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Madeira – more than a short break destination

A haven of natural beauty, dramatic scenery and botanical treasures, Madeira Island has earned the title of being “The Pearl of the Atlantic”. Far different from the touristy beach vacation destinations, Madeira Island has the power to enthrall its visitors. But, is Madeira Island only famous for its breath-taking natural beauty? Well, certainly not!  it is also a renowned place for sports lovers.



Madeira is power packed with sports activities.  This small island is the birthplace of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo; Marcos Freitas, European table tennis Champion; David Fernandes, member of Portugal's K4 Silver Medal crew; and João Rodrigues, windsurfing legend!

So what makes Madeira a preferable destination for sport players and athletes? Well, it is the presence of a wide range of sport facilities, infrastructure and sport training centers in the area. Add to that the advantages of a subtropical climate, crystal clear offshore waters and a naturally welcoming environment, and you begin to understand the attraction of this island for athletes of all levels and sports.



Whether you are looking for indoor sports, outdoor sports, water sports or adventure sports, there are several training camps to choose from. So, just pick your sport and enjoy the perfect sports training camp. Madeira offers everything a sports enthusiast is looking for!

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