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Yaya Village

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Yaya Village

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Name:Yaya Village
Location:Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Sports:Running, Athletics

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The High Altitude training centre, Yaya Village, was opened in 2011 having taken 2 years to build. The Village was established by former Canadian cross-country champion, Joseph Kibur, along with double Olympic gold medallist Haile Gebrselassie and 2 others.

Yaya Village is 2,700 meters above sea level and the climate is most suited for long running distance training. Along with the nearby mountains and forests, this area offers the perfect environment for your endurance running training camp. Yaya Village has been used by many elite and developing runners alike.

The Yaya Village mission is; “to provide a world class high-altitude training facility for both local and international endurance athletes.”

To read an athlete's report on their experience travelling to and training at Yaya Village, please Read More



By Air:  Addis Ababa (ADD) airport – 20km from Yaya Village

Transfer: to and from the airport are included if you stay for a minimum of 3 nights.

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The Yaya Village 4-star resort can accommodate 30 guests. The hotel and restaurant is set at the Entoto foothills with landscaped gardens and views of the mountains.

The buzzing city of Addis is a 30-45 minute drive away.

The Yaya Village restaurant’s Chef prepares a variety of international dishes using fresh local produce. Menus are well balanced, healthy and nutritious specifically for endurance athletes.

Training & Coaching

Training Facilities


Inside the Yaya Village there is a 400m dirt track and a 1000m dirt trail. Adjacent to the village is Kenenisa Bekele's all weather 400m track.

You also have immediate access to unlimited miles of trails through forest, mountains and fields.

Physiotherapy and Massage;
This facility is manned by experienced professionals. Treatments include or deep-healing therapy for an injury, relaxing massage, hot and cold tanks to help muscle stimulation.

Gym and Spa;
The gym covers 3,500 square feet and includes up to date equipment and coaches to give training advice.

In this area you will also find a sauna and steam room to allow you to relax after a hard days training.



The coaching staff at Yaya village have trained both Olympic and World champions. However, they have experience helping athletes of all levels and ability. The Village also offers running guides who will show you the best running trails and help you pacing or simply offer a running companion.

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Reviewed by Magnus
On 25-Aug-2017 21:1:24

Comments:  This resort is the perfect place for elite runners wanting to explore the Ethiopian way of training. High altitude, stable weather and good variety of the nearby trails. Easily reached from the airport with the included pickup service from the hotel. Full-board options with three meals per day offers several dishes and adequate nutrition for heavy physical activities. The beautiful garden was frequently used for breakfast. However, during the four weeks we stayed at the hotel we experienced the occasional water and electricity problems that are common in the whole area.
Reviewed by Chris
On 25-Aug-2017 21:1:24

Comments:  Yaya village is great for all levels of athletes. The trails are great. The Food is top class and the staff are great in yaya village. Fee wifi is a great bonus, Although is poor some days. The Weather is perfect. Picked up and dropped to the airport for arrival and departure.
Reviewed by Abbie
On 25-Aug-2017 21:1:14

Comments:  If you are a runner this is the place to go! At roughly 2700 mts (or 8,850ft) above sea level you will get the workout you need for your next marathon. Stay there or visit from Addis in about 40min drive. Food is basic but very decent, coffee is excellent like anywhere in Ethiopia and staff are nice and helpful, able to communicate in English. The place is also a popular location for city slickers from Addis, so the crowd is really mixed. Kids can do horseback riding and other activities. The village is well guarded, parking is available. You may just bump into one or the other sports-star doing his altitude training there...
Reviewed by Brian
On 25-Aug-2017 21:1:10

Comments:  We did not stay here. We have visited the place for a stop over while driving to Otanto hills. he Yaya Village is owned by the famous marathon runner Haile Gebreselassie. There is a training center and restaurant outside Addis Ababa at 8500 feet altitude. The hotel is under expansion so there is some construction. The outdoor restaurent offers very good food, but we just had coffee and tea. The service was prompt. We would like to come back here.
Reviewed by Mohammed
On 25-Aug-2017 21:1:19

Comments:  Our Trip to Yaya Village was just a final decision believing that it would be an ordinary place. But once we got there, the place was amazing and the weather was cool. The Rooms were clean, and the Food is good, but the service is abit slow. Main issue was the Swimming Pool Heaters were not working so it was basically a freezing swim. Keep it up Haile.
Reviewed by Dawit
On 25-Aug-2017 21:1:31

Comments:  I have been in Yaya village five years ago before it became Haile's resort venture and it's completely changed with amazing well organized sports facilities for family. Swimming pool, football field, garden, outdoor cycling, horse riding, room, spa , restaurant, cafe, gym, children playing ground. I am so impressed. There is nothing like quite like it even in Addis Ababa, the captain of Ethiopia. It is also located just outside of Addis Ababa next to Entoto mountain. This makes it very ideal for fresh air and far from city noise. the food was so good with nice service staff. It is great place, exceptional facilities with excellent food and services. Definitely I will go there again soon