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Swim For Tri

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Swim For Tri

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Name:Swim For Tri
Location:UK, Lanzarote, Italy
Phone:020 7247 2998
Sports:Swimming, Triathlon

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Swim for Tri offer swimming coaching, technique and training camps for all swimmers whether you are a swimmer, open water swimmer or a triathlete, no matter your ability.

Based in London, Swim for Tri is owned and run by Dan and Keeley Bullock who have over 30 years of experience in competitive swimming and coaching. They and their team of coaches run regular evening and weekend swim fitness and technique  sessions at locations in London.

Swimmers can arrange 1:2:1 or 2:2:1 bespoke swimming lessons held in the 25 metre Nuffield Health Club pool, London EC2A.

Fitness sessions are held in pools across London and Openwater sessions at HydePark and our Lake in Essex. Details of Fitness sessions and locations can be found here ....

Workshops are available throughout the year covering varies discplines such as front crawl learn and develop front crawl, butterfly, catch, kick, tumble turn and water confidence all within Central London. See Training Camp Calendar for details

Swim for Tri help run swimming training camps for swimmers and triathletes at Club la Santa and in Italy (at The Hotel Beau Soleil, Cesenatico). Dan also teams up with fellow coaches Joe Beer and Steve Trew to help jointly run camps throughout the year. See Training Camp Calendar for details ....



  • Dan is a keen Swimmer and Triathlete who has helped thousands get fit and fast for adventures from their first novice TRI to the Channel Swim. Dan's accolades include being National Masters Champion (2008/09), a British AG Record Holder (800m), European Masters Medallist and a Double-Ironman finisher. 220 magazine Triathlon Coach of the Year 2005/6  
  • Keeley Bullock


    Keeley swam competitively in many different countries. She has ASA qualifications and has many years coaching experience in both the UK and USA.

    View Read More to find our about all of the Swim For Tri Coaching Team

    Courses & 1:1 Coaching

    Lessons & Sessions


    Swim for Tri offer various training & Coaching packages within the London area. These include;
    > 1-2-1 Swimming Lessons
    > Fitness Sessions
    > Technique Courses
    > Weekend Workshops

    When purchasing you lessons/sessions these are various discount/free session concessions. See SfT website for details


    1-2-1 Swimming Lessons - Shoreditch, East London

    These 1:1 swim sessions are flexible to fit around your daily schedule. Your coaches will be BTF or ASA qualified. Each lesson is 45 minutes and lead coaches will be BTF or ASA qualified.

    Fitness Sessions – pools across London
    These sessions are aimed at Triathletes who are looking to improve their Open Water performances. The focus will be on fitness with a qualified coach poolside giving tips and advice on technique as necessary. These are not teaching/learn to swim nights.

    Technique Courses - Shoreditch, East London
    There are 2 levels of course; Learn Front Crawl and Develop Front Crawl. The former is for the swimmer just starting out whilst the latter is designed to improve your current stroke. The aim of both courses is to improve your confidence in the water, giving you a greater understanding of your swim technique and areas for improvement.

    Weekend Workshops – London
    The Swim for Tri workshops offer you a choice, covering front crawl learn and develop, butterfly, catch, kick, tumble turn and fitness.

    Training Camps


    Training Camp Dates

    Photos (12)


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    Reviewed by Rob
    On 20-Mar-2018 20:0:45

    Comments:  The Italy swim camp in May is fabulous. Mixed groups from those that were looking to complete a few lengths and improved breathing to those training for an Ironman and shaving seconds of their 100m time. There was an optional sea swim before breakfast in the crystal clear Adriatic and yoga stretches on top of the various drill and technique sessions with downtime for those wanting to top up their tan. I would love to return on the next camp!
    Reviewed by Thomas O Donoghue
    On 08-Mar-2018 08:0:11

    Comments:  I’ve completed several CLS camps with Dan and his SFT team.  In this time I’ve improved from hesitant beginner to confident competitor.  The camps cover the entire ability spectrum so everyone can both keep up and feel challenged.  The videoing is really useful as you can see what you’re actually doing rather than what you think you’re doing.  The advice given is also tailored to your needs so you can see a real improvement.  I look forward to swimming with them again.
    Reviewed by Frankie Sanjana
    On 07-Mar-2018 18:0:57

    Comments:  Been working with SFT for a few years and they are fantastic! Highly recommended whether you're after a training camp or their courses and individual coaching in the UK
    Reviewed by Ed Stanley
    On 07-Mar-2018 17:0:11

    Comments:  Dan and Steve's Italy camp is one in a million. In addition to some of the best coaching out there, the atmosphere that they build up around the camp and with the athletes is second to none. Many if not most of the attendees were people who've come to the camp many times before and the camaraderie is excellent. Even as someone new to the camp though, I was made to feel really welcome. I'll definitely be going again.
    Reviewed by Andy Eaton
    On 06-Mar-2018 15:0:14

