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Entry Detail


Venue Details

Location:Lendava, Slovenia
Sports:Swimming, Football, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball

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Lendava is positioned near the borders with Croatia and Hungary and is described as a comfortable and quiet small town. During the 1800 and 1900s the borders changed a few times so there were occasions Lendava was in Hungary and some of these influences can be seen today.

Lendava is the centre of the Hungarian minority in Slovenia and is also known for the monumental theatre and Hungarian Community Centre designed by the architect Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz whilst the synagogue in Lendava is one of only two synagogues left in Slovenia.

Thermal Park Lendava is ideal for sport teams and individual athletes searching for a comfortable and a quiet venue for their training camp.



By air; Maribor airport 89km - Ljubljana airport 211km - Graz airport (Austria) 131km

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The recommended accommodation;

3* Hotel Lipa
- 111 well equipped rooms with comfortable beds and 9 suites
- All rooms are equipped with cable TV, telephone, AC (partially), safe deposit box, mini-bar, shower with toilet, most rooms also feature a balcony
- Own wellness centre (with gym) and hotel swimming pools
- Thermal water
- Conference/team room

3* Apartments Lipov Gaj
- 84 well equipped apartments for up to 5 persons
- All apartments are equipped with cable TV, telephone, AC (partially), safe deposit box, kitchen, shower with toilet and a balcony or a terrace
- 50m from the hotel

Training Facilities

Sports Facilities


Lendava Sports Hall 1
FIBA Certified parquet flooring
- Playing area 36m x 17m with ceiling height min. 6.90m
- Gym; floor area of 90m² in the hotel
- 300m from the hotel

Lendava Sports Hall 2
- Playing area 40m x 20m, ceiling height 9m
- Gym; floor area 90m² in the hotel
- 1km from the hotel

- Pitch 1; 105m x 68m natural grass with floodlights, located 600 m from the hotel
- Pitch 2; 102m x 63m artificial grass with floodlights, located 400 m from the hotel
- Pitch 3; 102m x 64m natural grass, located 5 km from the hotel (transportation is organized)
- Gym; floor area of 90 m² in the hotel

- 50m 6 lane outdoor pool
- Includes all necessary equipment
- Gym; floor area of 90 m² in the hotel
- 50m from the hotel

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