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X-Training School

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X-Training School

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Name:X-Training School
Location:France, Switzerland, USA, Canada
Phone:+33 6 38 31 70 30

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X-Training School offer courses & training in sports injury prevention, athletic rehab and human performance with over 15 years of international experience.

They organise and run specifically designed trail running training camps to optimise performance. 

X-Training School also provide programs and conferences in sports prehab and rehab for healthcare professionals, coaches, athletes and the active general public.


  • Canadian Chloë is the owner and director of XTraining School and has been a Patagonia Ambassador/Athlete since 1999. She still competes in mountain running and mountain biking events.
  • Training Camps

    Training Camps Summary


    Go beyond Trail-Running, come and discover X-Training camps, innovative and uniquely designed to optimize trail running and overall athletic conditioning.

    Camps are available for all levels; for starters, intermediate, advanced and elite runners. To offer quality programs runners are graded in to 3 different levels
    Level 1; New at trail-running: want to learn about workout planning, how to increase running stamina and strength for the terrain, proper form and all the secrets of a healthy & fit runner!
    Level 2; Trail run regularly: you might race, or want to run longer distances. Gain speed, power, and endurance for your distance.
    Level 3; Experienced trail-runner: you might compete or not, want to reach a new level of performance for your distance.

    All the running training camps include:
    - Individual video analysis of running form, foot stride, and postural control
    - Drills and training techniques to build running speed, power and endurance for the distance
    - Running techniques: climbing & descending
    - Interval & vertical training (positive and negative)
    - Training format: progression with time & distance, positive vertical
    - Sports-specific conditioning and injury prevention
    - Hydration & nutrition

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    Reviewed by Andrée Lavoie
    On 09-May-2015 15:1:02

    Comments:  Chloë has outstanding knowledge of the human body and a very unique experience in the field. Combining her professionalism and athletic background, she brings elite athletes back to competition after injuries faster and stronger than ever. Working with Chloë is a great learning experience that helped me in my career as a Physical Therapist.
    Reviewed by Jinny Jacinto
    On 09-May-2015 15:1:07

    Comments:   I am so glad I was connected with Chloë. I believe that working with you has really helped me get rid of some pain and discomfort and helped me gain tremendous strength and stability for my demanding routine and weekly show’s with the circus – you are amazing. Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise.
    Reviewed by Fay Johnson
    On 09-May-2015 15:1:12

    Comments:  Chloë put together a preseason « prehab » program for the Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol. Chloë’s amazing personal experience as an elite athlete allows her to cater a training program that is specific for our particular needs. Chloë is a fantastic presenter. Her knowledge of human anatomy and functional performance is of the highest level. Her teaching style is dynamic and visual, and her enthusiasm is contagious – the patrollers love her! We look forward to continued work throughout the ski season with Chloë’s guidance. Our goal is to reduce injuries and overuse syndromes on and off the job and to be stronger athletes on skis.
    Reviewed by Sandra Sottile
    On 09-May-2015 15:1:22

    Comments:  The Running Gait Analysis Workshop was amazing for two days, so much progressive information, and how to evaluate our runners. I will be able to use the material with my running patients at the clinic starting Monday. Chloë is so professional, lovely, prepare and so good at what she does
    Reviewed by Michel Erpen
    On 09-May-2015 15:1:28

    Comments:  In the Trail Running Camp I learned that a large part of running is your breathing, also that the correct technique for both up and downhill will save you a lot of power, which will then transfer into greater speed. The camp showed me that you should be always open to new advice and skills in order to help improve. This has already benefited myself greatly in the Zermatt Ultraks race where my time significantly improved. Thanks Chloë – I owe a lot to you for this progress!