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Advanced Power Turbo Training Wk 5 – HITT

Week 5 of your Advance level training program introduces an in-sight of how Pro-cyclists use High Intensity Interval Training to improve their cycling


by SportActive




Congratulations, you’ve made it to Week 5. If you’ve been following the turbo training program diligently, you should find you’re in a better cycling condition than when you started. If you are new to the program you can see the previous week’s training session below. Start at Week 1:

• Week 1 –  Endurance Training

• Week 2 – Threshold Training

• Week 3 – VO2 Max

• Week 4 –  Endurance Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a cycling technique used by professionals to improve their attacks. The training brings many benefits to your cycling and your overall health, including:

  • Reducing body fat.

  • Improving cardiovascular and metabolic health.

  • Mental health.


HIIT training enables you to sustain an intense cycling effort for longer.

To do the Week 5 training, you will need a power meter as we will be working with Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

Before you begin, work out your FTP as you did in Week 1 and Week 4. If you’ve done the exercises diligently so far, you’ll see an improvement in your FTP from last week!


Your Schedule for Week 5

  • Day 1 - FTP Test

  • Day 2 - Active Recovery

  • Day 3 - High Intensity Interval Training

  • Day 4 - Active Recovery

  • Day 5 - High Intensity Interval Training

  • Day 6 - Active Recovery

  • Day 7 - High Intensity Interval Training


Exercises for High Intensity Training Week

High Intensity Intervals: 2-2.3 hours (Days 3,5,7)


Do 5 to 8 efforts depending on your ability. As you progress you may want to increase the efforts to a maximum of 8.


Warm up: 20 min @ 60% FTP

Main Effort:

  • Start with a 30sec sprint of which 15sec out of the saddle, average watts 200% FTP, pushing up to a max 300% FTP.

  • 3min at 100% FTP finish with a 10 sec sprint

  • Recover 6 min @ 60% FTP (between sets)

  • Do 5 to 8 efforts.

Cooldown: 20 min @ 60% FTP after completing your total number of efforts.


Active Recovery: 1.0 to 1.30 hours(Days 2, 4 & 6)

  • Warm up: 15 min @48-51% of FTP

  • 30min to 1 hour @62% of FTP Cadence 90-95 rpm

  • Cooldown: 15 min @ 48% of FTP


Now you have completed the program, you should feel stronger, fitter, and be able to produce more power for longer. You are ready to take on cycling challenges for the year ahead. 

If you want to improve your cycling further, you may want to consider a Mallorca cycling holiday. Here, you’ll receive pro coaching advice and be able to test your strength and endurance in a cycling paradise.


SportActive – Faster, Fitter, Stronger





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