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Get Set 4 Success Ltd

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Get Set 4 Success Ltd

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Name:Get Set 4 Success Ltd
Phone:07941 467291
Sports:Swimming, SwimRun

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Get Set 4 Success Ltd is owned and run by Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE.  Julie is a Multi-World Record holder in Open Water swimming and brings her knowledge to bear in helping you to improve your long distance swimming performance, whether you're a first time triathlete or an experienced open water swimmer facing the challenge of swimming Loch Lomond, Windermere or the English Channel.  Get Set 4 Success Ltd provide accommodation, coaching and - luxury - a motorcruiser as support boat.

When not busy at these open water venues, Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE offers Special Swim Clinics at her home base in Loughborough, where group sizes are limited to a maximum of five.  Swimming is in a covered endless pool, enabling video analysis with feedback in a relaxed log cabin environment so you can take away precise information on ways to improve your stroke.  Yoga is included in this session because it's a great way to avoid injury, as well as all the other benefits it offers.

You can see more on her swimming specific website www.getset4swimming.co.uk and, for the Special Swim Clinics Read More

Dr Julie Bradshaw has also introduced her Get Set for Events Series Read More



Dr Julie Bradshaw's home base is in Loughborough, easily accessed by road or rail from most of the UK.  East Midlands airport is around 10 miles away, and Birmingham less than 50 miles.

Other venues are Lake Windermere, Loch Lomond, Bosworth Lake and Dover.



Accommodation varies with the camp, from flats shared with other camp participants to 4* luxury hotel.




  • Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE currently holds 20 World Records in Long Distance, English Channel and Marathon swimming. Julie has been coaching for over 36 years and has a Master’s Degree in Sports Science. She is a qualified Physical Education teacher and an ASA Advanced Swimming Teacher and Coach. Julie holds a specialist Open Water Level 2 STA certificate, a RYA Powerboat Level 2 Certificate and a current First Aid at Work certificate with part of her Team being qualified Triathlon Coaches. Julie has worked as Head Swim Coach both in Canada and in Leicestershire.
  • Coaching Plans


    All coaching plans are personalised to your experience, fitness and goals.  Plans include video analysis,ongoing support (by Skype if necessary), schedule advice, nutrition and psychological training.

    Coaching Packages

    SwimRun, Swimming & OpenWater Swim Packages


    At Get Set 4 Swimming there are many Swimming, Open Water Swimming and SwimRun options to choose from.

    1:1 and Group Open Water Swimming Sessions: From beginner to experienced swimmer; 1:1 sessions individually, in a small group of your friends or like-minded swimmers.

    Online and Skype Swim Coaching: Whether you live in the UK or abroad, distance is no problem. At Get Set 4 Swimming, Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE offers swim coaching online and ‘in person’ via skype.

    Lake Windermere Swim: Swim Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake at 10.5 miles long, with Get Set 4 Swimming

    Wetsuits in Open Water and Triathlon Swimming: For triathletes and Open Water Swimmers alike

    Swim Lake Coniston and Lake Ullswater, Cumbria: Swim two of the most beautiful stretches of water in the Lake District as a stand-alone challenge or as a stepping stone to the Lake Windermere Swim

    Windermere Open Water Swim Camp: Unique Open Water Swim Camps based at Lake Windermere. Channel swim qualifiers available, too.

    Scotland: Loch Lomond Open Water and Channel Swim Leisure Training Camp: For beginners to experienced Open Water Swimmers. The camp is run by Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE who first swam the Channel at the age of 15, achieving a world record solo swimming (Butterfly) 23 years later.

    Bosworth Water Open Water Swim and SwimRun Training Camp Leicestershire: Improve your Open Water Swimming whether that be in triathlon or other swim events such as SwimRun.

    Butterfly Open Water Swim Training: Aimed at Butterfly swimmers looking to transfer into Open Water Swimming or to improve Open Water Butterfly Swimming technique

    English Channel Swimming Training: Dr. Julie Bradshaw will provide you with a tailor made swim camp to meet your needs

    Night Swimming Training in Open Water: 

    Loughborough Swim Clinic: Various one and half day courses run at Loughborough University Olympic Swimming Pool and Loughborough Grammar School Pool. Aimed at pool, Open Water and Triathlete swimmers

    Special Swim Clinics, Loughborough: 1:1 swim clinic for you, your group or a very small group of like-minded swimmers

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    Reviewed by Dawn
    On 16-Feb-2017 15:0:32

