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Run the Alps

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Run the Alps

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Name:Run the Alps
Location:France, Italy, Switzerland
Phone:0041 788 500 214

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Run the Alps came from the founders' love for running in the Alps, through France, Switzerland and Northern Italy. The team are made up of International Mountain Leader-trained guides from both Europe and the United States.

Run the Alps offer organised and self-guided trail running tours, whether these are runs of a few hours or all-day adventures, point-to-point or village-based.

The company will also help you chose a trail race from the many available in the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps from May tothroughOctober each year.

What is Run the Alps goal? "Find the absolute best trail running experiences in the Alps. Away from the crowds, in high Alp villages, we’ll seek out those runs that are a bit quieter, a bit wilder, and bring together the very best the Alps have to offer."




The Alps are steep so expect the easier runs to be about 10km with 500mts of climbing and the harder runs to be 10-20km with 1,000 to 1,500 mts of climbing. But this is up to you. Some of the more demanding climbs will have lifts. 

Each day there will be a variety of runs available for you to choose from. 

Fitness level

You will enjoy these adventures if you can comfortably trail run about 10 miles at least a few days a week. A training tip would be to raise the incline angle of your local gym treadmill.

Rest Days

These can be taken whenever you require some downtime

Weather & Terrain

Footing can vary between rocky to pasture but it should always be running-friendly. Usually the higher you go, the more challenging the footing will get.

As you're in the mountains, weather could turn at any time which means you should be able to care for yourself. Your guide will carry additional resources; Swiss phone & first aid but it is suggested you carry your own packs. Please consult with Run the Alps for their advice.

Route signs

Trails in the Alps are generally quite well marked. Guides will be able to instruct you fully, if you choose one of the Run the Alps guided trips. 


Doug Mayer

Doug is from the White Mountains, New Hampshire and has many years experience in and around mountains. 

He is also a producer for Car Talk from NPR, Contributing Editor at Trail Runner Magazine, author, contributor to the trail running web site, irunfar, Run The Alps Founder, Cafe Co-owner.

Alister Bignell

Alister is from Bern, Switzerland and having spent some time in the UK as an outdoor instructor, returned to the Alps in 2006.

He is a freelance website editor and designer for non-profit organizations and spends his free time exploring parts of the Alps he hasn't been to before and sampling the coffee and cakes.

Claire Prosser

Claire is from Sheffield, Great Britain and when not running in the Alps, is an outdoor instructor at a secondary school. 

She enjoys running, skiing, walking, surfing, kayaking, climbing, biking, eating, reading, trying to learn foreign languages, chocolate and cake

Jim Maddock

Jim is from Seattle, picking up most of his mountain experience in the White Mountains of New Hampshire before transferring his skills to the Alps.

As you expect from someone who hails from Seattle, he loves consuming vast quantities of fresh coffee.

Thom Fresneau

Thom is from the Rhône-Alpes region of France, enjoying rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking and running.

Having suffered from sore kness and hips whilst maraton running, he turned to trail running and discovered he could run injury free.

Johanna Stansfield

Johanna grew up rock climbing near to Geneva, Switzerland. She now enjoys mountain biking, backcountry skiing, hiking, running and any other mountain based activity. 

She currently lives in France, just 1 hour from the French-Swiss border working as a freelance translator whilst finishing her Masters.

Abby Strauss-Malcolm

Abby comes from Portland, Maine before moving to Arizona.

Abby also guides hiking trips for Alpinehikers, in both Switzerland and the Southwest

Heddi Nieuwsma

Heddi is originally from Minnesota but moved to Switzerland via New England and Japan. 

She is a food allergy blogger and, when she isn't running along Lake Neuchâtel, Heddi spends every opportunity learning about Swiss food. 

Running Camps


Training Camp Dates

Self-Guided Trail Running

Run the Alps offer self-guided tours which are a great way to experience mountain running at your own pace, solo, with a partner, or with a group of friends.

Dates are flexible, based on your needs. Trail running season in the Alps ranges from mid-June through September. You can stay as long as you wish and the amount of running is down to you.

These self guided tours can be either Village-based, Village-to-Village, Hut based or a combination.

All Run the Alps trips are fully supported by their partners, Alpinehikers


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Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:38

Comments:  Fantastic scenery, challenging course, awesome leadership from our guide Simon. Great group of participants.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:23

Comments:  The best part is feeling like we’re connected to this awesome community of trail loving runners. 

Overall, I was delighted and challenged and have gained some incredible experiences that are probably going to shape my training goals for the coming year.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:14

Comments:  Coming into Maison Vieille was my favorite moment of the trip. That stretch of single track leading up to the hut was spectacular. Amazing views and perfect running
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:03

Comments:  This was a trip of firsts and I loved every minute of it. First trail running trip — first time in the Alps — and first time using a service like Run the Alps. 

The flow of the itinerary was perfect with a mix of nice hotels and rustic one of a kind stays. The information provided for the hikes was easy to use and gave us lots of context so we could adequately prep for each day — making planning restroom and food breaks effortless
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:50

Comments:  Simon was very experienced and funny. He had a lot of good energy and advice — along with a few stories.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:38

Comments:  We had a great place to run. The guides were helpful and down to earth people. The food was top notch. The Park Hotel at Beau Site was worth every penny. Since I work in the hotel business I can appreciate what goes into service. I loved being on the trails, but it was also nice to come back to a great hotel.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:28

Comments:  Loved the location and the running routes. Simon and Brant were fun and helpful guides.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:19

Comments:  Very well planned out, smooth and stress-free. Could just get on with running and absorbing as much culture as possible
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:06

Comments:  The organization around the luggage was terrific. The hotels were all very good; the written instructions day by day were quite useful for navigation; the local pages for each overnight stop in the hotels-pack were pretty handy too.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:46

Comments:  My favorite moment was staying at Les Chambres du Soleil in Les Chapieux. Absolutely delicious dinner and warm hospitality from Pierre and family. Met two other TMB runners who were training and had quite a few drinks before a semi-hungover run the next morning!
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:35

Comments:  Run the Alps took care of everything, so we could just focus on running and enjoying the mountains.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:24

Comments:  I enjoyed Grindelwald as a base and enjoyed our stay there a ton. The hotel was friendly and we had a gorgeous deck to soak in the views. It’s hard to rest when you know there is endless trails of fun just a quick ride up to First.
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:16

Comments:  Pre-planning was excellent. As were the two guides — Brant and Allister were awesome
Reviewed by Chris
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:51

Comments:  My favorite moment was having lunch and a cold beer at Refuge de Miage after a hammering descent from Col de Tricot. Amazing view of the valley and coupled with the heat, an ice-cold beer was glorious. The short climb afterward however made me slightly regret it!
Reviewed by 2016 feedback
On 16-Oct-2016 07:1:24

Comments:  This was the most stress-free vacation I think I’ve ever had. Everything was planned out meticulously for us. Pretty much all we had to do was show up and start running. The choices for the hotels and inns were perfect. We enjoyed each of them and the amazing rooms you chose for us. Really can’t say enough good things about that. The detailed routes were also fantastic and easy to follow. We never were in a situation where we felt lost or without options for lunch.