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Five Ways to improve Consistency

Winning athletes are the athletes who bring their consistency in training to their race performance. Each day, through the normal life and hours of training, they strive for this consistency; making a habit of it.


Does this remind you of anyone?



This daily consistency will give you the best opportunity to prevail on the day, it will boost your confidence in your own ability and will reinforce a positive outcome. 

There are numerous things that need to be done in training and racing to ensure the outcome you desire. But being consistent is something that you can easily implement.


1. Planning and Scheduling

Plan your training schedule, write it down and stick to the sessions. Look at ways you can keep the same session types to the same days each week. Plan your meals according to these sessions and stick to them so you are optimising your re-fuelling.


2. Session Goals

All sessions should have a plan which includes goals, targets and you should also plan a routine to analyse the session. Quantify the quality of the session and write down the result on your training plan. This routine is one that you will take forward to competition.





3. Target 1 session per week as a practice Race Day

Race day practice helps build consistency in performance. Target 1 session per week, the session type may change each week, and treat this as “Race Day”. The session itself may be a low intensity high mileage session, it may be a HIIT workout or a weights session, but your daily build up should be the same as your race day preparation, followed by your analysis afterwards, to see whether your preparation brought out your best performance of that training session.


4. Food and Hydration

Developed your meal and hydration plans and assess if they are working, just as you would for Sessions Goals.

When you have settled on your strategy, keep to it come race time.  Likewise if you are an endurance athlete. Take your training food and drink intake strategy into your race strategy.



5. Stay Healthy

Once you have planned your sessions do not try to cram some extra ones into your busy life. Doing more than planned is just as flawed as not doing enough. Trying to do that extra bit when you are not recovered fully will lead to injury and sickness.

More training days are lost through avoidable sickness and injury than any other reasons. So stick to your plan because once you have missed these sessions, it is hard to catch up without risking a recurrence. 

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