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Triathlon Nutrition Hub is OPEN

The 4th Discipline opened its portal to the Triathlon Nutrition Hub at the end of September 2020, welcoming all triathletes and athletes who would like to explore the world of sports nutrition.


This portal is an as an educational resource for triathletes just like you.

Via this media you will be able to find out how to

  • Optimise body composition for your sports performance
  • Periodise your nutrition around training & recovery
  • Learn how to maintain your muscle mass
  • Maximise day-to-day diet for optimal health and performance
  • And much more …


There is so much to get stuck into in the Hub - from recipes, to macro nutrient guides, to blogs and expert info, discounts and more!

When you first enter the membership you will be guided through with an initial quick start guide to help you get off the ground with how best to use the content, and then from there it is go go go towards upping your game at the dinner table and on the race field!

Find out more and sign up to The 4th Discipline Triathlon Nutrition Hub



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