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5-Wk Advanced Power Turbo TP

Your 5-Week Advanced Power Turbo Training Program


Depending on where you are in the world and the nature of your life, you may not be able to get out on the bike as much as you would like. Restrictions, busy lives and indeed the weather all play their part in keeping you off the saddle.



This can be particularly problematic if you compete.

Don’t despair as we have an intense 5-week indoor training program designed to improve strength and endurance. The program is geared towards the competition level cyclist. You’ll need a power meter to get maximum benefits.

The advantage of indoor training means you can fit it into your schedule easier, and you can train regardless of the weather. Providing you are disciplined and follow the program to completion, you will notice tangible performance improvements.

This cycle training program was put together by experienced SportActive Cycling pro coach, Martin Birney. 


Equipment you’ll need: 

•             A turbo trainer 

•             Power meter 

•             Cycling shorts 

•             Bottle of water 

•             Towel

•             A watch, Garmin, or bike computer 

•             Cycling gloves for comfort 

•             A fan – keep cool 


You Must Determine Your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

It is essential that before you start Advanced Power Training that you determine your FTP. This invaluable training aid enables you to get the maximum benefit from the exercises.

Providing you are disciplined; you will see tangible improvements to your endurance at the end of your week.


Determining Your FTP

Here, we recommend using the 20 Minute Critical Power Test (MCPT) to determine FTP. This involves hard riding so prepare yourself mentally. So:

•             Warm-up for 15-20 minutes

•             Over the next 5 minutes, ride hard for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds soft pedalling. Do five intervals of each. The drill opens your blood and oxygen flow which increases your heart rate for the test. When you come to ride the test, you’re looking to ride at a hard level that you can sustain for 10-20 minutes. So ride hard but not too hard.

•             Do 5 minutes easy pedalling and prepare mentally for the test. It is about to begin.

•             Start a new interval on your power meter-very important.

•             Pedal at a speed you can sustain for 20 minutes. Pros can sustain a wattage of 400-500 watts for an hour. If you’re riding close to this level, you could well have started too hard. Use the first two minutes to find the right pace for you. Build up progressively to the highest sustainable level.

•             Hold this level for 15 minutes. For the last 5 minutes, put in your best effort.

•             Start a new interval on your power meter and save the data. If you found the last 5 minutes hard and you started to fade rather than maintain a or build wattage, then you may have gone too hard in the first 15 minutes. Keep this in mind for the next (MCPT) test that you do.

•             Warm down for 5 to 10 minutes.


Your FTP will be 95% of your average power during the 20-minute effort. Now you have your FTP you can put it to work.


Turbo Training Schedule for the 5-Week Program

The 5-week program works on different aspects of your cycling. What follows is a weekly breakdown of the program. 

•             Week 1 – Endurance Training.

•             Week 2 – Threshold Training.

•             Week 3 – V02 Max.

•             Week 4 – Endurance Training.

•             Week 5 – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


Your Schedule for Week 1 

•             Day 1 & 2 Endurance 

•             Day 3 Active Recovery 

•             Day 4 & 5 Endurance 

•             Day 6 Active Recovery 

•             Day 7 Rest 


Exercises for Endurance Training Week

Endurance 2-2.3 Hours (Days 1,2 and 4,5)

•             Warm-up: 15 minutes @50-55% FTP.

•             1.3 to 2 hours @69-75% FTP:  Your cadence should be between 85-90 RPM.

During this segment do two short bursts seated for 8 seconds, every 10 minutes. Your RPM should be 130, close to 85% FTP.

•             Cooldown:  15 minutes, riding at 50-55% FTP.


Exercise for Active Recovery 1 to 1.3 Hours (Day 3&6)

•             Warm-up: for 15 minutes@ 48-51% FTP.

•             Thirty minutes to 1 hour @62% FTP: Your cadence should be around 90-95 RPM.

•             Cooldown: 15 minutes, riding at 48% of FTP.


To improve, it is important you are disciplined and follow the program as stated.

Next week threshold training!

Sportactive – Faster, Fitter, Stronger






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