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DeZeiner Fitness

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DeZeiner Fitness

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Name:DeZeiner Fitness
Phone:07581 416 209
Sports:Swimming, Running, Triathlon

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Owner and Head Coach Karl Zeiner spent 10 years working full time and competing in endurance events before setting up DZ Fitness, so he knows how important it is to have personalised training arranged around you and YOUR life.

Karl’s first endurance event was the Great North Run in 2000, but the bug bit and he has now completed a double Ironman, as well as racking up a long list of coaching qualifications. Karl offers coaching in very small groups from his base in Edinburgh, as well as the option of online coaching.

DeZeiner Fitness also runs a Pyrenees Triathlon camp, where you will swim in a beautiful mountain lake, run on lush trails and cycle in the Pyrenees, including a Haute Category climb from this year's Tour de France, making for an unforgettable all round experience. For more details, click on the Training Camps tab above.




  • Karl has an impressive list of coaching qualifications, including BTF Level 2 triathlon coach and Level 2 triathlon referee; Level 1 swim coach; REPS Level 3 advanced instructor and Level 3 personal trainer; nutrition and weight management; first aid and more.
  • Coaching Packages


    Coaching Packages


    Karl’s coaching philosophy is “to provide a complete health package to my clients.” To achieve this, Karl’s coaching packages include Personal Coaching, Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice.

    These coaching packages will be on-line with personalised training plans & advice via the computer and phone. Triathlon, Swimming, Running and Ultra Marathon running are all covered.

    If you are local to Karl’s training base, then meetings can be arranged. Alternatively technical assessments and improvements are made via the use of video analysis and assessment of your technique.

    Coaching packages and prices cover a range of options from individual training sessions to a very comprehensive Monthly Plan that could include:
    Individual Programming - unlimited email contact - up to 4 monthly 1-to-1 sessions - 15 min weekly call via phone or Skype upon request.

    Karl has experience of coaching many Ultra Marathon runners, including events up to 100 miles. As an Ultra Marathon runner you will receive an individualised plan preparing you for your racing distance and target time.

    Training Camps


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    Reviewed by Nicole
    On 22-Sep-2019 18:1:27

    Comments:  I’ve just gone for a swim after another 1-2-1 swim coaching session from Karl and I’m delighted to report that I feel like a completely different swimmer! My swim felt effortless and smooth; the opposite from how it used to feel before I received Karl’s coaching. Karl clearly explained to me the areas in which I needed to improve and gave me exercises and drills to work on. By putting into practice what Karl told me I am seeing a huge difference in my swimming. I recommend Karl to anyone looking to improve their swimming, particularly for triathlons. Will be booking another session to have in a few weeks time.
    Reviewed by Nicola
    On 06-Jul-2019 14:1:21

    Comments:  I booked a 1:1 swim video analysis with Karl at Dalry swimming pool and I’m very glad I did! Karl is an excellent teacher and puts you at ease. With the film of my swim, Karl clearly explained to me areas of my stroke that I need to correct in order to swim more efficiently and faster and also pointed out to me areas that I was doing OK in. I was given drills to improve areas and after trying them I immediately felt the difference. Due to clear explanations I feel understand where I was going wrong and why. I left feeling motivated and looking forward to improving my technique by putting into practice all the advice given. I will be booking a 1:1 lesson to have after further practice. Thank you Karl
    Reviewed by Peter
    On 10-Jun-2019 17:1:18

    Comments:  The lessons have made a massive difference to my confidence in my ability to swim. I'm not claiming to be a good swimmer, but know I can improve, and how. Karl's really made a difference the way I approach swim training, every length is now about a specific action, not just swimming up and down in a hope over experience way. And I know what's not important to a triathlete in the swim leg.
    Reviewed by Matt
    On 10-Jun-2019 17:1:39

    Comments:  Excellent session if you are seeking to improve swimming technique. This is essential in understanding exactly where improvements can be made through expert input and feedback from Coach Karl Zeiner.
    Reviewed by Tracy
    On 10-Jun-2019 17:1:56

    Comments:  I highly recommend Karl. Over the past year or so I have gained confidence and made great progress. I am currently recovering from a knee operation in August and without Karl’s weekly training plan my recovery wouldn't have been so smooth. In many ways I actually feel much stronger than before the operation. I have recently been having some 1-2-1 swimming lessons and I can't believe how much more confident I am with my swimming. My technique over the past few sessions has vastly improved, therefore making me much faster. Thank you! TC
    Reviewed by Angela
    On 10-Jun-2019 17:1:14

    Comments:  Invaluable being able to see myself swim, and have my stroke analysed by Karl. Really happy with that session.
    Reviewed by Cecile
    On 10-Jun-2019 17:1:25

