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Beaches and Barbells

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Beaches and Barbells

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Name:Beaches and Barbells
Sports:Cross Fit, Weightlifting

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Beaches and Barbells offer CrossFit and Weightlifting training holidays. Their primary and well established location is Limassol, Cyprus where they create the perfect balance of training and holiday.

Their coaching team consists of CrossFit and Weightlifting coaches, including some of the current top GB lifters.

Everybody is welcome on their holidays, regardless of ability level. Coaching group sizes are small and therefore a high quality and personal coaching environment is guaranteed.

Along with their training holidays that Beaches and Barbells create, they also offer custom trips for groups, whether it be for a club or university. They have hosted trips for Brunel and St Mary’s university (Limassol), North London Weightlifting Club (Barcelona) along with small private groups who are looking for an active holiday.

An outdoor fully equipped CrossFit box is used, just a couple hundred metres from the beach hotel and within a 10 minute walk from your beachfront hotel.



By air; Paphos (PFO) airport is 60km from Limassol
           Larnaca (LCA) airport is 69km from Limassol         

Transfers; Beaches and Barbells will collect you from the airport and then return you for your journey home. However, traveling outside certain times may be liable to a charge. Please check from which airport transfer are offered.



Accommodation varies from beachfront hotel to self catered holiday apartments, depending on group preferences.

Training Facilities

Inside The Box


The training facility used is a fully equipped outdoor CrossFitbox.

Outside the Box


Thinking of training outside the Box? Beaches and Barbells will bring their experience and expertise to your training outdoors. This will bring variety to your sessions and will include water sports, hiking and generally using the surrounding environment.



Please click on Kristian's name or image to read a full desciption .....

  • Kristian is a British Weightlifting Tutor, delivering coaching courses year-round for them, and for the first time in 2016, for Beaches and Barbells. Kristian is also head coach for the successful Brunel Student Club.

    Other Beaches and Barbells coaches include ....

    Jack Oliver


    Jack is an Olympian and British Record holder. He competed in the 2015 World Championships and is currently training for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

    Jack has competed in major Champioships for England and Great Britain since 2010 and he was the highest placed British weightlifter at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

    Alex Ermogenous


    Alex is a founder of Beaches and Barbells. He was coached by the Cypriot National Coach and continues his training with Kristian McPhee. He has extensive knowledge of Cyprus which enables Beaches and Barbells to offer you a training camp to remember.

    Ross Roberts


    Ross has been coached by 3 times Olympian Michael Pearman, and has won titles at the British Student Championships and Regional Championships. He is a certified British Weightlifting coach.

    Emily Godly


    As part of her Pole Vault training, Emily worked at her weights for Strength and Conditioning. At that time, her weightlifting coach was Keith Morgan who suggested to Emily that she considered changing sports.

    She competed for the club and decided it was actually quite fun! From there she has finished 5th at 2014 CWG and finishing 6th at 2016 European Champs. Emily is tageting to win international medals.

    James St Leger


    James is a qualified PT & CrossFit Coach and is weightlifting World Record Holder and a National Endurance Lifting Champion. In CrossFit, he was placed 5th in the Rhino CrossFit Championships in America, and 10th in one of the The Athlete Games/Battle of London.

    James says “once you can move correctly, the rate at which you will gain strength and stay injury free is 2nd to none”.

    Training Camps


    Training Camp Dates

    Bespoke Packages


    Beaches and Barbells offer to arrange your warm weather camp specifically to meet your requirements as an individual, a group of like minded friends or as a club at one of their chosen venues in Cyprus with accommodation within your budget. 

    This offer is available throughout the year.

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    Reviewed by Agnieszka
    On 05-Jul-2018 18:1:12

    Comments:  I just came back from the weightlifting holiday in Cyprus which absolutely exceeded my expectations! Firstly, the quality of the training was top notch with both coaches Kristian McPhee and Owen Boxall putting an awful lot of effort into making the sessions as valuable as possible for each and every participant. This meant adapting the programming, giving extra queues but also bringing loads of positive energy and motivation at all times. In addition, they were always willing to answer questions and share additional information outside of the sessions. Not surprisingly everyone managed to come back with a PB and some serious technique gainz. Secondly, this trip also really allows to relax amongst all the training since everything is very well organised from the moment you arrive. Plus the hotel was very nice and located only 10 min away from a friendly crossfit gym. Finally, everyone who came to Cyprus was absolutely lovely and fun to spend a week with so it’s also a great chance to meet like minded people. In short: Beaches & Barbells rock so I will be surely coming back! Thank you Owen & Kristian for such an amazing week
    Reviewed by Emma
    On 05-Jul-2018 17:1:08