    Comments:  The advice Julie gave was delivered in such a friendly, down to earth way manner that I have found myself completely taking it on board and thinking of the words each time I swim! As a relatively novice swimmer, I was concerned that I was 'too much a beginner' to attend such a session but Julie quickly and completely erased those thoughts with her open friendly and non-judgemental approach. I found the session so incredibly beneficial that I really feel that I shall become a confident and competent swimmer! I shall definitely return for another session in the future!
    Reviewed by Steve
    On 16-Feb-2017 15:0:28

    Comments:  I highly recommend this clinic from any level of experience. It's great to meet like-minded people, share experiences and get instant feedback. Awesome session. Many thanks.
    Reviewed by Leon
    On 06-Dec-2016 17:0:58

    Comments:  The format is good. The long swim is the highlight. Yes, would recommend to others with the same goal. Julie's experience is a valuable reference point.
    Reviewed by Rose
    On 06-Dec-2016 17:0:36

    Comments:  the big swim on the saturday and all the tips and advice from Julie and the support being part of a group was really useful. Pool swimming - found the videos really helpful as it was good for stroke analysis. I found the camp extremeley useful and great fun. It has been great to get to know everyone, get advice and great tips. Thank you!
    Reviewed by Paul
    On 06-Dec-2016 17:0:11

    Comments:  I can strongly recommend booking with Get Set For Success Ltd and Julie. Unlike some other companies you ned a medical and a three hour qualifier for Windermere. This isn't a negative - it's about ensuring the swimmer is ready for the challenge ahead. The saying goes that the proof is in the pudding and that's why there was a 100% success rate this year. May book for my next challenge!
    Reviewed by Jenny
    On 27-Sep-2016 07:1:10

    Comments:  our session with us really inspired me, and I'm so glad I did that 1500. I haven't felt that proud of myself in a long time! I loved the race itself, too. Next year, I was thinking of either trying the 3K, or finding a charity to raise money for (or maybe both). It would be nice for other people to get something good out of things I enjoy. I love the feeling of knowing that I've done soemthing that I didn't know if I could manage - especially when some people told me I wouldn't succeed - and I owe that to you, so thank you.
    Reviewed by Joe
    On 27-Sep-2016 07:1:31

    Comments:  I found the stroke analysis really useful and meeting people who are all better swimmers than me and able to get tips, advice and support. julie is great and has obviously achieved some incredible swimming feats. It was inspirational to be in such a great group. Make sure you train beforehand to get the most out of it! Nice one Julie
    Reviewed by Jeff
    On 27-Sep-2016 07:1:06

    Comments:  Meeting people with the same aim...it has drawn a line in the sand. I know what I can do now and what I need to do to achieve my goal. Thank you for your inspiration to carry on.
    Reviewed by Austin
    On 27-Sep-2016 07:1:43

    Comments:  Great location...worth the time and money...full of insight and information. I feel much better equipped for my Channel swim
    Reviewed by Chloe
    On 27-Sep-2016 07:1:24

    Comments:  In practicing Open water I learned new tactics…it was a really good swim clinic.
    Reviewed by Neil
    On 27-Sep-2016 07:1:02

    Comments:  My favourite part was being in the lake – familiarisation…a great clinic, good fun, top notch tutors – enough said
    Reviewed by Simon
    On 27-Sep-2016 07:1:41

    Comments:  Really enjoyed it all…great yoga…thought it was really productive and on good individual focus…a really personal and bespoke feel to a productive weekend. Thanks to the whole Team.
    Reviewed by Mark
    On 13-Feb-2016 21:0:06

    Comments:  Windermere was a wonderful way to get my English Channel qualifying swim done. Julie had everything organised and with her own boat and personal experiences on the lake it made for a special day. Thank you so much...here is my video for you to share...
    Reviewed by Marc
    On 13-Feb-2016 21:0:32

    Comments:  My daughter ,Isabella, attended Julie’s Open Water swim camp on Lake Windermere as a stepping stone to achieving her ambition of completing a solo swim of the Lake. Izzy being only 13 was the youngest student but was lovingly looked after by Julie, her instructors and fellow students. In the space of just a few days Izzy progressed from never swimming in open water to being more than comfortable and completing a 3 hour qualifying swim in the Lake. Isabella loved the course and thanks to Julie’s input and encouragement has come back with a great big grin on her face and full of a new found confidence. Thanks Julie and her team.
    Reviewed by Dave
    On 13-Feb-2016 21:0:30

    Comments:  Pick up tips that you wouldn’t expect…Yoga was fun…Jim was excellent help…thanks to everyone involved