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5-Wk Basic Endurance TP

Your 5-Week Basic Endurance Training Program


To get the most from cycling you have to be able to train during the winter months as well as when the wind is warm and the sun bright. By using a turbo trainer, you can maintain fitness and feel good. You can also fit your cycling into your schedule. 




As such, we’ve put together a 5-week basic endurance training program designed to help you maintain and improve your condition. The program is based on cadence and the feeling of the gears.

This cycle training program was put together by experienced SportActive Cycling pro coach, Martin Birney, and experienced leisure cyclist, Flora Mittermair.


Equipment you’ll need:

•             A turbo trainer

•             Cycling shorts

•             Bottle of water

•             Towel

•             A watch, Garmin, or bike computer

•             Cycling gloves for comfort

•             A fan – keep cool


Turbo Training Schedule for the 5-Week Program

The following weekly program will work different aspects of your cycling. What follows is a weekly breakdown of the program: 

•             Week 1 – Endurance.

•             Week 2 – Strength & Core.

•             Week 3 – Anaerobic exercises.

•             Week 4 – Endurance.

•             Week 5 – Strength & Core.


Your Schedule for Week 1

•             Day 1 Endurance

•             Day 2 Recovery

•             Day 3 Go for a walk

•             Day 4 Endurance

•             Day 5 Recovery

•             Day 6 Endurance

•             Day 7 Rest day



Exercises for Your Endurance Training Week

The exercises are designed to be flexible in terms of intensity. Feel free to adapt the following to your cycling ability.


Exercise for Endurance: 40 Minutes (Day 1,4 & 6)

•             Warm-up for 10 minutes: Easy gear around 80 RPM. Make sure you have pressure under the pedals.

•             First 5 Minute Effort: Keep the same RPM and select a heavier gear. Pedal with the heel down as this engages more leg muscles.

•             Easy 5 Minutes: Take a lighter gear and ride at a cadence of 95-100 RPM. This increases your heart rate.

•             Second 5 Minute Effort: Take a heavier gear, 80 RPM like the first 5 Minute Effort.

•             Easy 5 Minutes: Cadence of 90, lighter gear.

•             Cooldown 10 Minutes: Easy gear, 80 RPM.


Exercise for Recovery: 20 Minutes (Day 2&5)

Take an easy gear, ride at 80 RPM for 20 minutes. Ensure you can feel pressure under the pedals.


Next week strength & core training!







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