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Triathlon Training Spain

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Triathlon Training Spain

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Name:Triathlon Training Spain
Phone:+ (34) 9656 11918 or + (44) 798 100 4145
Sports:Swimming, Triathlon

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Triathlon Training Spain has been established at the 4 Star Bonalba Hotel in Mutxamel, just north of Alicante for nearly 2 years and continues to provide its unique 1 coach to 5 athletes ratio despite growing the size of its bespoke, all-inclusive, camps designed for triathlon enthusiasts of all abilities.

The Trisutto coaching certified training camp based just North of Alicante, which has always focused on smaller groups, also offers programmes for triathletes, swimmers and cyclists who wish to improve their technique and performance. Triathlon Training Spain is now equipped to welcome more athletes than ever before, while continuing to maintain the premium high standards to significantly help each athlete reach his/her goals. The team offers the unique experience of having coaches always available, making the stay as much of a training camp as an educational one.   In addition to hosting small groups, Triathlon Training Spain now welcomes larger groups of triathletes and cyclists, and their coaches. Assisting these groups, the team can provide either guided or coach-assisted support to help improve the overall experience. 

Being in the area full time, coaches Martin and Matt coach camps that not only utilise the best of the local area for effective training they also provide educational seminars to ensure athletes understand the training principles to be able to continue their training after the camp – and provide on-line coaching for those wishing to continue remotely.

Martin is a Certified Trisutto Coach and a BTF Level 3 Coach; Matt is an ASA swim Coach, an IRONMAN certified coach and is now also working with Brett Sutton at Trisutto Coaching.

All camps are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the group with the focus throughout being on coaching rather than volume. All training is done in a relaxed environment and follows the same training principles that parallel those of a professional triathlete.

Every athlete attending a Triathlon Training Spain camp is guaranteed personal attention which is the aim of every Swim, Bike, Swimrun and Triathlon camp – no-one ever feels left out or simply part of a large group out for a ride. With this low athlete to coach ratio, your coach very quickly gets to know the athlete and his/her needs so that every session is focused exactly where it needs to be.

Attention to detail is paramount to ensure everyone is provided with the correct guidance to suit their needs and ability and combines practical coaching in swim, bike and run as well as being complemented with a series of seminars. Everyone leaves the camp not only being a better and more competent swimmer / triathlete but also with the knowledge they need to continue their development once back at home.

Triathlon Training Spain also has Wattbikes and a Vasa Ergo that can be used during camps. 

Bike hire is available on request to save the hassle of packing and transporting a bike.

Martin Hill adds: “Our camps each have a defined schedule; however, at the outset we identify individual needs and we adapt accordingly and focus on each individual’s goals, and the techniques and tools required in all aspects of swim/bike/run.”

Being able to accommodate a large club group using the facilities we have established at the Bonalba Hotel is perfectly feasible for the group to enjoy the venue, either with their own coach or as Martin and / or Matt to provide some coaching.



By Air; Alicante (ALC) airport approximately 40 km – airport transfers are included in every camp.

Car Hire: To redeem your Special Discount via our partners, Rhino Car Hire, click here ….



The 4 Star Bonalba Hotel, home to many pro-cycling teams when they visit the area for their annual training camps, is the main base for Triathlon Training Spain.  Situated at the heart of a golf resort, training camps provide full board accommodation with the benefits of all the luxuries you'd expect from a 4 Star hotel.

On request, training camps can be hosted at Casa de Triatlo and be fully catered, at the home of Martin and Linda.

Twin bedroom accommodation

Places of Interest


Unless you're Spanish you may not know the significance of Jijona. The Turron, a local speciality made from sugar, honey, almonds and eggs is a National sweet Christmas food. If you are keen to know something about it and not just to eat it, there is the Turron Museum offering guided tours explaining the EL Lobo and 1880 brands.

In the city the visitor will find many old, narrow streets with ancient architecture. Outside the city there are the ruins of the old castle.


Training Facilities



Swim coaching – including for the triathlon and swimrun camps – begins with an assessment of each swimmer with Martin and Matt observing to ensure that each session provides every swimmer with all the individual coaching needed to progress.

As well as coaching the scheduled camps, Martin provides a Swim Video Analysis Service in Alicante. With Alicante being so well connected world-wide a visit to Alicante provides an opportunity to relax and learn and has visitors from around the world taking advantage of the video analysis service whilst visiting the area for holiday.

Swim sessions are coached in the indoor heated Arena Alicante 25 metre pool, the best sports facility in Alicante, and less than 15min drive from the Bonalba Hotel, or in the pool at the Bonalba Hotel that has now been modified to provide Triathlon Training Spain 2 lanes for coaching.

