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The Kenya Experience

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The Kenya Experience

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Name:The Kenya Experience
Location:Iten, Kenya

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The Kenya Experience offers running training camps and running coaching for athletes of all levels. The training camps are located at the High Altitude Training Centre, Iten Kenya.

A running training camp based at the HATC will allow you an insight into the lives of some of the world's elite runners and their culture. You will be given training advice from expert coaches, receive seminars and workshops and complete guided runs. At the end of your stay you will truely understand "The Kenyan Way."

Your stay will also include plenty of time to relax and recover to explore the local area and enjoy the pleasures of the Great Rift Valley.

High Altitude Training Centre

The High Altitude Training Centre (HATC) is located on the outskirts of Iten in the Rift Valley province, Kenya. Iten is 2,400metres above sea level, 35km north east of Eldoret and 350 km north of Nairobi.

Iten is steeped in Kenyan running history. From the arrival of Colm O'Connell the Irish Patrician Brother who worked at the local St. Patricks High School ans noticed the abundance of local talent, through to the present day. 

Many of Kenya's Olympic and World Champions have trained here at Iten such as Wilson Kipsang (former world record holder for the marathon and London marathon champion), Abel Kirui (2x world champion, marathon), David Rudisha (world record holder and Olympic champion 800m), Florence Kiplagat (world record holder, half marathon), Edna Kiplagat (2x world champion, marathon), Mary Keitany (world champion for half marathon, winner London marathon), Asbel Kiprop (Olympic champion 1500m). 


By Air;
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi (NBO) is an international airport and receives flights from all over the world.

From Jomo Kenyatta International Airport you fly to Eldoret in about 45 minutes or use the local bus service which will take about 5 hours.


Gavin Smith


Gavin co-founder of The Kenya Experience with his wife Lauren, is a runner and coach. He has worked with Renato Canova, one of the world's leading running coaches. Gavin has coached Kenyan Elite athletes such as Abel Kirui and Florence Kiplagat

Hugo van den Broek


Hugo is the Manage of The Kenya Experience in Iten. He is responsible for the day to day comfort and training of all the runners. He is a coach and Elite runner

Sylvia Kibet


Sylvia is Head Coach for The Kenya Experience and as an Elite athlete, has finished second in two IAAF World Championships. She has experience of coaching athletes of all abilities.

Willy Songok


Willy is the Head Guide and Assistant Coach. Before joining The Kenya Experience, Willy was the manager of the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten.



  • Gavin is an experienced coach who has worked with athletes at all levels of his sport. He gained international experience working as Renato Canova's assistant in Kenya and was instrumental in the preparation of Kenyan Elite runners for major international competitions.

    Training Camps

    Training Camp Dates

    Private Groups

    A typical "Kenya Experience" running training camp will last for 14 days but clubs and private groups can customise their own camp. 

    Dates are available throughout the year. Groups need to be a 6 or more people. Prices depend on your choice of activities. 

    School Groups

    Schools and Colleges are welcomed throughout the year, with traditional school holiday dates kept aside specifically for these groups.

    A typical "Kenya Experience" running training camp, dates and group sizes all as Private Groups.

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    star star star star star

    Reviewed by Jenny
    On 21-Dec-2017 08:0:43

    Comments:  The Kenya Experience had everything I could have imagined. Running, exploring the local areas, effective coaching sessions, seeing Kenyan athletes train and to speak with the athletes too. It was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget. Back home after the camp in March and I have managed to get two PBs, which are definitely down to the camp. I cant wait to return!
    Reviewed by Helena
    On 21-Dec-2017 08:0:56

    Comments:  A highly recommend experience for running lovers of all abilities. A great chance to emerse yourself in the town's culture and interact with the running community. A sense of the REAL Kenya while being fully supported by the staff at the HATC and the experience's associates. Great facilities and beautiful food to get the most out of any training you part take in. AND I made life long friends; an international running family
    Reviewed by James
    On 21-Dec-2017 08:0:56

    Comments:  I had such an amazing time in Iten with the Kenya Experience. Iten is an amazing place not just to train but to experience the way of life. I miss everything about it, the people, the laughs and the mangoes from the local market! Thanks TKE!
    Reviewed by Tarja
    On 21-Dec-2017 08:0:20

    Comments:  Life is amazing. One day you read a book and get an inspiration. Year later you run in the same locations and meet the people who were key characters in the story. On top of that you get to know and train with fantastic people from all over the world. Not to mention all the top elite athletes you are privileged to meet and learn from. All that and so much more happened to me in Running With The Kenyans Camp at Iten. These past two weeks exceeded my expectations day after day. Words are not enough. Thank you
    Reviewed by Henry
    On 16-Dec-2016 17:0:31

