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Cinch Cycling Camp

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Cinch Cycling Camp

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Name:Cinch Cycling Camp
Location:Tucson, AZ
Phone:+1 520-442-8286

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Cinch Cycling was founded by Tom Danielson, who was a professional cyclist from 2002 until his retirement from Garmin-Chipotle in 2016.

Tom wants to help you grow as a cyclist whilst recognising many of you have other life commitments. This is done through coaching at their training base in Tucson or on training camps in the USA and Europe.

Cinch Cycling also work with coporates and teams to build tailor made camps in Europe and the USA.

Cinch stands for “simple” and Tommy believes that over the years people have made cycling too complicated. By keeping things to the true basic components of the sport, bigger improvements can be made. Cinch Cycling’s aim is to help you understand the 4 key areas; fitness, focus, nutrition and execution, via their The CINCH FORM Coaching System. The coaching helps you fully understand each of these components through regular discussion and practice, ensuring gains have been made and giving you a template for continual improvement when you leave.

Cinch Cycling’s Mission is:
- Take you to and keep you at your peak performance on and off your bike.
- Positively affect your life outside of cycling.
- Give you powerful tools, strategies, precise timing, and the knowledge behind them all to map out a path to endless progression and fulfilment.
- Help you understand your path to, during, and post your peak performance progression.  
- Enhance coach/athlete communication with a clear objectives, expectations from both parties, and defined success measurements.
- Identify KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of measurable performance in the FORM 4 Pillars of - Focus, Fitness, Execution, and Nutrition.
- Reward personal achievements within the FORM 4 Pillars.

The 4-Pillars of Form


The CINCH FORM Coaching System was created using Tom’s own knowledge of Grand Tour racing and the demands on the professional cyclist, input from some of the leading sports psychologists, sports scientists, also sports specific coaches from the world of cycling and some of the most innovative sports chefs.

This system recognises the need to encompass all aspects into your own tailor made program.

The CINCH FORM Coaching System consists of the 4 - Pillars of FORM: Focus, Fitness, Execution, and Nutrition.   

FOCUS: You will be coached 1:1 on a daily basis and given all the FOCUS tools and processes necessary to create a FORM mindset
FITNESS: The DESIGN Program is specific to you and will constantly help improve your power, speed, strength, and endurance. The end result, to maximise your performance   
EXECUTION: You will receive coaching to raise your skill and strategy level and give you the confidence to use these tools.
NUTRITION: You will be exposed to some of the cutting edge sports nutritional, meal plans and recipes to help balance your training and life style. 

Bike Hire


Cinch Cycling have a bike hire service so you can leave your bike at home. The bikes are the latest Scott Addict 10 range, specifically choosen by Tom, using his knowledge of the best equipment available for you to maximise your cycling experience.



Accommodation varies depending on the camp you book.

Tucson: For the camps based in Tuscon, you will stay at the Cinch Cycling ranch which has 6 rooms and guests normally share unless they request otherwise.  This arrangement means everyone has a roommate just like a pro cycling team and helps builds bonds over the camp.  Most rooms have their own bathroom and other amenities.  There are relaxing rooms, social rooms, a recovery room with Normac Tecs for everyone, a pool, large outdoor area, and on site bike shop, etc.

The meals are prepared by Cinch Cycling’s professional chef, Sean Fowler, who understands your nutritional needs. The menu has been specifically designed for you to enjoy your meals whilst educating you in the necessary nutrition knowledge for you to take home with you. Sean also prepares food for the road which will reflect the type of meals eaten by the professional Tour de France cyclists.

Other locations: For the camps away from Tuscon, Tom and his team choose only bike friendly hotels that offer great comfort to help your recovery and add to your cycling experience. The hotels used will appear on each of the training camp entries.


Click on the image below to find out more about Tom ....


  • Tom Danielson has ridden as a professional cyclist from 2002 until early 2016 with cycling teams such as Fasso Bortolo, Discovery Channel, Slipstream-Chipotle and Cannondale-Garmin. He has several Tour wins to his name and has top ten finishes in the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana.
  • Camp Information


    Cinch Cycling are now delivering the CINCH FORM Coaching System on numerous training camps throughout the year.

