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Training in Spain

Latest news from the Spanish Sports Ministry 


Manchester United FC training in Spain February 2020


As the nation continues their deconfinement from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish Sports Ministry has detailed what that will mean in the scope of sports.

Except for the regions of Castille-Leon, Madrid, Cataluna, the Valencian Region and parts of Castille-La Mancha, the rest of the territory will either remain in Phase 3, the last phase in the de-escalation, or move onto that last stretch.

Training wise, one of the benefits for athletes residing in regions that have moved onto Phase 3 is that they will no longer have to train during a specific time of the day. Groups of up to 20 individuals will also be allowed, so long as they meet the precautions established by the Health Ministry, the FAQ indicates.





In the event that measures such as the 2-meter (6-foot) distance cannot be met, personal protective equipment will be required.

Training centres, both indoors and outdoors, will also be allowed to resume during Phase 3, with some restrictions:

  • Groups cannot exceed 20 individuals.
  • No physical contact.
  • Occupancy cannot exceed 50%.
  • Access must be split into various turns.
  • Athletes can have one companion with them.
  • Locker rooms will now be in use.


Territories in the third phase are now allowed to sanction events, so long as they meet the sanitary precautions, behind closed doors. The Spanish Sports Council will determine how many athletes can partake in each individual event to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.

Athletes are not yet allowed to travel to different autonomous regions, although they can travel between provinces so long as those provinces pertain to the same autonomous region.

As Spanish pools were allowed to reopen, they had to adhere to the guidelines established by the nation’s Health Ministry.

While territories in Phase 3 will be allowed 50% of occupancy, that will translate into 30% for regions in Phase 2.


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