders, Simon and Helena Hills, to find out how it all started.


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Which Training Camp: When did you have the “eureka” moment? 

Helena: As you know, Simon and I enjoy triathlon and in March 2014 we were preparing for an IRONMAN 70.3 race. 

We began our sessions early morning before work usually, and to help kick start our sessions we would have a coffee before we started to give us that natural energy boost. But my training performances lacked consistency as I was having heart palpitations one day and then nothing at all the next. 

Having moaned and groaned at Simon for too many sessions, he started thinking about how sensitive I am to caffeine. We began by looking at how much caffeine gives you an energy boost and how much is too much. 


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WTC: What did you find out in your research? 

Helena: What surprised us was the variation of caffeine levels in our cups of coffee. The range was between 20mg to over 400mg per cup. And we thought making a cup of coffee was simple! Having that much variation is useless when you’re drinking it for a performance boost. 


WTC: Why did this make you think about TrueStart Coffee? 

Helena: More and more people have been drinking coffee for a natural caffeine hit and they understand that, at the correct level, caffeine improves endurance and mental focus. But having such large caffeine variations in your coffee is little known, and definitely not ideal for sport. We wanted to offer a reliably caffeinated coffee – a coffee specifically designed for sports performance that gave a perfect level of caffeine and also had a great coffee taste.


WTC: Where does your coffee come from? 

Helena: I lived in South America for a couple of years and have to say, I love Colombian coffee. It is also ethically sourced which is important to us.



                                  Tim Dickson with "giant size" TrueStart bag

WTC: When did you launch? 

Helena: It took us over 12 months to develop the perfect product – it’s the only coffee in the world with a regulated level of caffeine! We wanted TrueStart to offer 4 things; a performance boost with no crash, to be completely natural with no synthetics, convenient with no faff and to have an awesome taste. 

We finally launched the first jar of TrueStart in May 2015. The public response has been phenomenal and just one year ago, we launched the upgraded packaging that you see today. #TeamTrueStart is now a global community of awesome people using TrueStart Coffee to up their game in sport and life.


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