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The Way Of The Runner

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The Way Of The Runner

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Name:The Way Of The Runner

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The Way of the Runner is led by Adharanand Finn, award winning author of sports books, Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the secrets of the fastest people on earth and The Way of the Runner: A journey into the fabled world of Japanese running.

Accommodation will be the Blackslade Manor which is an historical 400 year old manor farm in Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Dartmoor, Newton Abbot. It can sleep 18 split across 7 man bedrooms and includes 4 bathrooms. There is plenty of comfortable seating areas to relax or group get togethers in the 3 sitting rooms.

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Reviewed by Steve
On 25-Aug-2018 16:1:17

Comments:  Great routes, beautiful. Pace and distance good for me - I was really happy to be in the middle of the group, so I didn't feel stressed about being able to keep up or about not being challenged enough
Reviewed by Andrew
On 25-Aug-2018 16:1:57

Comments:  The food was very good. I loved the Kenyan food but the other meals were delicious too.
Reviewed by Gill
On 25-Aug-2018 16:1:20

Comments:  The location was fantastic, adjacent to the open moor but not too remote or hard to find. The house had a lot of character but was also comfortable and well-equipped
Reviewed by John
On 25-Aug-2018 16:1:49

Comments:  Absolute highlight was the pre-dawn climb up a trail of diamonds from frost glistening in head torches, a totally epic view across the moors as the sky turned pinks and oranges, and then watching from the top of Rippon Tor as the first rays of the sun came over the horizon. Worth the cold, early start, life affirming and I'm hanging onto the memory. Leaving to return to reality was the worst bit.
Reviewed by Jennifer
On 14-Nov-2017 15:0:26

Comments:  The weekend was one big highlight for me. My least favourite part was leaving
Reviewed by Jill
On 14-Nov-2017 15:0:46

Comments:  I had been so nervous beforehand, wondering what I had let myself in for but every hour brought something new and unexpected
Reviewed by John
On 14-Nov-2017 15:0:07

Comments:  Great to talk and run with Joe. After the camp I saw an AiM practitioner and I now do the moves daily. It has fixed my back problem
Reviewed by Chris
On 25-Oct-2016 14:1:22

Comments:  [Joe's core session] got everyone involved in a fun way, which was a nice surprise as we all expected a torture session of planks and crunches
Reviewed by Chris
On 25-Oct-2016 14:1:03

Comments:  Pace was about right with the speedsters and tortoises catered for. Guides very inclusive and made sure no man/woman was left behind
Reviewed by Chris
On 25-Oct-2016 14:1:52

Comments:  I really liked the runs and the routes. They were just what I was imagining when thinking about running on Dartmoor. I was able to go at my pace, and appreciated that there wasn't pressure to go faster.
Reviewed by Chris
On 25-Oct-2016 14:1:43

Comments:  The food was fantastic, maybe too good ;-)
Reviewed by Chris
On 25-Oct-2016 14:1:28

Comments:  The whole weekend was a highlight for me. My least favourite part was leaving