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Masters of Tri

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Masters of Tri

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Name:Masters of Tri
Location:Alicante, Spain
Phone:Landline + 34 9656 11918 or mobile + 34 646 54 8331
Sports:Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, SwimRun

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If you have never attended a training camp, feeling too inexperienced or not capable, then we can dispel any fears you may have – we will coach you properly with full attention to your development.

Martin is a Certified Trisutto Coach and a BTF Level 3 Coach; Matt is an ASA Swim Coach, an IRONMAN certified coach and is now also working with Brett Sutton to become a Trisutto Certified Coach

Martin and Matt are “Masters of Tri”

Masters of Tri training camps are based in Spain at our established venue, the Four Star

Bonalba Hotel located 30mins north of Alicante Airport which has direct flights from throughout Europe.

We appreciate that every athlete is different, having different abilities and needs – we assess and evolve to cater for the requirements of the athletes, and so every training camp is different. Expect to learn, be challenged and have a great time!

All Masters of Tri training camps are fully coached, every session, throughout the duration of the camp. With a high coach to athlete ratio (1:4) we create a relaxed environment so that you will never be left alone or wondering what to do – we will challenge you and you will learn how to train effectively – you will learn a lot about yourself and realise just how much you can achieve!

We understand how to get the best out of our athletes – and this is reflected in the training at all our camps – we coach and guide athletes to understand what they need to do, how to do it and do it effectively – this means that sessions are effective.

No session will be junk training – long/hard sessions for the sake of training; the sessions will be adapted to your needs to ensure you train in the most effective way.

Coaching is individual and so there is no differentiation between abilities – sessions are tailored so that each athlete has an equally challenging training camp!

Key features of our camps

The Master of Tri training camps provide the athlete with a complete assessment of their current ability along with all the information needed to progress after the training camp has finished.

Our moto and philosophy is simple, but so effective – Assess, Advise, Accelerate

Assess: Each athlete is individually assessed, throughout the camp (as relevant to the camp – swim, triathlon, bike, etc), observations will continually modify the tone and content for the coming sessions. Assessment of your performance and energy levels is key to your development;

Advise: With continuous assessment, the coaches will provide relevant, accurate and scientific advice to allow you to progress your ability and fitness;

Accelerate: combining the assessment and advice we lead the athlete to those gains they seek, both during the camp and for future development.

We aim to provide all athletes with knowledge and motivation for development in the future, not just on the camp.


Initial assessments include (as relevant to the camp):
- A Swim Video Analysis; each athlete is filmed with a HD camera from all angles whilst swimming and performs a timed swim for a full swim assessment. A swim video analysis then provides a full visual illustration of the athlete s swim performance (the analysis is fully recorded). Follow-up stroke correction sessions during the camp focus on specific Issues identified in the video analysis (and seminar) with comprehensive coaching of technique drills as well as the use of correct pacing (using the data from the assessment).

- A Wattbike assessment of each athlete (included in Triathlon, TriEscape and Bike camps, or as requested/purchased on other training camps) will be the first bike session; each athlete will be set up and guided through a warm up and then conduct a standardised 3-minute test to establish heart rate and power levels for effective training.

- A run assessment; where the Master of Tri coaches observe each athlete whilst running in their natural style, including video if necessary, will form the basis of the run coaching; feedback and potential changes will be made based on the observations.

Data collected during the assessments is used for the coached sessions during the camp with athletes being guided towards optimising their performance. Swim sessions are tailored to stroke correction and pacing, bike rides and runs are guided and performed to self-assessed perceived effort levels guided by specific heart rate levels determined in the initial assessments. Mobility and basic strength sessions are also provided to complement the specific coaching.

The practical coaching is comprehensively supported by a series of seminars held in our own private conference area within the Bonalba Hotel covering all aspects of training; each discipline is addressed including nutrition.

All the individual assessment and findings are provided to each athlete at the end of the camp along with the knowledge on how to use it.

The Master of Tri coaches will stay at the Bonalba Hotel throughout the camp so providing plenty of opportunities to discuss the finer details of training, including help on how to use the performance data. Discussions around planning a training programme, including milestone selection, are included so that each athlete will leave the camp with clear guidance for training in preparation for their future season.

