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Cordelia Bracht's review of a Glen Christiansen Swim Camp

Looking for a Masters Swimming Training Camp; Cordelia Bracht explains why you should consider a Glen Christiansen Camp


 Cordelia Bracht with Glen Christiansen beside the T3 Tenerife Top Training Camp pool

I've been to several swim camps with Glen Christiansen, two of which were in the Tenerife Top Training Facility. I have enjoyed the camps immensely and I've really improved my technique and endurance. It is fantastic to get inspiration and instruction from an experienced coach that is himself an excellent Olympic swimmer.

This year we also had the pleasure to get instruction from two more coaches, Robert Meyer and Andres Kilen; the team was excellent.

I absolutely recommend coach Glen Christensen to all types of swimmers, Masters, Seniors and juniors. He is an inspiration and a great resource.

The venues in Tenerife are fantastic: The pool and sports centre is top of the line regarding swimming facilities, this is supported by the fact that many of the world's best swimmers and swim teams come to train at T3 every year.

The 50 metre pool at Tenerife Top Training

The hotels are very good, and the staff is helpful and amicable.

I have already booked two more camps in 2016 and 2017! I need to get some winter sun and be a better swimmer, it is never too late to improve, even at 52. The combination of a vacation and doing your favourite sport is not only enjoyable but very healthy.

The camps are organized so you can choose to attend all sessions or rest for a few if you need to. If you plan to take family with you there is plenty to look at in Tenerife. Also, there are many other activities you and your family can enjoy in or out of the water.

I can first hand recommend all swimmers to book a swim camp with Coach Glen Christiansen and his team.

Review written by Cordelia Bracht, Masters swimmer age 52, Norway/Sweden

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