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Attitude: One of your main controllables

Attitude towards Consistency; one of the most important ingredients to your success. You can practice this everyday, whether at work, at home or at training.   



We do this by taking control of our attitude towards hurdles that come our way. Will these hurdles stop us in our tracks, or will we simply overcome them and carry on our improvements?   

Obstacles come our way in different disguises; “it is raining so it is dangerous to go on the road” – “I’ve left my paddle behind and I don’t want to use that old one” – “I’m late for the session, and the training group have already left” – “the cardo machine is broken”.

We can turn these to our advantage by employing a smart attitude. Our attitude and how we deal with different situations is part of the training process.

Allowing our emotions to override our control of any given situation will not help bring about a good resolution. Before your next event, look out for the angry, frustrated athlete who is badly organised and note their behaviour and their race outcome. 

A control on our attitude during training sessions, and even life choices, will help keep us on an even keel come race day. We would know that allowing negative emotions run the agenda will not give us the outcome we want. 





We can train ourselves to turn problematical situations to positive solutions. Every time we come across one of these hurdles we focus on how we can turn the situation to advantage. Experiencing our ability to overcome these situations will help build confidence, will reinforce our belief that come race day, no matter what curve balls come our way, we will be able to deal with them. 

And being able to deal with any situation that comes our way will increase our chances of achieving our goals.


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