    Comments:  I have attended lots of training camops all over the world in the last 30 years of training and racing in triathlon. I can honestly say that the SFT/Steve Trew camp in Italy is the most friendly and enjoyable camp I have ever been on. No matter how good you think your swimming is, or if you need to improve your stroke then Dan is the best swim coach I have ever worked with. Steve Trew has some fantastic run sets and will keep you motivated.The camp will offer you lots of time to improve all three disciplines, with riding in the surrounding mountains and running in the woods and trails around the hotel. The relaxed atmosphere is just so much fun and yet the volume of training and the stunning area will keep you smiling throughout. It is a fantastic camp that will have going back for years to come.
    Reviewed by Nienke
    On 06-Mar-2018 09:0:54

    Comments:  This was the 3rd time I went on the SfT swim camp in Lanzarote and every time I have enjoyed it, improved lots on my swimming times and confidence. The coaches are great and the sessions are build up well with combinations of technique, fitness and fun. Good mix of pool and open water swimming, with the sea swim the highlight of the week. There is lots of videoing and reviewing of it, which really helps in deciding what to focus on next. I'm sure I'll be going back a 4th time.
    Reviewed by Tracey
    On 05-Mar-2018 15:0:46

    Comments:  SFT's swim camp at Lanzarote was my first experience of a swim camp - and I keep on returning. I was nervous that I would not be able to "keep up" but well planned swim sessions allow participants to push their own abilities whether novice, intermediate or experienced swimmers. Dan and his team are excellent coaches with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. Over the week the sessions include an element of "fun" swimming which involves practicing skills that have been taught but without the boredom of just swimming up and down the pool. Filming during the week allows for analysis of everyone's individual swim stoke and by the end of the week I noticed an improvement in my fitness as well as having "homework" to follow-up on when returning home for my technique improvements. The facilities at La Santa are fabulous and I would thoroughly recommend this training camp to anyone who is serious about improving their swimming and looking for race gains, as well as improving confidence for open water swimming.
    Reviewed by Zoe Campbell
    On 05-Mar-2018 11:0:26

    Comments:  This is the best training camp I have ever been on. Intensive and individualised coaching from dedicated coaches.
    Reviewed by Simon
    On 05-Mar-2018 07:0:03

    Comments:  Beyond the fantastic facilities at Club la Santa, there were 3 high quality coaches catering for all swim speeds and abilities on the camp. My swim fitness and technique have improved as a result and I would definitely book again.
    Reviewed by Christine
    On 04-Mar-2018 21:0:56

    Comments:  Being a regular at the Italy training camp, I can only vouch for the extremely high quality of the swim coaching. The regular filming and analysis helped me to gain a much clearer understanding of the flaws in my stroke and how to correct them. The excellent and skilful combination of fitness and technique sessions invariably improved my performance enormously. And... there's always time for a bit of a laugh! I can only highly recommend to try it out and see for yourself.
    Reviewed by Rebecca bole
    On 04-Mar-2018 11:0:03

    Comments:  SFT camps in Lanzarote and Italy are great fun, technically challenging and hard work - all at once! Spending that much time in the water is great for fitness. Dan and his team are excellent technical coaches, so my swimming came on leaps-and-bounds in just a week! Fab locations as well.
    Reviewed by Hayley
    On 03-Mar-2018 22:0:45

    Comments:  Been on this camp the past 3 years and will be going again this year to make it 4 in a row! Incredible value for money and always the best people.
    Reviewed by Teresa Corcoran
    On 03-Mar-2018 18:0:51

    Comments:  I went to the La Santa Lanzarote swim camp and enjoyed it from start to finish – underwater filming at the start of the week to analyse your stroke and then packed full of different technical sessions so you see your improvements as you go along. Lots of opportunities to apply your learning in the open water sessions and sea swims. Fitness sessions mixed in too. Lead coach Dan Bullock is incredibly knowledgeable, and the group size is perfect: swimming as a pack but getting individual attention on your stroke. Would highly recommend whether you’re a seasoned open water swimmer or just getting into it…. the right amount of challenge with fun thrown in.
    Reviewed by Karen St Jean-Kufuor
    On 03-Mar-2018 10:0:51

    Comments:  I attended the personal best training camp in Italy last year and could not believe how much of a difference it made to my swimming technique! The pool is fantastic and every day the drills, techniques and fitness sessions are fun and varied. There is something for everyone regardless of your level and you will always find someone that’s able to push you that little bit further. The group are also very supportive and sociable. The hotel staff are also very friendly and helpful- more of a family atmosphere, the rooms are pleasant and quite adequate and the hotel food is good quality and plentiful! Most mornings there’s a group stretch class and a run session. Again the group is large enough that you are sure to find someone around your pace to jog with. The scenery is great - a perfect way to start your day. I have already booked for this year & most probably this will be an annual event for me! A really fun enjoyable and productive camp with great instructors and a friendly group of participants!
    Reviewed by Susan S
    On 02-Mar-2018 09:0:07

    Comments:  Dan and Keeley have taken me from flounder to improving swimmer. Whatever your goals or aspirations, you couldn't do much better than the SfT camps in Lanzarote, where superb coaching is matched by the excellent facilities.