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Run Snowdonia

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Run Snowdonia

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Name:Run Snowdonia
Phone:07514 703670

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Run Snowdonia offer off-road running, run-scramble and bespoke training camps that will enhance your training experience. 

Co-founder Sarah Ridgway has over 10 years of experience running, racing and mountaineering all over the world. Led by Sarah, the guide team will also discuss with you safety and how to run fast through this terrain. You'll receive additional advice about training loads, injury prevention, how to plan & handle your training loads and how to prepare & recover from long races or ultra distance challenges.

 The mission
"To strive for the best running on earth. 

Running is a great way to see a new area, yet getting a quality run in unfamiliar terrain can be difficult... but when you get it right, its unforgettable. We aim to give you the skills to run in the outdoors in a safe but challenging environment and ensure that you not only have the experience of a lifetime, but the motivation to make it part of your life too." 


Most sessions are based from Pete's Eats, which is a cafe in Llanberis, North Wales.

Llanberis is one of the traditional starting points for climbs in the Snowdonia National Park as it is positioned at the foot of Snowdon. The Cafe has long been an important centre for climbers, described as "one of the most famous mountaineering hangouts in Britain" by Jamie Wilson in the Guardian Newspaper.

Pete's Easts has also been mentioned in the New York Times as "cheap and filling" and "rowdy fun".

Accommodation; the running camps can be booked either with or without accommodation. One option for overnight sleeping would be Pete's Eats. 

Pete's Eats offer accommodation which is "bunkhouse" style and sleeps 12. 

Check out alternative accommodation in the area by following "Read More".



  • Sarah is co-founder and lead guide who has over 10 years of experience of running and mountaineering across the world. She is one of the UK's leading fell running guides who has competed at International level for Wales.

  • Sarah Ridgway - Mountain Runner

    Training Camps


    Training Camp Dates

    Bespoke Camps

    Bespoke tailor-made courses for either Cluba or you as an individual.

    Run Snowdonia group sizes will be a maximum of 12 people. They work on a 8:1 runner:guide ratio for running and 4:1 for scrambling. They can cater for larger clubs by splitting runners into ability levels with appropriate running distances and terrain. 

    What you can learn;
    How to tackle different terrain types - How to run uphill & downhill - How to navigate and plan routes - Learn what to wear & carry - Fuel and hydrate during your runs - Group management & how to keep safe in remote terrain - How to plan goals or build racing into your program - How to recover and prevent over-training

    What's included;
    Phone interview to discuss your club's needs - Fully insured running guides with Mountain Leader and First Aid qualifications - Snack packs to take on the runs - A digital photo album of the day to remind everyone why you do it - Links to training material or any resources taught during your time with us.

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    Reviewed by Rebecca
    On 06-Nov-2018 14:0:48

    Comments:  What a fantastic weekend! Sarah is an enthusiastic and cheerful teacher with a vast knowledge of the area, her course provided a great mixture of everything from packing your bag and nutrition to scrambling up a mountain in the driving rain! The whole weekend was a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging experience with lots of advice, support and breathtaking scenery along the way. I hope to be back for more!
    Reviewed by Rachel
    On 06-Nov-2018 14:0:34

    Comments:  Cannot recommend this course more highly. Fabulous weekend, took me about a week to come down from the high! Loved the blend of classroom and activities. We kicked off proceedings with a night run under the light of our head torches on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed two jam-packed days on Saturday and Sunday. Heading to the top of Siabod on Sunday was such a highlight. North Wales is a fabulous sight to behold and to be out there running in that environment was a complete blast. What better place to be running on 2 feet, and even occasionally on all-fours. Will definitely be back for another weekend with Sarah....do it!
    Reviewed by Jim
    On 06-Nov-2018 14:0:54

    Comments:  Thanks for a fantastic weekend, I certainly got a lot out of it. I gained a big improvement with my navigation skills & look forward to using OS maps rather than relying on GPS. I've managed to secure a place in this years V3K so look forward to putting all the new skills I've learned to good use in June!
    Reviewed by Tom
    On 06-Nov-2018 14:0:55

    Comments:  What an experience! I loved the physical challenge presented by running on some amazing terrains, as well as the mental challenge of navigating in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Sarah is an inspiring leader: passionate, experienced and brimming with enthusiasm. Book yourself on this course!
    Reviewed by Matt
    On 06-Nov-2018 14:0:52

    Comments:  I met up with the group for a full days training on the Saturday. From an initial informative briefing, Sarah gave constant advice & guidance in all aspects of mountain craft (e.g. kit, navigation, nutrition, ascending/descending speed technique, weather). For moving fast, light & safely on the hill I thoroughly recommend this course.
    Reviewed by Martin
    On 06-Nov-2018 14:0:45

    Comments:   I was very keen to use this course as an opportunity to tap into Sarah's wealth of running experience and advice in preparation for my first ever Welsh 1000m Peaks Fell Race. Her insights were invaluable and Mother nature was great enough to offer 2 days of complete contrast to test not only the physical mettle but also navigational skills. The groups are deliberately kept to a small number, which maximises the amount of guide-client interaction and input that each person receives. A thoroughly enjoyable and invaluable weekend's worth of experience underfoot.
    Reviewed by Harriet
    On 06-Nov-2018 13:0:49

    Comments:  I came into this weekend with some background in trail running and orienteering, but it was really helpful to take everything right back to basics in the classroom & fill in the gaps in my knowledge. There was a good progression from classroom to walking pace & then to running on Sunday, which gave me the confidence to read the maps & take bearings quickly. The running itself was great - a really good variety of terrain and lots of tips given for improving off-road technique. All in all a brilliant weekend of running - Thank you, Sarah!
    Reviewed by Mirek
    On 06-Nov-2018 13:0:09

    Comments:  What a fun, exciting and most importantly, highly educational weekend leaning some critical skills. There was a great balance between theory and getting out in the hills, no matter the weather (I can officially announce the Saturday morning run was the wettest run of my life). The navigation tips were very well presented and I highly enjoyed the final Sunday run incorporating some light scrambling. I cannot recommend this course enough, from complete novice or looking to brush up on your navigation skills. Sarah is a fantastic leader, highly experienced mountain runner, great company and bakes some pretty awesome flap jack. Using Pete's Eats as base camp with their huge mugs of tea was a nice bonus – I love that place. Thanks Sarah!
    Reviewed by Tom
    On 06-Nov-2018 13:0:38

    Comments:  What an experience! I loved the physical challenge presented by running on some amazing terrains, as well as the mental challenge of navigating in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Sarah is an inspiring leader: passionate, experienced and brimming with enthusiasm. Book yourself on this course!