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Adharanand Finn

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Adharanand Finn


Adharanand Finn an Ultra Runner, a writer, and Award Winning author. 

His books include Running with the Kenyans, The Way of the Runner & The Rise of the Ultra Runners. Running with the Kenyans was the Sunday Times Sports Book of the Year and Adharanand won Best New Writer at the British Sports Book Awards. He is an editor at the Guardian and a freelance journalist. 

Adharanand is also a former junior cross-country runner who continues to train and aspire others around him where ever he goes. He has close links to the Kenyan High Performance Training Centre at Iten. 

Adharanand is constantly inspired by the Kenyan runners and by those who can keep pace with them. He has seen first-hand how they train with simple, humble practices, without overthinking anything, but continue to confound the rest of the world with their running powers. 

For Adharanand, writing his award winning book, was a dream come true. He was paid to fulfil two of his life’s ambitions. Run with the Kenyans, and write a book. The flip side … he found running with the Kenyans bit was pretty tough.

He recently mastered downhill trail running, getting a massive adrenaline rush from hurtling down mountains. Adharanand has run many Ultras around the globe experiencing the various terrains that come with each event. But he is also tempted back to the 24 hour track race which he found to be a meditative, uplifting experience and he loved the simplicity of it

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