Open Water coaching and swimming is at El Campello beach which offers good safe waters for all levels of ability and is 10mins from the Bonalba hotel.



The roads around this area are used by many Professional cycling teams every year to take advantage of the weather and the challenging mountainous terrain and have appeared in the Vuelta many times.

Road surfaces are as good, if not better, than many places in Europe and the local terrain is used for coaching specific performance sessions as well as improve bike handling skills such as gear selection, climbing, descending and group riding will be practiced, and cater for different abilities and race objectives

Performance assessment can be completed whilst on camp using the Wattbike.

Longer rides for bike camps will typically use some of the following routes;

                      see Route 1

                      see Route 2

                      see Route 3

                      see Route 4



Post-ride debrief



A run assessment will be followed by run coached sessions both local to the Bonalba hotel and are aimed at run economy as well as performance, and include bike-run (brick) and hill repeat sessions.


Mobility and Land Training

Mobility sessions are coached before sessions - at the hotel, on poolside or on the beach - to ensure each athlete gets the most out of their body. A Vasa Ergo will be available for dry land swim practice and Wattbike assessments can be pre-booked to establish current fitness levels and training zones. 

These sessions will be based on site. Triathletes will use their own body weight and various equipment which includes 2 WattBikes, a Vasa Ergo and weights. 



  • Martin has been coaching for over 25 years and is a Trisutto Certified Coach, a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach and designed the Palm Paddle to help triathletes and swimmers develop their stroke.
  • Matt has been coaching for over 10 years; he is an ASA coach, an IRONMAN Certified Coach and is currently working with the Brett Sutton to become a Trisutto Certified Coach.
  • see Martin Hill on Twitter and also Triathlon Training Spain @triTrainSpain

    see Matt Hill on Twitter

    see Martin Hill's on-line coaching service

    see WTC's interview with Martin Hill for more insights

    Training Camps

    Training Camp Experience


    Coaching is to the highest level and novice through to professional triathletes visit – and return – for that very reason. Triathlon Training Spain are proud that several professional triathletes have visited, including Olympic silver medallist Emma Pooley specifically for some specific swim coaching and appreciated it enough to come back!

    Consistent feedback from visitors complements their small group size and the amount of coaching received compared to other training camp experiences. Triathlon Training Spain's aim is to retain this high quality and so they will always retain this uniquely low coach to athlete ratio to ensure attendees receive the attention they deserve in a relaxed but professional manner.

    Swim, Bike, Triathlon and Swimrun training camps have generic schedules – although none are ever the same as each is tailored to the needs of the group before and during the Camp. Additionally, if a club or group wish to have their triathlon training camp with Triathlon Training Spain then specific schedules can be developed to fit the group's needs; email Martin on martin@completefitnesscoaching.co.uk

    Coaches Martin and Matt are also available to travel to your venue to provide a training camp if necessary having already done so to the UK, Sweden and Turkey. 


    Below are the training camp dates. You also have the opportunity to stay at the Bonalba Hotel for longer, before or after your camp. Please ask for details at the time of booking


    Training Camp Dates

    Photos (16)


    star star star star star

    Reviewed by Ian
    On 19-Jul-2017 16:1:49

    Comments:  Excellent combination. This is simply the best snorkel I have ever used, and it works perfectly in any environment, even when diving underwater. I prefer swimming in the sea and in rivers and lakes, but in this heat a swimming pool is pretty inviting.too. Great to see people training with it at TTS.
    Reviewed by Eric
    On 19-Jul-2017 16:1:48

    Comments:  Had an amazing week of tri training!! Thanks to Martin and Matt for great coaching and some new training methods to try here at home! Really excited about getting some more races on the calendar and implementing your techniques and suggestions. It was our first time visiting Spain and the location was absolutely perfect for training. Hope to return again!
    Reviewed by Sandy
    On 19-Jul-2017 15:1:49

    Comments:  Just returned home from an excellent week of triathlon training with Matt and Martin. Learned so much and had a great time. Everything was thought of from starting assessment (with explanation of current level of fitness and skills) to in class learning, to pool and open water swim training, bike skills and running. And some of the best food we had during our three week vacation! Key take-away for me was that triathlon is its own sport and needs to be trained and practiced as such. Martin and Matt have the unique ability to push to the right level for each participant which for me, as a novice, was very much appreciated. I loved every moment and hope to return!
    Reviewed by Olivia
    On 21-May-2017 12:1:31

