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Triathlon Europe

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Triathlon Europe

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Name:Triathlon Europe
Phone:0044 (0) 203 239 9745

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Triathlon Europe, run by Fiona Ford, offers training opportunities for triathletes of all ability levels covering triathlon distances from Olympic to Ironman.

These opportunities are available at one of the triathlon training camps based in the Alps or by working with Triathlon Europe to develop bespoke training programs, improve technical development or by attending coached swim sessions in Richmond, Surrey.

Specific swim training for triathlon and open water swimming sessions are run by Fiona with her SwimSmooth squad. These sessions are based in the 33 metre indoor and outdoor pools at Richmond Pools on the Park, Richmond.



Fiona carefully chooses the accommodation to suit the demands of the training camp. All of Triathlon Europe's training weeks are based in a beautifully equipped, fully catered chalet, with a nutritional menu planned and created each day by a Professional chef and locally sourced produce.

The accommodation allows triathletes space for their own down-time but also brings everyone together to share their own experiences with each other whilst not having to worry about preparing the next meal.

Details of each training camp will include the accommodation and it's location.

Some examples of previous camps have been;
Blackrock Ski Lodge - see more here ....
The Runners Refuge - see more here ....

It is importnat to Triathlon Europe that every triathlete experiences the training weeks based from a true 'home away from home', to ensure they combine a quality break and/ or limited 'holiday' time from a hectic lifestyle, with world class training

Training Facilities

Training Facilities


Triathlon Europe have been providing altitude training camps in the French Alps since 2006.


You’ll be using some of the most stunning Alpine routes as seen on the Tour de France


Track sessions will be based at the near-by athletics track and some sessions will be covering trails used by the UTMB competitions.


The SwimSmooth coached sessions will be in a 50 metre pool or in some of the many lakes

Training Structure


Each day's training is structured to enable you to obtain the most from training at moderate attitude, based on your individual goals for the season. You do not need to complete a triathlon every day, or undertake excessive training volume and subsequently get ill or injured. This is a performance training environment, and your individual strengths and weaknesses inform and guide the emphasis on the training intensity, volume and technical focus.



  • Fiona is a Level 3 British Federation Triathlon Coach and is also a qualified Swim Smooth swimming coach. Fiona works with triathletes of all abilities from Sprint and Olympic distance through to Ironman.
  • Fiona is a qualified Swim Smooth swimming coach and a Level 3 British Federation Triathlon Coach. Fiona works with triathletes of all abilities from Sprint and Olympic distance through to Ironman.

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    star star star star star

    Reviewed by Ingenieur
    On 15-Jul-2015 10:1:08

    Comments:  Most people say thanks when they win. But I have to thank @fionaLford for seeing things clearly when I couldn't. Can't put a price on that.
    Reviewed by Mazoe
    On 15-Jul-2015 10:1:27

    Comments:  @fionaLford you took 3 mins off my 10k in three weeks #coachingmagic
    Reviewed by Dave
    On 15-Jul-2015 10:1:55

    Comments:  What a great training camp, a privilege to be coached by @fionaLford and training alongside inspirational athletes
    Reviewed by GW com
    On 15-Jul-2015 10:1:23

    Comments:  Just had the best week with @fionaLford @TriathlonEurope . Can thoroughly recommend the training weeks-so much knowledge & positive energy!
    Reviewed by Martin
    On 16-Apr-2015 09:1:10

    Comments:  All in all the training days have given me the confidence not only to enter my first triathlon with the positive mind frame but the knowledge that no matter what minor disasters are thrown at me I have the skill set required to get to the end of the race. This is exactly the mindset a nervous first time triathlete should have. I cannot recommend Fiona as a performance coach or the training weeks and courses highly enough
    Reviewed by Brett
    On 16-Apr-2015 09:1:07

    Comments:  "The Triathlon Europe training camp was a great experience. The training allowed you to push yourself hard, while providing valuable feedback for all experience levels and a very social atmosphere. The location and seeing the Tour were fantastic, but the luxury accommodation and top quality, locally sourced cuisine made this trip an ideal combination of work, and preparation in an idyllic international setting".