    These camps will enable Tom and his team to deliver their FORM 4-Pillar System to you in a professional but relaxed environment. Each day will be design to deliver the training and skill principles to develop you into the best cyclist you can be.  

    You will experience various scenarios and on bike activity from which Cinch Cycling will identify the type of cyclist you are.

    As the camp comes to a close you be motivated to take away this new knowledge and be committed to continue your improvement helping you obtain a level of cycling you’ve never imagined.


    Cycling Packages


    "CINCH is more than exercise plans and training zones. We are a community of like-minded people that love the essence of cycling with all of its inherent challenges and opportunities. We believe that path to progress is paved with simplicity, purpose, and sweat" .... Tom Danielson

    Cinch Coaching Programs


    The CINCH FORM Coaching System is suitable for all levels of cyclists.

    The coaching plans are divided in to levels suitable to your current ability and experience and within each of these levels there is a choice of plan to suit your own ambitions.

    These levels will cater for those who want to be the best they can possibly be, those who want to add direction to their training and those who are wanting to learn about training and skills.

    Throughout all the coaching programs you will receive a hands on approach from Tom Danielson who will deliver the CINCH FORM Coaching System 4 - Pillars directly to you

    Cycling Camps

    Camp Information


    Cinch Cycling are now delivering the CINCH FORM Coaching System on numerous training camps throughout the year.

    These camps will enable Tom and his team to deliver their FORM 4-Pillar System to you in a professional but relaxed environment. Each day will be design to deliver the training and skill principles to develop you into the best cyclist you can be.  

    You will experience various scenarios and on bike activity from which Cinch Cycling will identify the type of cyclist you are.

    As the camp comes to a close you be motivated to take away this new knowledge and be committed to continue your improvement helping you obtain a level of cycling you’ve never imagined.


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    star star star star star

    Reviewed by Josh
    On 18-Apr-2017 12:1:59

    Comments:  I have been training with cinch cycling for the last 6 months and since day one Tom has taken me under his wing. Tom an Kourtney have been nothing but the best always helping me out an willing to teach me things on an off the bike. I am truly blessed having them as my coach's an friends. The data driven approach to coaching really allows you to see your progress an track it. Plus having Toms knowledge an experience at the highest level of cycling really pay off in the Cinch tactics rides. You also get to meet an ride with other awesome people who enjoy the same thing you do on all different levels.
    Reviewed by Forest
    On 18-Apr-2017 12:1:46

    Comments:  Training with Tom and the Cinch crew here in Boulder has absolutely, fundamentally improved my cycling life, not to mention the rest of my life. Tom's attention to detail in analyzing where my performance is currently at on a given day, or in a particular period of the training season, are incredible. The things he can see in the watt charts within my workout data are stunning, and the highly structured, customized workouts are super fun to do...and they simply work. Over the last 3 months since I started training with him, I've been able to increase my power output by 20 watts, based on a standard threshold test we do. I'm getting stronger and faster and smarter...and it's winter. I can't wait for race season to begin! I highly, highly recommend Cinch Cycling. It's the best thing to happen to me since I started training and racing 7 years ago.
    Reviewed by Mike
    On 18-Apr-2017 12:1:04

    Comments:  Excellent coaching services for cyclists, regardless of whether you are a recreational rider, a serious athlete / tri-athlete, or an aspiring pro rider. I first became involved with Cinch Cycling when I attended one of their week-long camps in Tucson in February, 2016. I was impressed with the way the camp was conducted, but more importantly with the enthusiasm & dedication of Tom Danielson & Kourtney Compton. I followed up with them several months after the camp for a bike fit, and also engaged them for their coaching services at that same time. I have been working with them ever since and never looked back. It didn't take long before I noticed immediate results: increased strength & stamina on the bike, and I also managed to lose over 20 lbs just by following their guidelines / advice about proper nutrition. I have been 100% satisfied with the process, and the results, and will continue to use Cinch Cycling Coaching services into the coming year...
    Reviewed by chad
    On 18-Apr-2017 12:1:21

