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CurraNZ offers effective recovery strategies

Achieving the balance of banking high-quality, consistent training with effective recovery strategies is particularly important at this time of the year as pre-season training winds into gear. 




If you’re looking for a different approach to combating the ‘old enemy’ this season, or looking to get more out of your training camp, then we’ve identified one supplement, CurraNZ, that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for muscle recovery.

Certified by Informed-Sports, CurraNZ is gaining strong popularity in the endurance community, while Premiership League football club Tottenham Hotspur are now also using it for performance and recovery gains too. 

The emerging scientific evidence on blackcurrant is compelling, achieving similar actions to cherry, beetroot and green tea products, without the palatability issues, gut reactions or high sugar content.

At the January CurraNZ media launch, several high-powered experts predicted blackcurrants will be the next big breakthrough in sports nutrition.

Dr Nathan Lewis, lead scientist and performance nutritionist at the English Institute of Sport, has conducted research on the berry extract and used the product extensively. He went on the record to say:

“The University of Chichester research showing the effect of CurraNZ on performance in cyclists and triathletes got me really excited, showing comparable increases with some other ergogenic aids.

“At the EIS we have observed CurraNZ to be effective in reducing inflammation in athletes undergoing heavy training who aren’t recovering as we would like. 

 “The science on CurraNZ is robust and it offers clear benefits for endurance and recovery - there’s a big role for CurraNZ to play.”




How do blackcurrants work? As berries with a high polyphenol density, they are prized for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, as well as promoting cardiovascular function and blood flow. 

In a nutshell, the blackcurrant story so far shows:

Fast muscle recovery - reduces post-exercise DOMS and accelerates tissue repair while offering a high level of protection against oxidative stress

Performance - boosts blood flow up to 35% during exercise, resulting in enhanced muscle function, reduced fatigue, improved endurance (more on this in a few weeks)

Fat oxidation - increases fat burning by almost 30% during moderate-intensity exercise, an effect usually only seen as a result of training adaptation 

No taste, low sugar - CurraNZ is easy and convenient to take, without palatability challenges and is gentle on the gut. Plus, each capsule contains only 1.2 calories 

One long-time advocate of CurraNZ is Chris Stirling, 2017 Canadaman and Celtman champion, who has used the product while making huge strides on the extreme triathlon scene since 2014.

He credited blackcurrant’s powers of recovery as a major reason why he was able to recover from Celtman sufficiently to race – and win – Canadaman, held just three weeks later.

Taken two hours pre-workout, one-off doses of CurraNZ work well for recovery. However, if you’re looking to get the full-blown effects that support the cardiovascular system too, one week’s loading is necessary. In fact, the coal-face of pre-training camp is the perfect time to put CurraNZ to the test with the money-back guarantee a fail-safe fall-back.   


WhichTrainingCamp users can receive CurraNZ at a reduced rate with the code WHICHCAMP when ordering from curranz.com





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