    Comments:  I am a beginner Triathlete and want to progress across all 3 disciplines. I decided to book coached run and cycle sessions with Karl. I also booked the swim video analysis which was amazing and a real eye opener. Great wee tips for my running technique and more efficient cycling. Already putting some changes into practice, thank you Karl! I highly recommend booking the sessions with Karl who I found very approachable and knowledgeable.
    Reviewed by Russell
    On 10-Jun-2019 16:1:34

    Comments:  After a swimming lesson where I found out I couldn't swim I undertook a running lesson with Karl and it was no surprise to find out I couldn't run either. Karl transformed me from a plodding wreck to a nimble gazelle in an hour(bit of an exaggeration maybe). His eye for detail and ability to convey his ideas to help is fantastic. I am now light on my feet and with that cover the ground much quicker. Rather than dreading trying to improve my run times I am now enthused and raring to put the trainers on. Thank you Karl
    Reviewed by Rachel
    On 10-Jun-2019 16:1:47

    Comments:  I booked a 1:1 lesson with Karl to get some tips to improve my swimming technique. Karl quickly identified some things I can do to make my swimming more efficient and faster. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and he provided practical advice on how to use these techniques when swimming on my own. I already feel my swimming has improved and will definitely book another lesson after some further practice on my own. I highly recommend booking a session with Karl to anyone looking to improve their swim.
    Reviewed by Carole
    On 29-Jan-2019 07:0:01

    Comments:  Excellent feedback on how to improve my swim technique from intense observation , Thank you Karl
    Reviewed by Andy
    On 08-Mar-2018 15:0:54

    Comments:  Top coaching tips from endurance triathlete DeZeiner Fitness
    Reviewed by Peter
    On 08-Mar-2018 15:0:09

    Comments:  Woke early and had a small bowl of porridge, made my way to the start. Weather was good, light cold breeze. I started in the sub 3.50 catagory, and kept telling myself not to run to fast. Felt really good 5.12km pace, with 1m walking breaks at 19min. Through the first 10k in 54 min feeling great, enjoying the run. Gel taken at 1hr walk break. Through the half marathon in 1.54, and I am thinking I better watch I will die if I keep this pace up. But still feeling great so kept on at the same pace. Enjoying the crowd and the sunshine. At 20 mile 30 km still going strong 2.55. I am now thinking this last 10km is going to hurt…. and it did. Felt my pace drop, and had to add a few extra walk breaks but I still felt I was able to run past a lot of other runners. Felt no wall whatsoever, just a slight decrease in pace towards the end and a steady increase in my heart rate. The key new strategy for me was the walk breaks. Initially I was skeptical but I decided to trust Karl. This gave me a place to feed at and the mental resolve to stay strong, looking at my watch knowing I only had a small bit of time to run before my next break. In the last third I managed to run past many who were walking. I would recommend Karl if you want to take your race to the next level.
    Reviewed by Carolyn
    On 08-Mar-2018 15:0:48

    Comments:  I started training with Karl at the end of 2013 at the end of my first season of triathlon, having completed only 2 novice and 2 sprint tris. My own training programme was high in volume but unfocussed. With Karl’s help I did a half Ironman in May 2014 and am now training for a full Ironman in Sept 2016. This year I did a second half IM, qualified for the European Championships next year in Standard distance and did the 2 day Coast to Coast adventure challenge. I have recently started regular coached swim sessions with Karl and find him an excellent coach, picking out one specific area to work on at a time, building up to an overall improvement in technique (though as a late learner I still have a long way to go). Karl plans my week carefully, taking into account all the other things going on in my life, and is quick to respond by email to any queries I may have. I am totally confident that with Karl’s help I will achieve my IM potential next year.
    Reviewed by Kelly
    On 08-Mar-2018 15:0:05

    Comments:  You are some kind of miracle worker.
    Reviewed by Ryan
    On 08-Mar-2018 15:0:30

    Comments:  Karl took me from a very average 10k runner to not only a far better runner but an ultra-marathon runner in under three years. I blew away all my personal bests while training with Karl and had a seriously good time accomplishing goals I could only have dreamt of at the beginning. I live in Aberdeen which means almost all of our correspondence and planning was done over the internet. This was never a problem, and Karl was always available to chat over the phone if needed and even made detours while up this way to meet up and get some face-to-face training done. For anyone curious about Karl’s training style, I would have to describe it has thoughtful and determined; like any good coach he won’t let you quit easily. Sadly I couldn’t continue training with Karl forever but in the end, I accomplished a 39 minute 10k, a 1:35 hour half marathon, a 4:39 hour PB at the Glencoe Marathon (my first marathon) and another first with a time of 5:57:43 at the 37 mile (slightly longer that year) Speyside Way Ultra Marathon. I could not possibly be happier!