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Inacua Aquatic Centre, Malaga

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Inacua Aquatic Centre, Malaga

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Name:Inacua Aquatic Centre, Malaga
Phone:+34 60792 44 46
Sports:Swimming, Water Polo

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The National Inacua Aquatic Centre, run by Inacua, contains 4 swimming pools, two 50metre Olympic pools, one 34metre pool and one recreational pool. 

Outdoor Pool 

Swimming Pool - 51.5mts x 25mts x 2mts, 10 lanes with starting blocks and lane ropes.  The installation of a new heating system means this pool will be available for year round use - exclusive to Sol Sports clients - from October 2018.


Indoor Pools

Swimming pool - 51.5mts x 25mts x 2mts, 10 lanes with starting blocks, lane ropes and 6 underwater windows.

Warm pool - 24.5mts x 16.5mts x 1.8mts, 8 lanes suitable for Waterpolo and swimming. The floor is removable and the pool has starting blocks and lane ropes. 

Hydrotherapy pool - 16.5mts x 10mts x 1.1mts with hydro-massage benches, geysers and fountains.

The complex also has a 1,000square metre fitness centre.

Inacua, is a leading chain of sport centers in the National Fitness market born from the merger of the Municipal initiative and private management of Ferrovial Servicios and specialized in sports centers, Health and Beauty Leisure.


Play the video and take a look inside the Inacua Aquatic Centre ....




By air; Malaga (AGP) airport is approximately 10km southwest of Malaga city centre.

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The Inacua Aquatic Centre is about 8km southwest of Malaga's main centre but about 2km from the airport. There are a range of hotels in this immediate area which are within walking distance of the pool complex or you may wish to be more central to Malaga. 

The immediate area adjacent to the pool offers more green space like the Desembocadura del Guadalhorce or Mouth of the Guadalhorce which is a protected natural area around the river Guadalhorce 

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