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Sam Murphy Running Retreats

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Sam Murphy Running Retreats

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Name:Sam Murphy Running Retreats
Phone:07817 687241

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Sam Murphy’s running retreats strive to strike the perfect balance between work, rest and play. You can expect a mix of leisurely scenic runs and more targeted coached sessions alongside mini workshops on running form, practical nutrition, strength and conditioning and recovery. There’s also one-to-one time – including running form analysis - to ensure you go home with a personalised plan that will help you continue to improve.

The holidays are open to runners of all levels and experience (you need to be able to run 10K comfortably, however slowly, unless it’s a beginner-specific retreat). You will be treated as an individual, supported and challenged appropriately so that you end each day feeling inspired and pleasantly fatigued, rather than frustrated or exhausted!

It goes without saying that you can also expect delicious, nutritious food (and plenty of it!), fantastic accommodation and great company. All venues are hand-picked for their location and facilities.

Sam has led week-long camps in the French Alps and training weekends in North Devon – but now you can also join her on her home turf in beautiful Rye, East Sussex, where there’s ancient woodland, rolling countryside and sandy beaches to explore from the luxurious base of Loma Beach House, at Camber Sands, East Sussex.

Sam also offers a range of Coaching Services including 1:1 Bespoke Coaching, Custom Training Plans and Running Form Assessment.


  • A lifelong runner and qualified coach, Jeff has a talent for identifying what is stopping a runner achieving their goals and adjusting their training regime accordingly. He can help on all aspects of running, mental and physical, to ensure you are race-ready. Jeff has an impressive running CV, having won many races, including the Beachy Head Marathon and Wendover Woods 50-mile race, and clocking a sub-2.30 marathon PB.
  • A qualified coach and well-known running expert and author, Sam has worked with everyone from beginners just setting out on their running journey to those striving to break three hours in the marathon, qualify for Good for Age places or take on their first ultra – and everything in between! She has a special interest in running form and has helped many runners learn to run better, reducing injuries and improving performance.
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    Reviewed by Dave
    On 09-Aug-2018 08:1:22

    Comments:  I would totally recommend the beginners’ course to anyone. It builds your fitness up bit by bit, in a way you don’t notice. Six months on, I’m running three times a week – not because I want to run fast or do marathons, purely because I want to be able to run at a moderate pace for an hour. My wife and daughter are both itching to do the course now!
    Reviewed by Anne
    On 09-Aug-2018 08:1:32

    Comments:  I had mixed feelings about the beginners’ group, not least because I was afraid that, being one of the oldest (I’m in my mid-fifties), I would not be able to keep up. However, within very few weeks the coaches had managed to develop a team spirit and I began to look forward to the physical challenge, the social contact and laughter. I am astonished by how far and how fast I can now go without expiring.
    Reviewed by Hilary
    On 09-Aug-2018 08:1:54

    Comments:  When I signed up to the beginners’ course I was a complete novice with no running experience whatsoever. It gave me the confidence to start running regularly, helped by really knowledgeable and encouraging trainers. Rye Runners is a really inclusive and welcoming community, I would recommend it to runners of all abilities.
    Reviewed by Lesley
    On 09-Aug-2018 08:1:22

    Comments:  Having not run since my schooldays and never having been particularly keen on PE I was very nervous joining the group. At the first session I was made to feel at ease, which quickly dispelled any fears I had. The coaches were amazing – so supportive, positive and fun to be with. Each week my fitness improved and surprising myself, I started to enjoy the sessions. Not only did my fitness improve, but so did my self-belief that I could actually achieve much more than I ever dreamed I could
    Reviewed by Carli
    On 04-Apr-2018 11:1:46

    Comments:  I really enjoyed yesterday - I've just been telling a friend how amazing it was
    Reviewed by Bev
    On 04-Apr-2018 11:1:13

    Comments:  You've changed the way I look at my training - the mix of activities and the swapping of ideas was great
    Reviewed by Adam
    On 04-Apr-2018 11:1:39

    Comments:  'I just wanted thank you again personally for a fantastic day, I am really looking forward to running this evening and working on my technique.'
    Reviewed by John
    On 04-Apr-2018 11:1:58

    Comments:  Thanks for a most rewarding day yesterday. What I learnt about form was priceless. You can be sure I will be practising the drills until correct form becomes second nature