Masters of Tri coaches are also available to visit you at your home base if you have the facilities and interest for a tailored camp, no matter where you are in the world!

Martin and Matt are very experienced coaches; email them at: martin@mastersoftri.com and matt@mastersoftri.com



By Air; Alicante (ALC) airport approximately 40 km – airport transfers are included in every camp.

Car Hire: To redeem your Special Discount via our partners, Rhino Car Hire, click here ….



The 4 Star Bonalba Hotel, home to many pro-cycling teams when they visit the area for their annual training camps, is the main base for Masters of Tri. Situated at the heart of a golf resort, training camps provide full board accommodation with the benefits of all the luxuries you'd expect from a 4 Star Hotel.

Training Facilities



Swim coaching – including for the Swim, Triathlon, TriEscape and Swimrun camps – begins with an assessment of each swimmer with Martin and Matt observing to ensure that each session provides every swimmer with all the individual coaching needed to progress.

Swim sessions are coached in the indoor heated Arena Alicante 25 metre pool, the best sports facility in Alicante, and less than 15min drive from the Bonalba Hotel, or in the pool at the Bonalba Hotel that has now been modified to provide Masters of Tri 2 lanes for coaching.

Open Water coaching and swimming is held at El Campello beach which offers good safe waters for all levels of ability and is 10mins from the Bonalba hotel.

Martin and Matt are highly trained and experienced in advanced swim video analysis techniques using the latest technology to help swimmers of all abilities. If you feel you have reached a plateau with your swimming and struggle to make advances, a video analysis will take you to the next level by identifying the key areas for you to focus on. Not only will the session identify these areas but Martin or Matt will coach you through the appropriate techniques so that you know what and, just as importantly, how to perform them. Contact Martin at martin@mastersoftri.com for more details.



The Masters of Tri Triathlon, TriEscape and Bike camps start with an initial bike assessment on a Wattbike to establish training and racing levels – and ones that the coaches will use during the camp.

With the camps based at the Four Star Bonalba Hotel we have direct access into the local mountains and include riding famous climbs – many of which have featured in recent stages of La Vuelta, most notably in 2009, 2010, 2016 and 2017.

Mid-Bike Coffee



A run assessment where the Master of Tri coaches will observe each athlete whilst running in their natural style, including video if necessary, will form the basis of the run coaching; feedback and potential changes will be made based on the observations.

Runs will take place on the sea front at El Campello and on quiet local roads and trails around the Bonalba Hotel.

Land Training


A Vasa SwimErg will be available for dry land swim practice – swimming in a pool can complicate learning and technique focus. The SwimErg takes away the need to breathe and float(!) allowing the coaches to illustrate correct stroke mechanics and how to feel for this when back in the water.


  • Martin has been coaching for over 25 years and is a Trisutto Certified Coach, a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach and designed the Palm Paddle to help triathletes and swimmers develop their stroke.
  • Matt has been coaching for over 10 years; he is an ASA coach, an IRONMAN Certified Coach and is currently working with the Brett Sutton to become a Trisutto Certified Coach.

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    Training Camps



    If you have never attended a training camp, feeling too inexperienced or not capable, then we can dispel any fears you may have – we will coach you properly with full attention to your development.

    All Masters of Tri training camps are fully coached, every session, throughout the whole camp. With a high coach to athlete ratio we create a relaxed environment so that you will never be left alone or wondering what to do – we will challenge you and you will learn how to train effectively, learn a lot about yourself and realise just how much you can achieve!

    Swim, Bike, Triathlon, TriEscape and Swimrun training camps have generic schedules – although none are ever the same as each is tailored to the needs of the group before and during the camp.