    Comments:  I've been coached by Tom at Cinch Cycling since December of 2016 and couldn't be more pleased. His professionalism and passion to make this the best coaching experience is evident from the first strategy call. I'm a busy professional, owning two time consuming businesses, so I didn't have a lot of time to train, but felt I was missing out on my peak years now that I'm in my 40s. Tom has given me the tools and resources to be the best me at riding. I've lost weight and gained self-confidence. Now, I just want to ride! Highly recommend Cinch Cycling
    Reviewed by Chad
    On 26-Nov-2016 20:0:18

    Comments:  From Twitter @csbrenzikofer .... There's coaching...then there's @CinchCycling community, support, and daily progress.
    Reviewed by Ethan
    On 04-Jun-2016 09:1:36

    Comments:  Tom pushes me to my limits and gives me completely personalized training that is new every day. Tom is always there for me whenever I have a question about the training or just advice. The training always has a purpose. He makes sure that I am in top peak performance when I am going going to a race. Ever since I started training with Tom about a couple of months ago I have improved so much more than I imagined< and I am still improving. With the help of Tom anything is possible!
    Reviewed by Eric
    On 04-Jun-2016 09:1:12

    Comments:  I started working with Tom after participating in a Cinch Cycling Camp. In one week Tom was able to see ability in me I hadn’t seen before. He immediately structured workouts to begin working on these new goals we came up together. 2 weeks later I began dominating the Master 40+ category at home. Not only did he help me get to the fitness level to do this, but we worked together on race tactics and strategy.
    Reviewed by Ike
    On 04-Jun-2016 09:1:54

    Comments:  At 60 years old Tom has inspired me to a new level of life. Through his energetic personality he has given me guidance and confidence to pursue cycling like I never thought possible. Each day I wake up with vigor to tackle the new challenge Tom sets forth for me.
    Reviewed by Jen
    On 04-Jun-2016 09:1:30

    Comments:  I started working with Tom after coming to a Cinch cycling camp. I absolutely loved the program he set up for us there and asked him to work one on one with me as I trained for my first big event, Tour of Battenkill
    Reviewed by Spencer
    On 04-Jun-2016 09:1:07

    Comments:  As a 17 year old junior racer, Tom has helped me tailor a training program to improve my weaknesses as well as continuing to work on my strengths. Every workout is well thought out and Tom works with me closely on making sure every detail addressed. On top of training, Tom has set up a nutritional program for me that has helped me feel better during the workouts and recover faster.
    Reviewed by Jim
    On 04-Jun-2016 09:1:46

    Comments:  I highly recommend the coaching of Tommy and if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his Cinch Cycling Camps. I met Tommy a few years back and he has been a mentor to me ever since. He has taken a chance on an older cyclist where most coaches wouldn’t have dedicated the time. Tommy tailors your plan and workouts to your individual strengths and weaknesses. He doesn’t use a generic plan without regard to your performance. He takes the time to analyze your files and customizes the workouts to suit you as an individual. Tommy focuses on all aspects of cycling: mental, nutrition, and what your body is doing on and off the bike. I can without a doubt say that due to Tommy’s dedication as a coach I am the strongest all around I have ever been on the bike and foresee that growth continuing.
    Reviewed by Holly
    On 04-Jun-2016 09:1:22

    Comments:  I have made some several positive changes in my training with Tommy. Perceptive to my strengths and an acute attention to improve what lacks in my training. Tom has already helped me become a stronger, more capable athlete. He comes with a unique science and strategy that would enlighten anyone’s approach to training, but more importantly, he teaches everyone how to be their best. HIs skill and knowledge about coaching and motivating is only surpassed by his genuine connection with his athletes.
    Reviewed by Saydi
    On 03-Jun-2016 21:1:54

    Comments:  One of the best experiences I've ever had! Tom is an incredible instructor and Kourtney was amazing to work with! The hospitality alone was enough to get me to come back. Not to mention the food.... Thank you for having me!
    Reviewed by John
    On 03-Jun-2016 21:1:18

    Comments:  Loved every minute at camp! Riding, food, accommodations and people are fantastic.