    Comments:  I've just come back from a week in Cyprus with Beaches and Barbells. It was the best holiday I've ever been on. A perfect balance of weightlifting, good food, good coffee, sun and relaxing on the beach. I loved spending time with such a fun group of lifters and two seriously elite level coaches in Kristian McPhee and Owen Boxall. Wonderful coaches - I learnt a huge amount and I added 2kg to my snatch PB and 5kg to my clean and jerk PB. I've taken away so much great advice from the trip that I'm already using in my training back home and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next Beaches and Barbells weekends and holidays.
    Reviewed by Eleonora
    On 03-Dec-2017 14:0:26

    Comments:  Such a fantastic holiday, had the best time learning so much from the amazing coaches, meeting great people and having loads of fun! Everything was very well organised, with training facilities and location on point!
    Reviewed by Jenny
    On 03-Dec-2017 14:0:44

    Comments:  I Thoroughly enjoyed the Cyprus Crossfit holiday, great coaches along with great coaching, i learnt so much and pushed myself a lot more in that week and was a able to reach some pbs aswell! i definitely recommend this holiday and i will definitely be signing up again for next year. Thanks guys for an amazing holiday!
    Reviewed by Liam
    On 09-Jul-2017 20:1:41

    Comments:  Great weekend in Barcelona with Kristian, whole team reached PBs, including an addition of 15kg to my own total
    Reviewed by Jill
    On 09-Jul-2017 20:1:38

    Comments:  The combination of great training, great location and fantastic like minded people...... makes a perfect Holiday. So happy to have experienced it, learnt a lot and met amazing people.
    Reviewed by Laura
    On 09-Jul-2017 20:1:39

    Comments:  Fantastic weight lifting holiday! Top class coaches, beautiful hotel, the perfect mix of training, relaxing and socializing. If you want to improve your weight lifting, get a tan, and hang out with lovely people I totally recommend it.
    Reviewed by Nicolas
    On 09-Jul-2017 20:1:03

    Comments:  Great training with great coaches and great lifters joining the holiday. And on top of that, a great hotel to rest and relax. Perfect offer for whoever want to go away for a week and improve
    Reviewed by Tina
    On 09-Jul-2017 20:1:09

    Comments:  For me, the Beaches and Barbells training holiday was a fantastic experience, set in an ideal location. The coaching was second to none, learning so much from the very best and living a piece of their world for what seemed like a very short week. Be it the place to learn from scratch or perfect your techniques to achieve greater goals, you'll be made to feel welcome whatever your level, while having a whole lot of fun at the same time.
    Reviewed by Eva
    On 17-Mar-2017 19:0:25

    Comments:  If something beats this weekend, I'd be very surprised. Thanks to Beaches and Barbells for fantastic opportunity to train in such a great facilities, thanks to all coaches for their patience, correcting, tips and priceless advice, it was really pleasure and great experience to meet you all as well as spend time and train with other weightlifters. Thanks to my coach Ben for bringing me into this, I will definitely recommend your trainings to athletes of all levels and I hope to see you soon.
    Reviewed by Elliot
    On 17-Mar-2017 19:0:36

    Comments:  The atmosphere over the entire weekend was great and pushed everyone to bring their A-game. The coaches were knowledgable and passionate about weightlifting and always kept things interesting. A wide range of topics and exercises were covered over weekend and I think everyone could learn something from a session with the Beaches and Barbells coaching staff. Looking forward to taking what I've learnt and implementing it into my training.
    Reviewed by Neale
    On 17-Mar-2017 19:0:33

    Comments:  Awesome weekend with coaching from Owen Boxall and the Beaches and Barbells staff. It was really useful to get critique from a different viewpoint and the training was tailored to work on my weaknesses. I've come away with some new drills to work on and am hoping to see good progress in the near future. Thanks to everyone involved!
    Reviewed by sylvia
    On 26-Nov-2016 20:0:05

    Comments:  Absolutely amazing weekend Great programming and very informative coaching with coaches who have patience of a saint to train a newbie like myself . My techniques have definitely improved, can't wait for the next one as will be signing up again for sure. I will no doubt recommend this to everyone who loves weight-lifting. I was so lucky to have met & trained with lots of talented, fun-loving & down-to-earth individuals. Another "BEST.WEEKEND.EVER!" is firmly in the bag. Thank you for the opportunity @Beachesandbarbells
    Reviewed by Matt
    On 26-Nov-2016 20:0:46

    Comments:  Top weekend from an awesome coaching team. Personally I took away loads from the weekend and have improved my lifts massively. Location is good with top equipment and was handy being able to use the spa facilities. Will be keeping an eye out for the next one 100%.
    Reviewed by Koing Chea
    On 24-Jun-2016 09:1:29

    Comments:  The holiday was well run and the hosts made sure everyone had fun. The training facility was good with lots of equipment and a great atmosphere. We had good down time as well as being shown around Cyprus and the water park!