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Swim Lab International

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Swim Lab International

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Name:Swim Lab International

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Swim Lab International offer individual and group coaching via scheduled training camps or training packages. These are for swimmers (and Triathletes) of all levels with Swim Lab’s team of Professionally Qualified coaches

Swimmers who has trained with Swim Lab International include;

  • Olympic and Paralympic swimmers
  • World Champion Swimmers
  • World Champion Triathletes
  • Ironman including Kona World Championships
  • Swimmers at National Level
  • Open Water Swimmers; English Channel etc

Swim Lab International also offer a World Class W-AVE programme which gives you an opportunity to tailor the coaching to match your specific goals

Sessions can be completed in a variety of facilities depending on the session’s aims. The facilities include Swim Lab’s own “Swim Tank”, swimming pool (both indoors and outdoors), open water (lagoon and sea).

Accommodation and flights to be booked separately. We can advise on these through our travel partners should you wish to have assistance.


  • Paul Webb (also known as Paulo) if the founder and Head Coach of Swim Lab International who cater for all swimmers no matter their discipline, age and ability.  Coaching is run from various locations on Lanzarote and the UK using Open Water at Puerto Del Carmen, pools at Sands Beach Hotel and Fariones, and endless pools.
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    Reviewed by Noah
    On 30-Jun-2019 14:1:46

    Comments:  Fantastic sessions. Well paced, well pitched and well judged. Completely happy with the sessions and impressed with the progress that was made during the course. Thank you.
    Reviewed by Paul
    On 30-Jun-2019 14:1:56

    Comments:   I thought the sessions were well organised and accommodated the times that I needed. The sessions were delivered in a fun way so Paul really enjoyed them. Most importantly Paul learned so many new things in the water and could swim without floats and just a little assistance at the end of the 5 days.
    Reviewed by Fraser
    On 30-Jun-2019 14:1:28

    Comments:   From the start, the week was excellent. The sessions were really good and Paul was a great teacher. The knowledge that was passed on was extremely helpful. The facilities were very good. Everyone was so nice. I am really happy with how it all went. I really enjoyed my experience and I hope to return in the future. Thanks for the support and an incredible time!
    Reviewed by Osian
    On 30-Jun-2019 14:1:58

    Comments:  Osian made great progress this week, with clear progression and tangible goals met. Osian’s confidence was exuding at the end of the week, for which we are very grateful. With the introduction of the ‘butterfly’ stroke and timed lengths, Osian has some clear objectives to continue with, now we at back in the UK. Thank you.
    Reviewed by William
    On 30-Jun-2019 14:1:21

    Comments:  I was very happy with the level of professionalism and focus during all sessions. I’m so glad I’ve found Swimlab and I look forward to working with Paul and Kris into the future. Thank you Kris for your energy and patience throughout. You give every session 110% effort. Paul is extremely gifted at thinking outside the box to achieve goals. It’s a rarity these days to find someone who not only is passionate and professional but also highly skilled in this area. Thank you for enabling our children to soar. William has swum the last two days since returning from Lanzarote. He’s like a new boy laughing in the water and so confident. You have jumped started his love of swimming! Thank you!
    Reviewed by Xavier
    On 30-Jun-2019 14:1:51

    Comments:  Xavier loved the week, made brilliant progress, worth every penny, can’t think of any faults. A bit more of a breeze on one or two of the days would have been nice, but you can’t have everything!!
    Reviewed by Charlotte
    On 30-Jun-2019 14:1:10

    Comments:  Kris was able to create very good relationship with Charlotte and a very positive learning ambiance. She was always happy to join the sessions AND they were demanding. Professional background tangible behind all exercises. Water/swimming is excellent for progressing on land, using the resistance of water makes exercises very efficient – but also progressing in gaining new strokes is perfect. Everything was perfectly organized and the location is great! Many thanks to the whole team!
    Reviewed by James
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:48

    Comments:  Paul is a very knowledgeable, professional, patient and experienced swimming coach who instantly commands the respect of the pupil, which with children is a fantastic skill to have. Paul is also a very personable person who instantly puts you at ease. Our son became so much more confident and relaxed in the pool, which as parents was so wonderful to see.
    Reviewed by Simon
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:02

    Comments:  We visited Paul with our 5 year old son (our son has cerebral diplegia (palsy). As with our previous visits I had arranged for him to have 1-2-1 swimming lessons with Paul. In July, 2014 our son was discharged from Great Ormond Street Hospital after undergoing a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). Our primary aim to come to Lanzarote was to provide our son with a week of rehab with Paul.
    Reviewed by Brian
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:16

    Comments:  The difference Paul has made to our son’s swimming is priceless. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul; I just wish he lived and worked in the UK.
    Reviewed by Ian
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:15

    Comments:  As promised, we wanted to let you know that Harriet won her age category today at the national biathle champs in Salford quays! She lead from the start and her turn around the buoy was fab! So, once again, thanks for the coaching while we were over. Next stop is Georgia in September for the World Champs! Hope all is good with you and hopefully we can catch up again when we’re next out. Harriet really loved the sessions….. Thanks
    Reviewed by Maik
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:05

    Comments:  We always enjoy our training camps on Lanzarote with some of the best German National Team and Junior Team Para-Swimmers during the last years. We have spent lots of time practicing with head coach Paul Webb in preparation for Paralympics Games and European and World Championships. It was always great to know that all problems can be solved, even If you needed some company from lots of other swimmers around the island to do a successful 100x100m swim on New Year’s Day.
    Reviewed by Dan
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:28

    Comments:  Paul assisted with several of my SFT/speedo open water camps and proved to be a great asset to the team working well with novice and advanced swimmers with their fitness and technique. I would be pleased to welcome Paul back as coach on any of our camps.
    Reviewed by John
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:47

    Comments:  I just wanted to tell you that we’ve just had a very excitable hour long explanation of how your session went today with Flynn. He couldn’t wait to show us all his new technique for standing up, climbing stairs and was convinced that he had a new definition in his arm muscle. He is full of hope and excitement and it’s so lovely to see that in him already. In his own words.. “Well mum, I can work on all of this from now on because I don’t want to be a disabled person by the time I’m 21 do I!!”.. It’s not often he uses this reference to himself, but it tells me that in his mind he sees new hope thanks to you. He says you are his favourite coach so far already and he cant wait to continue with you. So I just wanted to say a huge congratulations for reaching our son and giving him brand new goals. Thank you for your time.
    Reviewed by Caleb
    On 22-Apr-2018 08:1:05

    Comments:  Wonderful experience with swim Lab Lanzarote. Paul really helped our boys movement which has stalled due to growth etc. He has safe pair of hands and uses water so effectively as best medium to encourage independent movement. Paul and Kris have endless patience and a beautiful connection with the children who cannot help but respond and swim like sharks. Highly recommend commend to try it out and enjoy. Celebrate Life