    Additionally, if a club or group wish to have their triathlon training camp with Masters of Tri then specific schedules can be developed to fit the group's needs; email Martin on martin@mastersoftri.com

    Coaches Martin and Matt are also available to travel to your venue to provide a training camp if necessary having already done so to the UK, Sweden and Turkey


    Below are the training camp dates. You also have the opportunity to stay at the Bonalba Hotel for longer, before or after your camp. Please ask for details at the time of booking

    Training Camp Dates

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    star star star star star

    Reviewed by Hans
    On 11-Apr-2018 18:1:24

    Comments:  I was new to the sport of triathlon however with a solid background in athletics and I really enjoyed / highly recommend this bootcamp. The 3 main reasons: - The tailor made coaching - The well planned scheduling of the training load - The simplified / efficient approach to teaching new techniques On the personal side Martin and Matt are really nice people easy to get along with.
    Reviewed by Sarah
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:50

    Comments:  What an excellent weekend. It was intense but highly rewarding. I feel that my stroke is greatly improved and that I also have a solid plan and set of drills going forward. Muchas gracias Martin & Linda!
    Reviewed by Jean
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:13

    Comments:  Amazing knowledgeable and talented coaches. So loved our time with you guys. Can't wait to be back.
    Reviewed by Joao
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:36

    Comments:  I can't give more than 5 stars otherwise i would have. Expectations were completely satisfied in terms of Triathlon coaching, I learned more in 5 days than in the rest of the year. My swimming stroke had a dramatic change and I am aware of exact which areas to improve - Martin also provided the exercises and how to achieve these improvements on my own. Running drills, bike technique, exercises to strengthen core are also other examples of what I learned. On top of the bulletproof professionalism, I felt welcome at all times and part of the team, combining hard work with coffee/tea conversations and learnings with Martin and the other athletes. It was the greatest training camp ever and I will return next year again to learn from Martin, seeking his coaching and mentoring - and to enjoy the best meals kindly cooked by Linda:-) A big thank you to everybody at Casa de Triatlo!
    Reviewed by Sara
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:50

    Comments:  Excellent swim camp attended over the weekend. Great coaches in Martin & Matt and well organised. I feel I've come away a much more confident swimmer.
    Reviewed by Lori
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:16

    Comments:  Superb camp ..... very individualised, great coaching. There was a lovely balance of focus yet no pressure. Good fun and fantastic facilities. Martin and Matt make a great team. Thank you.
    Reviewed by Henrick
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:35

    Comments:  True masters. Had a very good experience getting my swim video analysis. I can recommend Matt and Martin to anyone who is searching good coaching.
    Reviewed by Eric
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:17

    Comments:  Had a brilliant week of training and learned loads of stuff through the video analysis for the 4 strokes. Would highly recommend for any Masters swimmers who want to improve their swimming. Martin & Matt are very experienced in their field and know exactly what to look for when it comes to giving advice for improving swimming technique. They also both have attention to detail, and leave you with a good bunch of resources tailored to your needs
    Reviewed by Eric
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:38

    Comments:  Had an amazing week of tri training!! Thanks to Martin and Matt for great coaching and some new training methods to try here at home! Really excited about getting some more races on the calendar and implementing your techniques and suggestions. It was our first time visiting Spain and the location was absolutely perfect for training. Hope to return again!
    Reviewed by Mike
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:25

    Comments:  The Masters swimming camp exceeded our expectations. 4 of us went down there, of different abilities and commitment to the sport. But this was no problem at all. The level of training was just right, lots of swim technique, and new training methods. The video analysis in the afternoons was just awesome. The land work (core, mobility, etc.) was super useful too. The pool is well suited for the training we did, and it had almost no chlorine. The hotel and food were great too. Can't recommend this enough. Looking forward to going back.
    Reviewed by Sandy
    On 27-Sep-2017 22:1:29

    Comments:  Just returned home from an excellent week of triathlon training with Matt and Martin. Learned so much and had a great time. Everything was thought of from starting assessment (with explanation of current level of fitness and skills) to in class learning, to pool and open water swim training, bike skills and running. And some of the best food we had during our three week vacation! Key take-away for me was that triathlon is its own sport and needs to be trained and practiced as such. Martin and Matt have the unique ability to push to the right level for each participant which for me, as a novice, was very much appreciated. I loved every moment and hope to return!