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Yohann Diniz trains at Font Romeu

What an outstanding performance by Yohann Diniz at the European Championships August 2014. Not only did he break the 50km walk world record, he took off almost two minutes even though he stopped to negotiate with spectators for their flags.



Yohann crossing the finish line European Championships, Zurich 2014 (with the two flags).

A touch of good sportsmanship came from Denis Nizhegorodov Russian whose world record was destroyed by Yohann. Denis was on the finish line applauding Yohann and was then seen giving him a congratulatory hug.

“This is the best day of my life,” said Diniz, who crossed the line carrying both the French and Portuguese flags, the latter in dedication to his Portuguese grandmother who passed away earlier this year.


 Yohann breaks the world record in Zurich 2014

Yohann knows a thing or two about racing; he became the first man to win three successive European titles over the distance and this was his second world record.



Yohann training in Font Romeu


But where did he train prior to the European Championships. Like many other athletes, Yohann trained at the French Altitude training centre in Font Romeu.



Yohann cross training in the Olympic size pool at Font Romeu


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