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Lanitio Stadium

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Lanitio Stadium

Venue Details

Name:Lanitio Stadium
Location:Limassol, Cyprus

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The Lanition Stadium is located in the centre of Limassol, on the southern coast line of Cyprus, and approximately 62km east of Paphos airport.

The stadium is a Track & Field training facility; the grass area inside the track is used for warm up and warm down as well as throwing disciplines.

Field - Javelin and Discus permanent features
Silicon sand pits permanent features
Pole vault and high jump beds permament features
All training equipment available
Two Shot Put areas located adjacent to the stadium
Hammer is available 10 minutes drive from the stadium

Gym - Well equipped gym within the stadium grounds

Amenities - Approximately a 10 minutes drive to the closest accommodation facilities



By Air; Paphos International (PFO) 62km

Airport transfers; Can be arranged in advance

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Limassol is the second largest urban area in Cyprus and the Port of Limassol is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean. With its many museums and archaeological sites, tourism is very strong here, which has led to a thriving hotel, cafe, bar and restaurant centre.


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