    Comments:  Arthur and I wanted to thank you for all you've done for us during these two weeks. Willy inspired us every day in introducing us so samrtly to the Kenyan culture. You have an excellent product and even better people to deliver it
    Reviewed by Alice
    On 15-Jul-2016 07:1:03

    Comments:  I couldn't recommend it enough - it was very well organised both before and during the trip. Thanks again, a real 10/10 experience
    Reviewed by Jayne
    On 06-Jul-2016 06:1:26

    Comments:  I would recommend this trip to anyone of any running level, you will leave with the confidence, inspiration and knowledge you need to be the best runner you can be
    Reviewed by Gemma
    On 26-May-2016 08:1:10

    Comments:  I had an incredible time on camp, I really did enjoy every day - I didn't want to leave
    Reviewed by Nasser
    On 26-Mar-2016 07:0:05

    Comments:  Comments: via Twitter - @nmoosawi "Just finished running camp @HATCIten #Kenya. A must for any serious runner" https://t.co/RwKAYW0Cna
    Reviewed by Seb
    On 04-Feb-2016 09:0:10

    Comments:  The Kenya Experience Training camp was the best experience of my life to date; surpassing all my expectations. It was perfect for me; being my first time both in Kenya and at altitude. I really benefitted from the structure and support network that the camp provided; yet also relished the freedom within the camp’s setup; giving me a chance to explore Iten for myself. The camp was the perfect chance to train amongst some of the world’s greatest runners with likeminded athletes. The coaching is truly fantastic and covers all bases from the expected sessions and mileage to conditioning, technique and the mental side of running. However what made the camp the marvel that it is was the people; both at HATC and within Iten itself. I’ve never met such a friendly and welcoming society who are as excited to see you as you are to be there. The ‘family’ feeling of being at camp is what made it such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to return
    Reviewed by Brady
    On 04-Feb-2016 09:0:33

    Comments:  The Kenya Experience blew away my expectations. HATC is a world class facility in a town of world class athletes, and the Kenya Experience allowed me to be a part of the action and be treated like a world class athlete myself. In addition to the running, experiencing Kenya and the life in Iten was an eye-opening, SAFE experience that left me a changed-person, for the better. I simply cannot express how wonderful this experience was. Regardless of your dedication to running, the staff at HATC and people of Iten are welcoming. Truly a trip of a lifetime.
    Reviewed by Lisa
    On 04-Feb-2016 09:0:13

    Comments:  For me this was the best trip I have ever been on and am definitely going to return. The people are warm and friendly, the set up for training is great and the opportunity to meet and run with elite runners is something that you would find very hard to match anywhere else. It was what I imagined in so many ways but better… just a brilliant time and certainly the trip of a lifetime. For anyone who loves running, this is a must do trip.
    Reviewed by Ahmad
    On 04-Feb-2016 09:0:50

    Comments:  First and foremost, I would like to thank you guys for providing us with this great opportunity ! I believe this is a perfect opportunity for runners of any backgrounds, both short and long distance. Our group had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it! The scenery of the places we ran is just STUNNING ! I can not stress enough the beauty of the forest there !!! Lastly, I would want to give a huge shout out to Timo and Hugo ! You guys have been amazing and I do not think there is any need to stress out how much we loved them, they know it themselves
    Reviewed by Jenni
    On 04-Feb-2016 09:0:24

    Comments:  I can’t wait to return to Kenya! I had the most wonderful and memorable time. Iten is truly a runners heaven. If you love to run and you love the outdoors then you will absolutely love Iten. I am so glad that I signed up through The Kenya Experience. The camp was very organized. I didn’t need to try to figure out where to run or what to do. They did it all for me. I met so many elite runners and felt very inspired by the whole experience. I would recommend this trip to any runner. For me, it was not all about the running. Though, I am a competitive runner and wanted to see improvement, I also wanted to experience Kenya and get to the know the Kenyan way of life. I loved that we went to local schools and were able to see the kids. Our group donated school supplies that was brought from home or purchased in Kenya. I loved being able to see what was needed and ways that I can help out. I highly recommend this trip. It will change you for the good.
    Reviewed by Melissa
    On 04-Feb-2016 09:0:54

    Comments:  I had an experience of a life time! Although I am a recreational runner I felt right at home in Iten with so many Elites! The program was very organized yet Timo help accommodate the program to the group’s needs. I was also amazed how many of the world’s top athletes we actually able to meet and train with! I want to come back!