    Comments:  The long weekend swim camp was a wonderful experience. Martin is a fantastic coach whose video analysis gives every insight needed to improve dramatically. Location is ideal for gaining open water confidence. Very well run, lovely hotel and food - can't recommend this camp highly enough. Thank you Martin, Linda and Matt for a great time. Olivia, Ireland.
    Reviewed by Sara Colvin
    On 17-May-2017 11:1:54

    Comments:  I have just returned from the weekend swim training camp with Martin and I am feeling so much more confident about my swimming now. It was quite an intense weekend with little relaxation time but very well worth it. I was lucky enough to share the weekend with 2 other lovely attendees so we had lots of individual attention. I would be very happy to return in the future for the tri camp or even another swim camp.
    Reviewed by peter cottington
    On 08-May-2017 12:1:34

    Comments:  Just spent a very productive week with these guys. As an experienced AG athlete I still learnt loads of great stuff in all three disciplines plus more nutrition. A total enriching experience that I'd thoroughly recommend for any level of triathlete willing to want to 'learn' how to race fast.
    Reviewed by Mike
    On 03-May-2017 15:1:09

    Comments:  The Masters swimming camp exceeded our expectations. 4 of us went down there, of different abilities and commitment to the sport. But this was no problem at all. The level of training was just right, lots of swim technique, and new training methods. The video analysis in the afternoons was just awesome. The land work (core, mobility, etc.) was super useful too. The pool is well suited for the training we did, and it had almost no chlorine. The hotel and food were great too. Can't recommend this enough. Looking forward to going back.
    Reviewed by Bing
    On 03-May-2017 07:1:03

    Comments:  Martin and Matt organised and delivered the Masters Swim training week with a very high level of professionalism and skills, imparting precise, specific and relevant advice, while remaining approachable, personable, amiable, perceptive and accommodating - exemplified by their attentive reception to our humour many would find trying. The hotel accommodation lived up to its 4-star superior grading, with friendly staff and plentiful, high quality catering. I recommend TTS to Masters swimmer of all levels without any reservation.
    Reviewed by Eric Fewster
    On 01-May-2017 20:1:21

    Comments:  Had a brilliant week of training and learned loads of stuff through the video analysis for the 4 strokes. Would highly recommend for any Masters swimmers who want to improve their swimming. Martin & Matt are very experienced in their field and know exactly what to look for when it comes to giving advice for improving swimming technique. They also both have attention to detail, and leave you with a good bunch of resources tailored to your needs.
    Reviewed by Ben
    On 01-May-2017 15:1:17

    Comments:  Martin and Matt were both very professional and dedicated. They adapt the training and coaching to each individual levels and made it very relevant for me. I don't think it could have been better!
    Reviewed by John
    On 19-Feb-2017 13:0:18

    Comments:  I went for the long weekend swim camp with a little hesitation as a relative newcomer to swimming. The weekend went beyond my expectations and the different levels of the small group were easily accommodated by the personal attention of both Martin and Matt. Time around the sessions was laid back but the committed coaches were always on duty for advice on everything from rest to nutrition and beyond.
    Reviewed by Claire Harris
    On 27-Jan-2017 22:0:28

    Comments:  Great camp, very informative, lots of ways to improve the swim. Nice hotel, yummy food, and nice location, just a shame it was too cold to swim in the sea.
    Reviewed by Luis
    On 20-Dec-2016 22:0:38

    Comments:  Martin is a great coach with a precision eye to detect the faults in your stroke and the knowledge to work with you on how to fix it, which he does in a gentle and assertive way. Linda's home cooked food was marvellous and the time spent at home was very relaxing. I'll certainly come back! Many thanks for your hospitality and professionalism
    Reviewed by Ursula
    On 20-Dec-2016 22:0:05

    Comments:  great place, great teaching, great food - you can relax and train at the same time....you get wonderful meals, but you do not put on weight :-) teaching and training is very personal, you are helped in and within your personal strenghts and weaknesses - no comparison or any desperate effort needed to "reach" something....whatever that could be...but you personally fell rich and motivated and simply great even after only a few days - thanks a lot to linda and martin
    Reviewed by Ian
    On 20-Dec-2016 22:0:29

    Comments:  As a relative beginner to the sport of triathlon, I needed to improve my swimming in particular. The swim smooth clinic was the perfect way to do so, and I also picked up a lot of useful tips for triathlon along the way. The relaxed setting was perfect to forget about everything other than improving my swimming. The hospitality and home cooked food were amazing, and warrant a visit alone! I came away far more aware of how to eat healthily and fuel my body correctly for training/racing. A great balance was struck between instructing on technique and giving people the awareness and tools to improve their technique once the training camp was over. All in all, thoroughly worthwhile, and I look forward to my next visit to see my progress and improve further.